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    Since the inception of the firm in 1996, Christopher Simmonds Architect Inc. has provided a broad range of clients with the highest quality of service on exceptionally designed projects. It is an award winning architectural consulting firm specializing in sustainable residential and institutional building types, with particular expertise in community centers, facilities, and residential design.

    The firm has become a leader in the design of environmentally responsible buildings by creating a number of pioneering green projects in Canadas National Capital region.

    Mr. Simmonds and his team bring extensive experience to bear on all projects, including:

    Proven success using the Integrated Design Team Methodology to create state of the art green building projects.

    Success in generating a high level of client satisfaction by creating effective communication channels with clients; discerning actual needs based on both stated requests and on anecdotal input elicited from all users of the facility; and offering practical and balanced solutions.

    Over thirty years experience, resulting in a practical knowledge of a broad range of building types, vintages and technologies. (Building Envelope Council, Ottawa Region, Past-Executive


    Experience managing and coordinating teams of specialized consultants on large, complex projects and fast-track delivery systems.

    Adept at analyzing diverse ranges of technical and functional data, and at synthesizing and effectively presenting solutions, action plans and practical recommendations to both the client and the project team.

    A comprehensive understanding of how human well-being can be promoted through design.


    CSA is a pioneer and leader in the field of Green Building. Commencing with the new Mountain Equipment Co-op Building in 2000 in Ottawa, the firm has actively pursued the energy efficiency and green building agenda. That project achieved a 55% reduction in energy consumption relative

    to the Model National Energy Code for Buildings (MNECB), and was designed using the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) protocols to meet or exceed a Gold rating. Since then, all of our public and commercial projects have achieved at least a 25% reduction in energy consumption relative to the MNECB.

    In addition to this project, the Rideau Valley Conservation Authority (RVCA) Headquarters was the first LEED Gold registered building in Eastern Ontario and achieved a 80% reduction in use of potable water.

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    Christopher Simmonds Architect Inc.45 Eccles Street, The Annex | Ottawa, ON | CA K1R 6S3 tel: 613-567-7888 | fax: 613-567-7528 toll free: 1-888-578-5678www.csarchitect.com

    Founded in 1996 Licensed to undertake work in the Province of Ontario (OAA) Licensed to undertake work in the Province of Quebec (OAQ)

    Christopher Simmonds Architect Inc. is staffed by a group of accomplished and skilled professionals including architects, technologists, architectural engineer, site administrators and designers.

    Principal-in-Charge (Christopher Simmonds) Architects/Project Architects (4) Designers (4) Technologists (4) Contract Administrators (2)

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    Design excellence Community oriented design Sustainability Completion of project on schedule Completion of project on budget Efficiency of project planning design Life Cycle Costing and durability 10% fully accessible units Universally accessible units

    CSA has excelled in each of these objectives through previous similar projects. In each of previous housing projects, we have completed them on time and on budget. Please refer to our housing project sheets for budget and schedule information.



    Examples of energy efficient initiatives on some of our recent projects include ground source heat pumps for heating and cooling (The Eddy Condominiums, 1000 Wellington Street), integration of hot water solar and PV arrays (OCISO Presland Road). A multi-faceted LEED approach to environmental and energy standards has been used on all of our recent apartment projects.With respect to sustainability, we are considered leaders within the field. We have developed techniques that can be incorporated into our housing projects that work within the budget constraints, work to reduce life cycle costs, increase building durability and reduce energy consumption.

    Further to using sustainable building technologies, our firm has pioneered the use of an Integrated Design Team Approach to achieving sustainable design goals. In this approach key team members are involved in tabling and assessing design options at all key stages of a projects evolution including site design, building envelope, structure, HVAC systems, etc. The result is a track record of achieving high levels of environmental and energy performance with the most cost effective design strategies.

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    In all our residential projects we endeavour to foster a sense of community through the integration of elements such as; informal gathering spaces on circulation routes, overlook of common areas, linked interior and exterior common spaces, and pathways as streets.

    We consider our residential projects as part of a greater community, and because of this we focus on design elements that address an immediate urban context. These elements include the overall building mass along the street, outdoor common spaces, as well as landscape design.

