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CURRICULUM 2009 (C-09)


State Board of Technical Education & Training Andhra Pradesh HYDERABADCURRICULUM-2009 (C-09)


Salient features in proposedSpecial features:


1) The curriculum is restructured to have 2 years ( 5 semesters) in house training at the Institution and 6 months Industrial training in an Organization / Industry relevant to the field of specialization. This is mainly aimed to improve the practical skills in the students to make them ready to cater the needs of Industry with hands on experience and with a very good practical vision. 2) An effort has been made to improve the communication skills and personality development of the students, by restructuring the English Language / communication subjects and extending them to all the three years. i.e. I Year and III , ,IV, and V semesters. The main intention behind this is to improve their communication / presentation skills and to develop their personality to enable them to stand as an useful product in the global market. 3) Practicals on Information Technology is introduced itself. in the I year curriculum

This enables the student to have good acquaintance with computers ,internet, e-Mailing from First year onwards . It also enables the student to keep pace with latest trends of the present day technology. 4) Their knowledge and skills in computers are continued by introducing CADLaboratory from II year and continued in III year as well. Much emphasis has been given in imparting practical training in Computer Aided Design and Drafting such as Auto Cad and branch related CAD packages, so that the student will have hands on experience and confidence by the time he / she completes his / her diploma course. Imparting training in CAD related areas will surely improve the potentiality of the students in getting good employment. It is also felt that this knowledge is also the need of the hour for any technician or Engineer. 5) Every effort has been made while restructuring the curriculum to mould the students to become very good Technicians with more practical visualization. This has been done by deleting un necessary and extra information and regrouping the subjects to impart theoretical inputs to the students up to sufficient depth. This saving in time has been utilized in slightly improving on the practical inputs during in-house training itself. 6) Seminars also form a part of the curriculum in all the three years. This will surely improve the abilities of the students in communication / presentation skills.


Much emphasis has been given for practical subjects by dividing the combined practical subjects in the earlier curriculum in to individual subjects by allotment of separate subject codes. Also the examination time for all practical subjects is common and is fixed as 3 hrs duration. This allows the examiners (both internal and external ) to pay much attention towards the examinee during practical / laboratory evaluation.


Branch specific features: MINING ENGINEERINGMNG -105 ELEMENTS OF MINING The following mining topics are added which are highly needed for the mining students for developing their practical skill to become successful technicians in future by restructuring the syllabus 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Comparison of shaft vs Incline Comparison of Underground vs OCM Blasting Practice Single tube, double tube, wire line barrels Accumulation and percentage tests Factors for selection of site for a shaft Widening and deepening of shafts

Similarly the followings are made1) Geological factors influencing for selection of methods of working MNG -106 MINING GEOLOGY All topics in this subject as developed in the previous curricular are essential to the mining students. Hence no changes are made in the present C-09 curriculum

MNG-302 BASIC ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING 1. Certain topics developed in the previous curriculum are not related to mining engg student .Therefore these( the following) topics are deleted in present curriculum 2. Lead acid cells , maintenance and features of Nickel Iron cells, comparison of lead cells with Nickel Iron cells 3. Calculation of active and reactive components of power, power factor in single phase circuit 4. Maintenance aspects of transformer, principle working of synchronous motor and rectifiers MNG- 303 COAL MINING : There are two separate Coal mining subjects in the previous curriculum. In these subjects certain topics are deleted and merged into one Coal mining subject. The following are additions and deletions. ADDITIONS 1. Hydraulic Mining , gasification - latest method 2. Working of contiguous seams - latest method DELETIONS:4

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Classification of methods of working coal as it is covered in MNG 105 List the conventional methods as it is covered in MNG 105 Size and shape of pillars and ribs due to repeated in the same subject Subsidence as the same is added in MNG 406 Computer applications in mines as not required for diploma level

MNG-304 MINING GEOLOGY II The following additions and deletions are made in C-09. Additions:

1. GIS and Sampling 2. Periods of coal formation 3. Stages of coal formation, 4. Structural features of coal seams, 5. Origin of Coal seams, 6. Distribution of Coal fields in India and world 7. Importance of Petroleum as a fuel, 8. Origin of Petroleum, 9. Accumulation and migration of Petroleum, 10. Distribution of petroleum in India and world Deletion: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Pitting, Trenching Define Fossil, Forms of Fossils, Flora and Fauna and Uses of Fossils Continental Drift Theory Plate Tectonics

