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A catalogue of reactions/experiences of clients of Jackdaw Boxes - we restore and sell antique boxes

Text of Customer & Client Feedback

  • Issue Two

    Customer & Client FeedbackCustomer & Client FeedbackCustomer & Client FeedbackCustomer & Client Feedback

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    Jackdaw Boxes Somerset UK Jackdaw Boxes Somerset UK Jackdaw Boxes Somerset UK Jackdaw Boxes Somerset UK

  • Jack d aw B o x es


    An IntroductionAn IntroductionAn IntroductionAn Introduction

    We restore and sell unique and antique wooden boxes that make great gifts

    for special occasions: Christmas, anniversaries, marriages, rites of passage,

    graduations, etc.

    Our approach is based on working with, and for, customers and clients through

    a free-flow of information, responsive communication and the gaining of their


    People who buy our boxes and services invariably give this type of purchase

    serious consideration. In the case of buying a box on-line, we have to try to

    ensure that you know what you are paying for, and that we meet expectations.

    In the case of restoration-work, your box is irreplaceable and you will be

    entrusting us with it.

    In Issue TwoIssue TwoIssue TwoIssue Two we exemplify the feedback we have received from three sets of


    those who buy one of our boxes from the Web Shop over the internet.

    those who have asked us to refurbish their box via e-mails or phone


    clients who have visited our workshop with a box needing refurbishment,

    or who want to see a box from our Web Shop prior to possible purchase.

    You should find examples of others who might have been in a situation parallel

    to your own. We approached purchasers for feedback with the motive of

    gaining honest information which might be of value to others.

    It is also, of course, of value to us, in terms of continuous improvement in our

    work and service.

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    CustomCustomCustomCustomer & Client Feedback & Experienceser & Client Feedback & Experienceser & Client Feedback & Experienceser & Client Feedback & Experiences

    Web Shop Customers page 4

    Resoration Clients via E- Mail page 10

    Clients Visiting the Workshop page 17

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    Examples from Examples from Examples from Examples from Web Shop CustomersWeb Shop CustomersWeb Shop CustomersWeb Shop Customers

    The Web Shop intends to convey honest pictures and descriptions of items for sale.

    We are happy to answer queries and for times sake we communicate via e-mail. We

    aim to respond either on the same day or within 24 hours of an enquiry. Once any

    purchase has been made and payment cleared, you will be contacted by e-mail to let

    you know your box is on its way.

    The box is great. Its a christening present for my

    Godson. Im sure hell love it, but maybe in a few

    years time!

    Thanks again,

    Andrew G Salisbury, Wilts.

    I was looking for a memory box for my sons

    wedding at rather short notice and contacted Jackdaw Boxes through

    the online service. From start to f inish their help, advice and friendliness

    was exemplary. I was given a choice of

    hand-made paper inserts, consulted on

    various different boxes and they sent the

    box, beautifully packed, and it arrived in

    time! My son and his wife were

    speechless when they saw it and it was

    the talk of the wedding. Mick M

    Teddington, Middlesex.

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    I have received my box thank you, it is

    beautiful, wonderful service - thank you very


    Denise F. Woking, Surrey.

    My wife and I wanted to buy a small 'nick-nack' box for our grandson. We were looking for something with age and character in wood - but without really knowing exactly what we wanted. Fortunately we found the Jackdaw website. This gave us real focus in terms of what was available and in the event we ended up buying two boxes, one for our grandson and one for ourselves. Everything about the experience was first rate and the boxes were all beautifully refurbished and relined and we felt good value. Turn around from time of order was very fast - literally a couple of days. So for us we would have no hesitation in using Jackdaw Boxes again or indeed recommending them. D. M. - Salisbury, Wiltshire.

  • Jack d aw B o x es


    Hi there,

    I have just purchased a

    Mahogany Work Box from your

    site. It would be really great if

    you could place some

    information on the box inside it!

    It's bought for someone to store

    'special things' in, so if that

    could be mentioned, it would be

    much appreciated!

    Thanks, Darina London.

    The box arrived this afternoon in

    excellent condition. It is perfect,

    exactly what I was hoping for. It is

    a graduation gift for a very special

    person who deserved a very

    special present, and this is it.

    All the best, Mark - USA

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    They re-delivered the package this

    morning, and the box looks great! Thank

    you for everything, you were wonderful

    to work with! Amanda

    Charlottesville, Virginia, USA.

    I was looking for a special gift for my

    daughter for her 21st birthday. She is an art

    student and has a particular interest in

    illustration. She also likes boxes and

    anything old! I though of a writing slope and

    came across your site via a Google search.

    The site was clear and well laid out and very easy to use. It was very easy to see the

    available stock and the photos were clear and very helpful.

    Once the purchase was made the process and communication was very efficient and

    quick. I was very pleased with the whole purchasing experience and my daughter

    was thrilled with her gift. I felt that we received good value for money as I have seen

    examples of un-restored boxes in antique shops for a similar cost. I would have no

    hesitation in recommending you to others and in fact have already done so.

    Best regards, Kevin Portsmouth, UK.

  • Jack d aw B o x es


    Feedback from Trevor:

    Website very easy to use. Clear photographs and descriptions. Good to be

    able to search by cost.

    Customer service at its best.

    All queries answered promptly, efficiently and in a friendly manner.

    All recipients have been thrilled with the boxes. Quality of restoration is very


    Value for money.

    All goods received have been as good as anticipated.

    Would recommend without hesitation to others.

    Very pleasantly surprised by the personal service provided almost a face to

    face shopping experience.

    Trevor S. Abergavenny, Monmouthshire.

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    I was looking for a special gift for my son's 18th birthday - somewhere to store those

    precious bits and bobs. I had looked at new boxes but they just did not fit the bill.

    When I found your site, I knew I had struck gold. I loved the combination of the

    antique box given the modern twist with the choice of quality lining paper - really

    appropriate for a young man. The web site was easy to negotiate, clear and gave

    accurate information on your wide range

    of stock. I was pleasantly surprised by

    the affordability of your products given

    the unique nature of each box. After I

    had eventually chosen my favourite, the

    process was simple to buy it. The

    response to my email concerning the

    fairly tight deadline for delivery was

    quick and courteous. The box arrived

    promptly and was, I have to say, perfect!

    My son was thrilled and it has pride of

    place in his bedroom. I will be looking at

    the site again for that special gift, in fact there's one I'm putting on my wish list! I would

    recommend Jackdaw Boxes to anyone looking for a

    stylish gift, with a unique twist. It's up-cycling to the

    highest standard! Thank you, Chris Solihull.

  • Jack d aw B o x es


    ReReReRestorstorstorstoratioatioatioation En En En Examples from Examples from Examples from Examples from E---- Mail Clients Mail Clients Mail Clients Mail Clients

    The most important aspect of this service is effective communication, whereby a

    client-led specification is arrived at, confirmed, costed and agreed. All of this can be

    carried out by e-mail. The illustrative examples which follow might help in your own

    decision-making regarding using our service.

    Dear Jackdaw Boxes,

    I recently inherited a brass

    bound writing box (?) that

    belonged to my grandfather

    and would dearly love to

    have this restored to use

    myself for storing jewellery

    and keepsakes.

    Its heavy (36 cm x 24 cm x

    13 cm) & feels quite

    structurally sound although

    there are quite a few cracks

    in the veneer of the lid and the original insets (my mother thought they might have

    been mother of pearl originally) are missing. Something