    CSA is currently working on Bloc 25, which is part of the first phase of a $1.2 billion project being developed in the heart of downtown Ottawa. Bloc 25 consists of 100,000 sq.ft. commercial building Zibi is being developed using the principles of the One Planet Action Plan and will be one of the largest sustainable developments in the world

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    Multi-unit Residential 140 Den Haag Affordable Multi-Unit Housing The Eddy - 1000 Wellington Street

    Condominiums 288 Booth Street Condominiums 93/95 Riverdale Ave Eco-Cite Condominiums Ovation Condominiums 92 Holland Ave. Condominiums Blue Heron Co-operative Homes Madewan Lodge Aboriginal Seniors

    Apartments Cranberry Marsh Cove Resort 71 William St., Byward Market Pine Grove Inn Resort, Dwight Viewmount Drive Housing Co-operative

    (EOCSHC) ONE3ONE Holland Avenue Condominiums

    Single Family Homes New Zealand Official Residence Zen Barn Cantley Residence Hilltop House Courtyard by the River Muskoka Lakes Boat House Manotick Country Estate House Waters Edge Home Fraser Residence Laurentian Longhouse Escarpment House Wind and Water House in the Forest Moraine House Ottawa River House Cornwall River Home

    Traditional Homes and Restoration Rothwell Heights Renovation Riverview House Arbour Court Home Kenwood Renovation Wilton Residence Rockcliffe Renovation Swans Way Renovation

    Business/Industrial/Commercial CIOT Show room, Ottawa Assante Financial Group, Corporate Office Mountain Equipment Co-op store, Ottawa Accu-Lift Flooring Corporate Headquarters, Ottawa Canada Transport Freight Terminal, Gloucester MHPM Corporate Office, Ottawa 45 Eccles Street Corporate Offices, Ottawa Regional Steel Manufacturing Facilities 409 Industrial Avenue, Industrial Condos N.T.R. Freightliner Truck Center Tomlinson Headquarters, Ottawa ZIBI Development - Block 25

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    Practice Awards Ottawa Region Chapter - Canada Green Building

    Council Leadership Award, 2008 International Initiative for a Sustainable Built

    Environment, Canadian Evaluation Team

    Design AwardsRIDEAU VALLEY CONSERVATION CENTRE (MANOTICK, ONTARIO) First Building in Eastern Ontario to achieve LEED Gold

    ACCU-LIFT FLOORING SYSTEM OFFICE (OTTAWA, ONTARIO) Ottawa Citizen Critical Acclaim by Rhys Phillips 2003

    MOUNTAIN EQUIPMENT CO-OP (MEC) (OTTAWA, ONTARIO) International Design Magazine: Top 40 Socially

    Conscious Designers, 2001

    Ottawa Citizen Critical Acclaim by Rhys Phillips, 2001

    First Retail Building to earn the Canadian Government C-2000 Rating

    ESCARPMENT HOUSE Best Project Open Category, Ottawa-Carleton Home

    Builders Association Awards, 2006

    Most Outstanding Custom Home, 2500 5000 sq.ft.

    Ontario Home Builders Association Awards, 2006

    WATERS EDGE (MISSISSAUGA, ONTARIO) Most Outstanding Custom Home, 5000 sq.ft. and

    over, Ontario Home Builders Association Awards of

    Distinction (OHBAAOD), 2010

    Ottawa Citizen Peoples Choice Award, Greater Ottawa

    Home Builders Association (GOHBA), 2009

    MORAINE HOUSE (CALEDON, ONTARIO) Most Outstanding Custom Home, 2500 to 5000 sq.ft.,

    OHBAAOD 2010

    Most Outstanding Custom Home, Open Category,

    GOHBA 2010


    Green Renovation of the Year, GOHBA 2012

    Peoples Choice Award, GOHBA 2012

    CORNWALL RIVER HOME (CORNWALL, ONTARIO) Most Outstanding Custom Home, Open Category, GOHBA


    ZEN BARN (OTTAWA, ONTARIO) New Edinburgh Heritage and Development B.R.I.C.K. (Burgh

    Renovation Improvement and Construction Kudos) Award

    for best new build in the community. This award is given

    to a new home or renovation that has a positive impact on

    neighbours and the streetscape due to quality of design and

    sensitivity to the neighbourhood. October 2012

    FRASER RESIDENCE (OTTAWA, ONTARIO) Best Custom Urban Infill, GOHBA 2012

    OTTAWA RIVER HOUSE (OTTAWA, ONTARIO) Best Custom Home, 4000 to 5999 sq. ft. GOHBA 2013

    Best Custom Bathroom, 91 sq. ft and over GOHBA 2013

    HOUSE IN THE GARDEN Best Renovation ($350,000 to $500,000), GOHBA 2014

    Best Custom Kitchen (220 sq.ft. or more, under $75,000),

    GOHBA 2014

    GATINEAU HILLS MODERN Best Project Anywhere in the World, GOHBA 2014

    DUNROBIN SHORE Best Custom Home (Less than 2400 sq.ft.), GOHBA 2014

    DOUBLE DECKER DECK Most Outstanding Renovation up to $250,000 OHBA 2015

    Peoples Choice Award, GOHBA 2014

    Exterior Living Space, GOHBA 2014

    Exterior Details, GOHBA 2014

    BRANTWOOD PARK Best Renovation ($200,000 to $350,000), GOHBA 2014

    THE EDDY (WITH WINDMILL DEVELOPMENTS) 2015 Quest Community Energy Builder Award for Real

