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Creating Student Centered Classrooms Lindsey Stevens

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Text of Creating Student Centered Classrooms Lindsey Stevens

Creating Student Centered Classrooms

Creating Student Centered Classrooms Lindsey Stevens

My tiny url for this presentation Conversations

Fill in box one

Wait to pass until instructed

Leave reflection piece blank for now


5 Ways to Make Your Classroom Student-Centered

Say SomethingPartner A, goes first, using a question stemPartner B, responds freelySwitch at the next SS

WhatWhat does a student centered classroom look like?

Where is the teacher?

Where are the students?

WhatWhat are some ways to make our classrooms more student centered?

Where are easy places to shift the focus and the locus of control?

HowProduce your questions

Improve your questions

Prioritize the questions

Next Steps

Questioning Formulation TechniqueFocus Population

Analyzing Visual Images and Stereotyping

Literature Circle Packets

To wrap up our learning, in your groups please make a nonlinguistic representation about what we have learned today about the student centered classroom.

Refer to the hand about this method, and to the 5 Ways article or any other resources from today.

Be prepared to share out. Nonlinguistic RepresentationsReturn to your silent conversations sheet and fill in the last box now.

Questions? Reflection:

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