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ALEX> Ideo Ideis is a theatre festival dedicated to teenagers and its been happening in Alexandria since 2006. Over time, Ideo Ideis became an alternative educational program through means of art. More exactly, whats happening there in August is that over 200 teenagers travel to Alexandria and, for 10 full days, they participate to various activities such as master classes, mentorship meetings, young theatre workshops and artistry workshops, all of them being held by well-known professionals of the Romanian cultural world.One of the main goals of Ideo Ideis has been to bring theatre in this community that completely lacked it. As a result, during the 8th edition of the festival, in 2013, in Alexandria were brought over 16 professional theatre shows, dedicated to the community members and to the festivals participants as well. Ideo Ideis is a festival organized completely through volunteer work and the volunteer team counts over 100 young people. Over the 9 years of activity, we have gathered around us a pretty large group of friends and up-holders. We would be really happy if you chose to be one of them and to contribute to the 9th edition of the National Young Theatre Festival - Ideo Ideis. Andreea>The crowdfunding campaign is meant to support two of the newest initiatives inside Ideo Ideis: Colaj, the festival gazette, and the Art&Play workshops.Colaj is the official Ideo Ideis gazette and is written by our friends from Sub25. The festivals gazette means three newspaper editions distributed during the 10 days of Ideo Ideis, an onsite documentation of the events and special interviews with professionals in the theatre world. Colaj also wants to encourage young editorial contributions and to support young talents. The Art&Play workshops are dedicated to the children in Alexandria and to their parents, as well, are held by professionals in the domain and are free of charge. ALEX>The honorary president of Ideo Ideis is Marcel Iures, and among our friends and up-holders you can find Marius Manole, Andi Vasluianu, Medeea Marinescu, Vlad Zamfirescu and Catalin Stefanescu. Andreea>All the people that have ever been to Alexandria tell stories about this contagious energy. We do invite you too to be part of the Ideo Ideis story, between the 18th and the 26th of August. We can go on with your support so you are invited to join us online at where you can contribute to the crowdfunding campaign for Ideo Ideis. Alex>Just in case we havent already convinced you to support us, take a look at the rewards list. They are pretty cool!


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