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  • 1. Sports Education Development India Ltd Kohinoor Corporate Office, Senapati Bapat Marg, Dadar (W), Mumbai 400 028 Tel: +91 22 6653 0040, Cricket India AcademyCricket India Academy is the cricket division of Sports Education Development India Ltd, ajoint venture between Kohinoor Group and Podar Enterprise. Cricket India Academy was started in2009 by Sports Education Development India Limited to present comprehensive and structuredcricket development programs in India.Modern Cricket Coaching Is Here!The modern sport environment demands that an athlete is able to execute skills in a number of waysand in different scenarios and conditions. No longer is it sufficient to be able to demonstrate a skill inperfect technique style, the measurement of success is dependent on the athletes ability to make thecorrect decisions at the right time in a match environment. The focus is continually shifting awayfrom the development of correct technique to the development of correct decision making.Quality Coaching and Coaching Methodologies should be available at grass roots level to be able todevelop the next generation of cricket talent. Consequently, Cricket India Academy investssignificantly in the training, resourcing and performance management of coaches so that they arebest able to deliver high quality sessions that create the environment for participants to learn anddevelop their cricket ability.With local coaches trained by Cricket Australia Coach Educators and led by ex-Indian Cricketer andCricket India Academy Coach Director Pravin Amre, Cricket India Academy offer an inclusive,participant focused and modern coaching environment for the cricket stars of tomorrow.The Cricket PathwayCricket India Academy offers an exclusive Cricket Pathway, an integrated cricket developmentprogram with a well defined and progressive road map. As a child progresses academically; his orher cricket development should also progress in parallel. From learning the basics of cricket throughfun and modified games, a child should have the opportunity to travel the cricket developmentjourney attending sequential coaching programs developing their cricket potential whilst supportingtheir academic growth. Besides quality cricket coaching, emphasis is placed on tournamentpreparation and playing performance. Cricket Pathway Inclusion Elite Training for Select Squad School Senior Team (U16) Emerging Player Intra School Cricket Focused skill development Games & competition Competitions Finding academic balance U14 School Team Cricket Education Program Curriculum based & sequential Knowledge, Understanding & Skill More than just cricket Cricket Kids Participation based Fun learning environment Modified games & equipment
  • 2. Sports Education Development India Ltd Kohinoor Corporate Office, Senapati Bapat Marg, Dadar (W), Mumbai 400 028 Tel: +91 22 6653 0040, www.cricketindiaacademy.comCricket Coaching Programs with Cricket India Academy: Cricket Kids: Cricket Kids is based on the philosophy that young children should have fun and learning during their sessions. Cricket Kids is a program built on learning through game play and targeted specifically for 58 year old boys & girls. The focus is on introducing the skills & requirements of cricket in fun, engaging and child friendly activities. Cricket Education Program in affiliation with Cricket Australia is being delivered exclusively by Cricket India Academy in India. The program has a foundation of competency based training and engages children in cricket development activities and learning, in addition to their regular schooling. Cricket Education Program is a comprehensive six level sequential cricket development program developed exclusively by Cricket Australia for 9 to 14 year old boys and girls. Assessment and certification is available at each level with the Diploma of Cricket awarded to participants satisfying requirements at Level 6. Australian pace bowler Brett Lee is the Program Brand Ambassador with Mike Hussey and female cricketer Ellyse Perry as Role Models. Local coaches are trained by Cricket Australia Coach Educators and monitoring of coach performance is done by Cricket Australia accredited Coach Assessors. As well as skill development, sessions involve game scenarios and problem solving situations creating the environment where participants can learn and fast track their cricket development. Emerging Players: Cricketers of age 15+ mature and progress their skills with their preferences becoming more defined and matured cricketer. Cricket India Academys Emerging Players Program has a focus of defining and developing a players core cricket strengths to provide a platform for greater specialization and onfield success.Cricket Coaching Initiatives by Cricket India Academy: Coach Induction Program: Cricket India Academy, in conjunction with Cricket Australia, trains, assesses and certifies coaches through an eight-day residential coach training program. The focus is on theory and practical cricket coaching sessions and is conducted by expert Cricket Australia Coach Educators to blend Indian cricket skills and knowledge with modern coaching techniques and methodologies. Cricket Education Program CUP: The Cricket Education Program CUP is a tournament based match program exclusive for Cricket Education Program participants. Cricket Education Program has a strong focus on the effective development of cricket and leadership skills as well as the fostering of team work, cooperation, pursuit of excellence, etc. The playing conditions of the Cricket Education Program CUP reinforce this focus through innovative, age relevant and modern match formats.
  • 3. Sports Education Development India Ltd Kohinoor Corporate Office, Senapati Bapat Marg, Dadar (W), Mumbai 400 028 Tel: +91 22 6653 0040, Elite Camp: In its pursuit to deliver the best coaching to its participants, Cricket India Academy conducts a series of Elite Camps. Exclusive for Cricket Education Program and Cricket India Academy participants, Elite Camps provide a high intensity training program for participants to fast track their development. With a tailored combination of video analysis, specialist coaches and high performance skill development techniques, the Elite Camp provides the opportunity for players to live the life of a professional cricketer. In the words of Cricket India Academys Coach Director Pravin Amre, the Elite Camp is a great opportunity for the best participants to come together in a more elite environment to enhance their development. Community Partnerships: Cricket India Academy is also actively involved in promoting modern cricket coaching amongst all age groups in the community. Partnerships with teams such as Pramanik Panthers (competing in the Vagad Premier League in Mumbai) provide access to the full range of cricket coaching including coaching, fitness tr