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Hailey College of Commerce, Punjab University, Lahore. February 12, 2008

Mr. Sajid Javaid, Research sponsor, Hailey College of Commerce . Punjab university Lahore, Pakistan Respected Mr. S. Javaid: We are writing this cover letter today to ask your formal permission to conduct the research on comparison of satisfaction levels of the consumers of two beauty parlors namely Anne beauty parlor & lets Make Up which was requested by you. We have already talked to the owners of two beauty parlors and gotten their consent to conduct the research. May we meet in person to talk about this project and what you are specifically looking for? Please feel free to contact us at any time so we can arrange a date that suits your time frame. We look forward to meeting you and thank you for considering us for conducting this research. Yours Sincerely,

Group: Originals Fifth Semester Hailey College of Commerce, Punjab University, Lahore.

Hailey College of Commerce, Punjab University, Lahore. February 13, 2008 Group: Originals Fifth Semester Hailey College of Commerce, Punjab University, Lahore.

Dear Madams, Greetings! I hereby authorize you to conduct the research on comparison of consumers satisfaction of the two beauty parlors. You have to submit the report of your research after fifteen days of commencement of the study. I, hereby, would also like to mention that you will be liable to answers any questions that might be asked after the submission of report. However, you should feel free to ask any questions or help you require in conducting the research. Thank you. Very truly yours, Mr. Sajid Javaid, Research sponsor, Hailey College of Commerce . Punjab University Lahore, Pakistan

Hailey College of Commerce, Punjab University, Lahore.

February 12, 2008

Mr. Sajid Javaid, Research sponsor, Hailey College of Commerce . Punjab University Lahore, Pakistan Respected Mr. S. Javaid: we are writing this letter as our confirmation of the accuracy of the report enclosed with it. All information provided in the attached report is accurate. All the requirements of the sponsor have been fulfilled. All the results & recommendations are supported by the calculations. .If you have any further enquiries concerning this report, please do not hesitate to contact our team leader Sarah Naeem on Yours Sincerely,

Group: Originals Fifth Semester Hailey College of Commerce, Punjab University, Lahore.

RESEARCH PROPOSALTO STUDY:Comparison of Customer Satisfaction of Anne beauty parlor & Lets Make Up

Purpose of study:To find how Lets Make Up can increase its customer satisfaction and then in turn boost its sales. More specifically the study is conducted to evaluate, Consumer satisfaction regarding services. Consumer satisfaction regarding the staff. Consumer satisfaction regarding the availability of services.

Details of study: Sample:Forty individuals, all women, twenty from each beauty parlor will constitute the sample. All of these forty individuals will be chosen through a simple systematic sampling. Every third customer who enters in the shop will be approached for the study. This will ensure the accuracy & precision of results. Survey instruments: Personally administrated questionnaires will be used for conducting the survey. One of our team members will be present in each of the beauty parlor to administrate the filling of the questionnaires. The questionnaire can be found in Appendix A to this proposal. Data Collection: The customers will be approached as they enter in the parlor. Then they could fill them as they wait for or during the service. Our team member will always there to help them understand the questionnaire. Also in some cases where the women are not able to fill the questionnaire themselves our team member will help them. Data Analysis: Once the data is collected, the information will be coded and appropriate data analytic techniques used to determine the satisfaction level of the customers. Report: A written report will be submitted within 15 days of the commencement of study. The members of our team will be happy to help the sponsor to clear any ambiguity that rise regarding the report.


SYNOPSIS:Lets Make Up Vs Anee Beauty Parlor Study Introduction & Relevant Details:On the request of the sponsor a survey was conducted on both beauty parlors to assess the customer satisfaction level of two beauty parlors. The sample comprise of 40 customers (20 from each beauty parlor) who were administrated a short questionnaire during a period of three days from 17th February, 2008 to 20th February, 2008. Every third customer was approached & requested to respond to a short questionnaire provided by the member of our team. They were usually requested to fill out the questionnaire during the waiting time. The questionnaire was personally administrated so they were complete. The questionnaire asked respondents to give information on their age & to indicate on a Yes/No scale their satisfaction regarding a) staff services b) staff behavior. Two open ended questions were also asked from them to offer any kind of additional comments they might desire to make. A member of our team was always there to answer any question the respondent might ask & also to ensure the reliability of questionnaire completed.

Results of Data Analysis:All of the respondents were women.70% in case of Lets Make Up & 60% in case of Anee Beauty parlor were young clients, below the age of 30.customers of Anee Beauty Parlor are completely satisfied by the services of staff. They however want the staff to be more courteous with them. Another major problem regarding the parlor was identified thought the open ended questions. Customers are highly dissatisfied by the area of parlor. They want to area of parlor to be increased. However in case of Lets Make Up the customers are neither satisfied with the services nor with the behavior. However customers are happy by the time the staff put in to complete the service. They also need to decrease prices.

Conclusion and Recommendations:These results indicate that the customers of Anee Beauty Parlor are much more satisfied then the customers of Lets Make Up. Customers of Anee Beauty Parlor are satisfied by the service provided by them. Anee has more loyal customers then Lets. However customers of Lets are satisfied by the services provided to the. To lets we would like to recommend the decrees in prices and a better trained staff. While to Anee would recommend them to change the interior of premises in such a way that the area will look wider. We would also like to recommend to the both beauty parlors to mange their staff in such a way that they would be much more courteous to the clients in future. A short training program & a close supervision will be able to solve the problem.


Introduction:The business of beauty shops has flourished a lot in past fifteen years. Now there is a beauty parlor at every square. Almost 88% of the female population of Lahore city goes to the beauty parlors. A study on market indicated that a large portion of women population is going to the beauty parlors at regular basis. 90% college student & 70% housewives (the Nation- Tuesday, June 26, 2007) This large target market has resulted in the huge success of the beauticians businesses. There is a fierce competition in market for attracting the customers. The business of these parlors is hugely dependent of the satisfaction of consumers. If they satisfy the customer they will be able to boost there sales. But the management, training & coordination of staff and availability of services are the major factors that effect the consumer satisfaction. The study done below is to take account of all the above mention factors are able to check how these factors effect the customer satisfaction.

Research Question:Do the assistance of staff, their behavior & completion of services increase the satisfaction of the customers of the beauty parlor?

Theoretical Framework:In this research we are taking Customer Satisfaction as a dependent variable it is explained by the three independent variables: assistance from staff, behavior of staff & completion of services. Most beauty parlors are almost always suffering from one or another kind of employee problem. The major problem is training the new staff & then retains the trained staff. Most of the parlors loose there customers due to lack or incompetence of staff. As both beauty parlors included in this study cater to women clients, the staff is required to have an extremely courteous behavior. They have to answer the quarries & direct the customers in such a way that the customer will feel relaxed & satisfied enough to come again. As the business is extremely dynamic in nature & there is always some new beauty product or service in market the beauty parlor should make sure that they have the latest services available. This will enable them to satisfy there customers at a maximum level. Thus, all three independent variables are extremely important to explain the change in customer satisfaction regarding the beauty parlor. As the beauty parlor expert, courteous staff & provide the required services to customers it will surely enhance the satisfaction level of there customers.

HypothesisH01 H02 If well trained staff is employed the customer satisfaction will increase If well behaved, courteous staff is