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  • 1. The Pleasure of Walking Everyday:Walking Habit Development andBehavioral SequenceNancy Oteronotero@stanford.edu
  • 2. Content 4 different styles of every-day-30- minutes walking are presented. Participants explain how they form their habit, and a description of the behavior sequence for each one is showed. Behavioral sequence can be particularly useful when trying to start, improve, or sustain a habit. The domino behavior, i.e. the behavior that triggers the rest of the sequence, is highlighted in different color.
  • 3. Man, 60s Time Have been including walking in his life for the last 35 years Motivation to walk He was spending too much time seated Habit Development He started walking for lunch and parking farther and farther from work every day Todays Domino Behavior Foot pain Finding someone that walks with him
  • 4. If foot hurts If foot day before doesnt hurt Park far fromDont walk work If someone that walks at his pace If none that walks at his pace wants to walk to restaurant wants to walk to restaurant Walk to lunch place Eat close to the office and come back Walk to the car after work
  • 5. Woman, 50s Time Have been including walking in her life for the last 5 years Motivation to walk She likes to move but due time constrains she stopped going to the gym Habit Development She went once to walk to the park and realized it was very easy to do. If she doesnt wake up early enough to go to the park, she divides the walking time on transportation, 20 minutes each direction Todays Domino Behavior Gets out of bed Starts walking to the bus station
  • 6. Husbands alarm If she gets out If she of bed doesnt Put her Walk to the tennis shoes bus stationWalk to the park Take the busand in the park Drive to Walk to work work
  • 7. Woman, 30s Time Have been including walking in her life for the last 5 months Motivation to walk New job. People at the new office bring lunch and eat there but she doesnt cook. Habit Development She went out to buy lunch and started walking. She liked it, gives her opportunity to rest from the office environment as well. Todays Domino Behavior If none ask her to have lunch that day
  • 8. If none ask her to have lunch Go to Burlingame Ave. Get inside favorite storesBuy something small to May get a pedicure May buyeat that can walk with or manicure something Walk back


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