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Custom handmade knives From Oaks Bottom forge

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  • Custom handmade knivesOaks Bottom Forge

  • Custom Handmade KnivesOaks Bottom Forge : The Oaks Bottom Forge makes handmade knives at their place. This is started by Pats . Here you get knives for:HuntingCampingHarvestingHatchetsKitchenBottle openers

  • HuntingHere is a hunting knife called as Flip Tip Skinner.The overall length of this is:overall length = 7.5blade length = 4.5Cost : $ 377

  • Camping

    Here is a camping knife called as The Caping Knife.The overall length of this is:overall length = 6.5blade length = 3Cost : $175

  • Harvesting

    Here is a Harvesting knife called as Harvesting Knife (Zebrawood).Created mainly for mushrooming.Cost : $ 175

  • Hatchets

    Here is a Hatchet called as 1/8" Hatchet.Made up of Carbon tool steel.Cost : $ 405

  • Kitchen

    Here is a Kitchen Knife called as Drop Tip Paring Knife .This is made up of the best WoodHandle.Chef and housewives prefer using this. Cost : $148

  • Bottle openers

    Here is a Bottle Opener called as Horse Head Bottle Opener.A perfect gift Cost : $36

  • Contact US: To get these products at your doorsteps shop these from .Address :8236 SE 17th Ave, Portland, OR 97202, United States