,. MNG-305- MINE SURVEYING I The following additions and deletions are made in C-09. 1. Contouring is added 2. theodolite survey is introduced MNG-306 ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING LAB The following additions and deletions are made in C-09. 1. Single phase transformer practical is added 2. Constructional details of Lead acid batteries deleted MNG-307 MINE PLANNING AND DESIGN LAB I5

1. MNG 506 in C-05 ie MINE PLANNING AND DESIGN LAB is restructured into two labs as Mine Planning and Design Lab I & II to give more importance to practical work. 2. Auto Cad added for designing mine plans. MNG-308 MINE SURVEYING LAB -I 1. Contouring practical added 2. Theodolite survey practical added MNG-309- MINING GEOLOGY LAB Geology camp included for 25 marks MNG-310 ENGLISH COMMUNICATION LAB-I Introduced newly MNG-311. PRACTICAL TRAINING ASSESSMENT The students will be sent for various Mines for undergoing practical training after the end of first year exams for a period of one month and it will be assessed during III semester exams as a practical subject .. MNG-401 BASIC MECHANICAL ENGINEERING No changes. MNG-402 METAL MINING 1. Merged Metal Mining I & II ie MNG 404 & MNG 504 in the previous curriculum as a single subject as MNG 402 2. Basic concepts of metal mining and development of mineral deposits clubbed. 3. Assay plans added as it needed. 4. Drilling and Blasting practices chapter deleted as it is covered in MNG 105 MNG- 403 MINING MACHINERY- I 1. Additions; NIL 2. Mine pumps chapter deleted as it is restructured in MNG 603- Mine Machinery II MNG-404 MINE ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING 1. Ventilation survey added from MNG 601 of C-05 2. Gas detectors deleted and included in MNG 605 (A) of C -09 MNG 405 MINE SURVEYING-II 1. There are no major modifications in the subject content6


2. Surveying II and Surveying III were merged MNG-406 ROCK MECHANICS AND STRATA CONTROL Advanced topics like stress distribution in narrow and wide opening, shear strength measurement, rock failure theories, theories of rock burst are removed. Subsidence topics has been brought from coal mining subject MNG-407-MECHANICALENGINEERING LAB ADDITIONS: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Study of jet pump Determine the pump characteristics of centrifugal pump Determine the pump characteristics of reciprocating pump Determination of Flash and Fire points of Fuels and Lubricants Performance of Air Compressors

MNG - 408 MINE PLANNING & DESIGN LAB-II 1. MNG 506 in C-05 ie MINE PLANNING AND DESIGN LAB restructured to two labs as MPDL I & II to give more importance to practical work. 2. Auto Cad added for designing mine plans. 3. Design of transport in OCM added MNG- 409 - MINE SURVEYING LAB II

1) Survey camp is included for 25 marks. 2) There are no major modifications in the subject content. But Surveying II andSurveying III were merged MNG-410 ENGLISH COMMUNICATION LAB Introduced newly MNG-601 MINE MANAGEMENT AND ENTREPRENEURSHIP Additions: NIL Deletion: Topics related to Method study, time study and Essential qualifications of persons in mine. MNG-602 OPENCAST MINING Recent topics like application of GPS in o.c. mines MNG-603-MINING MACHINERY II 1. Mine pumps chapter added in the VI semester as it is more appropriate. 2. Sequence of overburden movements , classification of cavability, 3. abutment pressers deleted due to not relevant to this subject .


MNG-604 - MINE LEGISLATION AND GENERAL SAFETY No Changes ELECTIVES: Elective subjects have been introduced in the C-09 curriculum. An opportunity was given to the students to have their specialization in the field of their interest. The following specializations were suggested. 1) Advanced environmental engineering 1. MNG 601- Mine Environmental Engineering II is restructured as Advanced environmental Engineering. 2. Continuous Monitoring of ventilation system is added 3. Gas detectors is added as it is deleted from MNG 501 of C-05 2)Advanced surveying It was believed that making the students to have their specialization in one area will surely improve their scope to have good potentiality in the specialized fields. MNG-606 MINE MACHINERY LAB No Changes. MNG-607-MINE ENVIRONMENTAL LAB No Changes

General Features:MNG-101 ENGLISH: 1. Greater