    Estate Sector

    WELLINGTON VILLAGE MODERN Best Project Green Custom Home of the Year, GOHBA


    VAL DES MONTS Best Project Anywhere in the World, GOHBA 2015

    ATLANTIS AVENUE Best Project Custom Urban Home (3,501 sq. ft. or

    more), Contemporary, GOHBA 2015

    THE WINFIELD (WITH HN HOMES) Best Project Production Homes: Single Detached

    (3,501 sq. ft or more), GOHBA 2015

    THE PARKWAY (WITH HN HOMES) Best Project Production Homes: Attached (2,001

    sq. ft or more), GOHBA 2015

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    The above referenced projects have been published in the following books, magazines, newspapers, and websites;

    CSA Firm Work February 2011: Ottawa at Home magazine, Aesthetic Tendencies featured four of

    Ottawas prestigious architects

    October 2012: Ottawa Citizen, Sweet Modern Victories Housing Design Awards

    November 2011: National Post, Luxury Living

    RVCA (MANOTICK, ONTARIO) December 2011: Green Building and Design magazine

    December 2009: Canadian Builders Quarterly, Christopher Simmonds Architect Inc.

    features the firm and the Rideau Valley Conservation Center project

    MOUNTAIN EQUIPMENT CO-OP (MEC) (OTTAWA, ONTARIO) Spring 2001: Wood/LeBois, Salvage Materials and Energy Efficiency Paramount for

    Green Infill Retail Building

    February 2001: International Design Magazine Top 40 International Designers.

    Supersmart Superstore

    January 2001: Canadian Architect, M.E.C. Designing for Disassembly

    WATERS EDGE (MISSISSAUGA, ONTARIO) December 2012: Toronto Home Magazine

    MORAINE HOUSE (CALEDON, ONTARIO) November 2012: Toronto Home Magazine

    ESCARPMENT HOUSE (HALTON HILLS, ONTARIO) September 2012: Toronto Home Magazine

    2010: EcoLiving.Scotiabank. com, Eco Profile

    ROTHWELL HEIGHTS RENOVATION (OTTAWA, ONTARIO) March 2012: Ottawa Style Magazine, The MakeOver

    October 2012: Ottawa Citizen, Waste Not

    September 2012: Ottawa Citizen, Best in the Province CORNWALL RIVER HOME (CORNWALL, ONTARIO)

    Spring 2013: Ottawa Style Magazine, Outside In

    OTTAWA RIVER HOUSE (OTTAWA, ONTARIO) March 2013: Ottawa Interiors Magazine, Outside In

    November 2012: Ottawa Citizen, The Power of Glass

    ZEN BARN (OTTAWA, ONTARIO) April 2013: ecoHouse Canada, Zen Barn

    November 2012: Ottawa Citizen, The Next Phase

    January 2012: ArchDaily, New Edinburgh House

    THE EDDY March 2013: Ottawa Interiors Magazine

    April 2012: CBC

    FRASER RESIDENCE (OTTAWA, ONTARIO) April 2012: CASAS&MAS (Mexico), Feature

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    The Kingston Tower project provides a rare opportunity where many strong site characteristics are combined into one. Its location on the Kingston waterfront, its connection with waterfront recreation pathways, and its proximity to downtown, make this project particularly unique.

    The proposals limestone faced podium forms a sculptural landscape element within the site that connects the overall site landscape design to the structure of the building. The design of the site and the design of the podium are expressed as one. Through the use of stone, the podium reflects the solidity of its internal program (parking) without appearing to be a garage. It focuses the expression on the sculpture of the podium and site landscape design. Its material character relates to the neighboring historical structures as well as Kingstons historical built identity.

    The tower that extends above the podium is split into two narrow slivers that shift from each other in the direction of the dock. This implied movement further accentuates the narrowness of the site while lightening the overall massing. One sliver reaches out to the water and cantilevers over the podium, further lightening the form while providing remarkable views out to the water. Long strip balconies layer the north faade, and although the units are stacked, a formal variation is expressed through the balcony lengths and their changing location. Outdoor Terraces sit at both the third level of the podium as well as a portion of the tower roof. Due to the shift in the tower, the tower rooftop terrace is given some protection.



    2015 Quest Community Energy Builder Award for Real Estate Sector

    2 AWARDS

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    BACKGROUNDLocated on Wellington Street, this 6-storey, 57 unit condo building has retail on the ground floor and a range of condos above it from studios to 2-bedroom units. Targeting LEED Platinum the building does, among other features, have geothermal heating and cooling, use finishes that are made from sustainable materials, use water saving washroom fittings and have Energy Star appliances...