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Culinary Trends - ANFP · PDF file 24 Culinary Trends: What’s Hot in Dining by Diane Everett It’s a great time to be a diner or a foodservice professional! Bold and unique flavor

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  • & Cooking Times & Temperatures An Important Part of Your HACCP Plan

    Nutrition Best Practice For People With Dysphagia

    Celiac Disease Managing Gluten- Free Diets

    APRIL 2015

    Culinary Trends What’s Hot in Dining

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  • Nutrition & Foodservice Edge | April 2015 1

    ®P U B L I S H E D B Y


    16 Revisiting Nutrition Best Practice for Dysphagia by Brenda Richardson, MA, RDN, LD, CD, FAND

    Dysphagia—or difficulty swallowing—creates many challenges to leading a healthy quality of life. Understanding dysphagia, and optimal consistencies for foods and beverages, will go a long way towards enhancing the nutritional health of clients with this condition.

    24 Culinary Trends: What’s Hot in Dining by Diane Everett

    It’s a great time to be a diner or a foodservice professional! Bold and unique flavor profiles make for interesting and exciting mealtime options. Make sure you’re ahead of the pack in offering the menu items that clients want now.

    28 Managing Celiac Disease by Illeme Amegatcher, PhD

    Over 2 million Americans have celiac disease. Successfully managing celiac symptoms requires a diet without gluten. Meal planning ideas and gluten-free recipes are provided here.

    32 Wasted Food and Senior Hunger by Enid A. Borden and Andrew Shakman

    More than 15 percent of all seniors in the U.S. face the threat of hunger. Yet, 40 percent of the food produced in this country is wasted. A new initiative is underway to help solve the dual and contradictory problems of massive food waste and widespread hunger.

    4 Food File

    7 Leaders & Luminaries

    10 Food Protection Connection

    Nutrition & FoodserviceEdge






    April 2015 / Volume 24 / Issue No. 4

    1 HOUR SAN

  • Nutrition & Foodservice Edge | April 20152

    Dream Kitchen Survey® Report

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    E DITOR ’S NOTEBOOK Nutrition & FoodserviceEdge

    April 2015 / Volume 24 / Issue No. 4

    With the availability of so many savory spices and ethnic foods,

    now’s a great time to be a cook, restaurant patron, or guest at some-

    one’s table. The Food Network and countless online resources make

    it easy for aspiring chefs to learn the lingo, techniques, and recipes

    to create restaurant caliber fare in their own home kitchen.

    Several features in our pages this month look at the culinary trends

    that are shaping current menus. Make sure you’re keeping pace with

    or, better yet, forging ahead of your competitors at other facilities

    to meet customer demands. Food quality has become increasingly

    important to healthcare consumers. And retired Baby Boomers who

    are seeking senior living options are demanding nutritious, interest-

    ing, and flavorful foods. They want flexible mealtimes and the ability

    to choose the type and quantity of food on their plate. Be ready to


    Are you equipped to nourish and satisfy individuals with unique

    dietary needs? If your patients or residents have been diagnosed

    with dysphagia, it’s critical that you’re knowledgeable about their

    condition and how you can help facilitate successful medical nutri-

    tion therapy. Proper consistency of food and fluids is key to keeping

    your clients nourished and hydrated. Learn more about dysphagia

    beginning on page 16.

    Individuals with gluten sensitivity or celiac disease need special

    nutritional interventions as well. Our page 28 article discusses the

    challenges of celiac disease, and ways to provide satisfying meals

    without gluten.

    April 6-10 is National Hunger Week, so now is a fitting time to discuss

    the dual challenges of senior hunger and massive food waste, and

    outline a new initiative that’s designed to alleviate both. See page

    32 to learn more, and then join the movement to feed hungry seniors

    and minimize food waste.

    Diane Everett, Editor [email protected]

    It’s interesting to page through old cookbooks and see

    how recipes and cooking methods have changed over

    time. Today’s recipes typically call for fresh ingredients

    prepared in healthy ways, with bold seasonings to en-

    hance the flavor profile.

    Food & Nutrition Leaders Offer

    Insights on Culinary Trends

    A Culinary TrendsQ&

  • Nutrition & Foodservice Edge | April 20154


    M O May is Food Allergy Action Month

    How to Scout the Healthiest Cereals

    MAY IS FOOD ALLERGY MONTH, and FARE (Food Allergy Research &

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    • Common Symptoms of Anaphylaxis

    • 1 in 13 Kids Has a Food Allergy

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