Curriculum Vitae and Officer’s Statement: Tips and Telling Your Story

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Curriculum Vitae and Officers Statement: Tips and Telling Your Story. CAPT Jason Woo CDR Dan Brum. Agenda. Curriculum Vitae Who looks at your CV? Helpful resources Recommendations Officers Statement. Who looks at your CV?. Promotion board members ROS, OS, PIR, COERs, CV - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • *Curriculum Vitae and Officers Statement: Tips and Telling Your StoryCAPT Jason WooCDR Dan Brum

  • *AgendaCurriculum VitaeWho looks at your CV?Helpful resourcesRecommendations

    Officers Statement

  • *Who looks at your CV?Promotion board membersROS, OS, PIR, COERs, CV Hiring officials / interviewersOthers e.g., PACs, working groups

  • *Who else might you ask to look at your CV?

    Family member or friendMentor(Senior) officer volunteersProfessional resume and CV writing service

  • *Resources (1)Sample CV Template on PharmPAC website is updated

    E.g., Pharmacy

  • *

  • *Resources (2)

    Category promotion preceptsperformance (40%) progression (25%) edu/training (20%) officership (15%) readiness (0%)

  • *Document your accomplishments

    The category promotion benchmarks guidance states repeatedly that accomplishments should be documented in your CV

  • *Recommendations (1)Follow the CV templateConsider the promotion preceptsUpdate your CV (living document)

  • *Recommendations (2)Proofread: Be meticulousRemove outdated or irrelevant itemsOne page cover sheet

  • *Recommendations (3)Make prominent important information First-line supervisor for 10 employeesDirectly manage a $15 million budgetMeritorious Service Medal for

    Emphasize career highlights butUse bold, italics, underline sparinglyPHS Distinguished Service Medal (DSM) May 2013

  • *Recommendations (4)Be truthfulIf team effort, dont take all the creditBe consistent w.r.t. formattingCultivate ideas but dont plagiarizeFax CV to eOPF periodicallyFax #: (301)480-1407 or (301)480-1436

  • *HighlightsUse the templateKnow the precepts & benchmarksThe cover page is criticalHighlight accomplishments and impactProofreadLess is sometimes more

  • *Less is more (Example 1a)PHS Outstanding Service Medal (2010) Exemplary performance in thePHS Commendation Medal (2009) Outstanding performance for thePHS Unit Commendation (2008) Yet another long citation

  • *Less is more (Example 1b)PHS Outstanding Service Medal (2010)PHS Commendation Medal (2009)PHS Unit Commendation (2008, 2007)

  • *Less is more (Example 2)USPHS Winds Ensemble, Percussionist (2005-10)30 performances USPHS Winds EnsemblePlayed at Event APlayed at Event BPlayed at Event CPlayed at Event D Played at Event E Played at Event F Played at Event G Etc.

  • *Less is more (Example 3)PLANT Workgroup, Writer (2005-10)Authored seven (7) mini-biographical sketches PLANT Workgroup, Writer (2005-10)Profile AProfile BProfile CProfile DProfile EProfile FProfile G

  • *Less is more: conclusionsSummarize where possible

    Emphasize key points (e.g., group leader, major contribution, measureable impact)

    Dont document the accomplishment until you have actually done it or qualify its status

  • The CV Cover SheetMission: to concisely summarize your CV and demonstrate your value

    Vision: to provide Promotion Board Reviewers the story that articulates why you should be promoted*

  • Dos and Donts*

    DosDontsUse bullets that summarize your progressive growthJust be selective about bullets in your CVDont try to overstate your contributions less is more, especially if you are a junior officerLeave any Benchmark emptyKeep bullets less than two linesUse fancy font or italicsPick your best highlights choose the high level achievements over quantityKeep the presentation clean

  • *Officers Statement

  • *Officers Statement1. Support of PHS Commissioned Corps activities.2. Commitment to visibility as an officer.3. Vision & expectations of a career in the PHS Commissioned Corps, including commitment to the mission.

  • *Officers StatementFocus is on Commissioned Corps-related activities, responsibilities, visibility.

    Your CV can guide you

    Emphasize key points (e.g., group leader, major contribution, measureable impact) see previous recommendations regarding CV

  • *Officers Statement1. Support of PHS Commissioned Corps activities.

    Examples: Professional advisory committees, work groups, PHS choir/ensemble, preceptor/mentor, deployments/trainings, planning committees

  • *Officers Statement2. Commitment to visibility as an officer.

    Wearing the uniform to work and various opportunities to be in the public like conferences, deployments, volunteer services when authorized

  • *Officers Statement3. Vision & expectations of a career in the PHS Commissioned Corps, including commitment to the mission.

    Thoughts: Describe vision and expectations, and then support views with past actions or future plans

  • *Contact Information

    CAPT Jason WooFood and Drug AdministrationW:

    CDR Dan BrumFood and Drug AdministrationW:

  • *Open Discussion

    *Whenever a decision-maker is short-listing, interviewing or selecting applicants.PIR Promotion Information ReportOS Officers StatementROS Reviewing Officials StatementCVCOER**

    **Precepts described in terms of factorsEach factor has a benchmark which is a level of achievement for the officer given the category and grade **Benchmarks are not a checklist, they are a hypothetical set of attributes for the ideal officer at a given grade***Your CV is your chance to tell your story. *Living document thats constantly evolving. The CV template follows the precepts and this is not by accident, so make sure that your CV follows that as well.

    *One page cover sheet is NOT a requirement, but I would recommend it. Also, remember to highlight the most important accomplishments on the cover sheet. Some tips- could use bold typing or italic or underline to accentuate certain items, but DONT over-do-it.

    Probably stay away from things like your age, marital status, height and weight, hobbies, and other personal details unless they are relevant and would improve your ability to do a particular job.*Do spend much time describing past jobs in terms of duties and responsibilities, rather emphasize the things you have achieved, activities your have initiated, leadership roles. Furthermore, describe those achievements and skills in a way that shows how they are applicable to other types of jobs (promotion board members may not be familiar with your department and the kinds of work you do).*In an attempt to appear to be a self-starter, dont risk coming across as dishonest; Overstating achievements that you did something single-handedly when it was obviously part of a team effort will look bad. Also, you dont (always) know who will be reviewing your CV*Yes, be clear and concise and stay away from agency abbreviations. The person reviewing your CV may not be familiar with your particular agency jargon.Strive for a clean, uncluttered look.Dont make the font size smaller because you cant decide what to include (or remove).*A long history of awards leads to lengthy CV.Probably too much detail for a CV unless you have only a few awards

    *Probably too much detail for a CV.