Creating Plans for Mobile Devices

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  • creating plans



    for mobile devic


  • Brittany Kubinski

    Jennifer Evans-Cowley, Ph.D, AICP

    Ronni Nimps

  • audience poll...

  • according to the pew internet project...

    90% of Americans have a cell phone.

    58% have a smartphone.

    32% own an e-reader.

    42% own a tablet computer.Source:

    mobile technolo


  • audience poll...

  • by 2018, more than half of internet traffic will come from mobile

    devicesSource: Cisco

  • media consumption (hours a day)

  • smartphone owners in 2014among adults, the percent who have a cell phone

    Have a smartphone phoneHave a smartphone phoneAll adults 58%


    Men 61%

    Women 57%


    White 53%

    African-American 59%

    Hispanic 61%

    Age group

    18-29 83%

    30-49 74%

    50-64 49%

    65+ 19%Source: Pew Research Center Internet Project Survey, January 9-12, 2014

  • Have a smartphone phoneHave a smartphone phoneEducation level

    High school grad or less 44%

    Some college 67%

    College+ 71%

    Household income

    Less than $30,000/year 47%

    $30,000-$49,999 53%

    $50,000-$74,999 61%

    $75,000+ 81%

    Community type

    Urban 64%

    Suburban 60%

    Rural 43%

    smartphone owners in 2014among adults, the percent who have a cell phone

    Source: Pew Research Center Internet Project Survey, January 9-12, 2014

  • mobile device use...

    50% of teen smartphone owners (12-17) say they use the internet mostly on their cell phone.

    45% of people aged 18-29 mostly go online with a mobile device.

    51% of Black Americans and 42% of Hispanic Americans who use a mobile device say its the primary way they access the internet. Among households who make less than $30,000 per year 40% say they principally use their cell phone to go online.

  • Google reports that 77% of searches from mobile devices take place at work or home, with only 17% on the move.


    where we use mobile devices...

  • audience poll...

  • mobile is here now plan for it

  • titlewhat is a mobile enabled plan?

  • be prepared for a multi-platform audience...

    Plans should be easily accessible across multiple platforms.

  • multiple file formats... .iBooks - Apple products (Mac

    and iPad).

    .epub - Barnes & Nobles Nook, Kobo, even iBooks.

    .mobi - Kindle.

    advantages... Its adaptable. It allows searching and


    Its portable. It is cost-effective and


    Its interactive. Its accessible.

    why mobile

    ready plans?

  • increase accessibility...

    For blind or low vision mobile devices use Voice Over Technology.

    Built in magnifier to zoom up to 500%.

    Closed captioning for videos.

    Mono audio (removes stereo audio).

    AssistiveTouch adapts the touch screen to unique physical needs.

  • getting started...

    original file types... Microsoft Word/Apple Pages

    Rich Text File (RTF)

    Text files

    PDF files are NOT recommended

  • why Apple iBooks Author? Over 1/3 of American adults now

    own a tablet computer.

    Over half of U.S. households own an Apple product.

    Apple iBooks Author is the native product for creating plans readable iBooks.

    iBooks allow for the reader to engage with material through the use of widgets.

    Its versatile and user friendly - in fact this presentation was actually made in iBooks Author!

    writing an

    iPlan in

    Apple iBooks


  • the plan for opportunity - an iPlan... The idea of an iPlan aligns with the regions goals of preparing the region for the

    future and embracing technology and innovation.

    During the fall of 2013 our studio class at Ohio State University drafted the final plan and created an Apple iBook and a Kindle and Nook eBook that allows residents to not only read the plan but engage with it.

    The Plan for Opportunity is a regional sustainability plan that was created to help guide sustainable development practices, sound decision-making and cost-effective strategies to improve transportation, housing and employment options for all communities along the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

  • Templates - iBooks Author is loaded with them!

    If you arent satisfied with one of the native templates, you can purchase tons of others that have been specially created for iBooks Author by graphic designers.


    You can completely customize your template to fit your individual needs.

    Drag and drop new pictures and customize fonts and colors!

    We started with a purchased template then customized it to be more consistent with other project documents.

    so lets get started...

  • iBooks Author comes preloaded with a variety of templates to get you off to a running start with with your iBook!

  • Or purchase additional templates from graphic designers through the Mac app store.

  • Add widgets! In addition to the tables and charts you can include in your iPlan, you can add

    widgets to give your readers an interactive experience.

    Photo galleries, keynote presentations, quizzes and more all give users an opportunity to engage with your plan.

    Dont stop there - you can get even more widgets at

    Widgets help bring your plan to life. Pictures and graphics become interactive when users can pan and zoom. Galleries allow users to swipe through collections of photos rather than just seeing one image on the page.

  • Add YouTube or Vimeo videos, webpages, Flickr and Instagram galleries, games and more to your iBook using Bookry.

  • add videos...

  • add tables...

  • click on photos to enlarge...

  • click on maps to enlarge...

  • scroll through photos and maps...

  • add a glossary...

  • click on a term to get the

  • click on a link to go to the webpage...

  • hyperlinks open up in your browser...

  • First things first - preview it in iBooks for Mac (or iPad).

    You can do this as you work on your iPlan to make sure you are happy with how it is turning out.

    When you are finished editing your iPlan you can export it as an iBook or PDF and then publish it to the Apple iBook Store for purchase or as a free download.

    Publishing your iBook to the iBookstore or providing a link to your iBook file is a great way to allow for your readers to interact with your plan.

    so youve finished your iPlan...

  • Export your iPlan as an iBook o r PDF, then publish it to the iBooks Store. Choose File, then Export in iBooks Author.

  • publish your plan to the iBooks store...

  • You now have an iBook version of your plan!

  • formatting your eBook... Start in Microsoft Word

    Use built-in Headings format

    Maintains a consistent appearance

    Lends itself to using Words Table of Contents tool

    Tables must be added as images

    Some special features may be incompatible

    writing an

    iPlan for

    kindle and


  • Use calibre, a free and open-source software program, for creating and editing eBooks.

  • formatting your eBook...

    Using calibre to Format Your eBook...

  • formatting your eBook...

  • formatting your eBook...

  • using calibre to format your eBook...

    Select input and output formats

    Key features


    Look & Feel

    DOCX Input

    MOBI Output or EPUB Output

    Then click OK!

  • V i ew f i l e s t h rou gh calibre

    Use your own eReader

    Download Kindle for PC for free for MOBI files

    previewing your eBook...

  • Doesnt work on every mobile device, but most devices

    Can be viewed on an iPad but not an iPhone

    Requires learning new software

    Requires approval by Apple to post in iTunes

    Cannot post in Amazon if it is free

    Kindle files wont open on Windows 8 machines

    mobile ready pl



  • Plans should be interactive!

    Can be interactive through a mobile website or other mobile format

    Experiment!the future

  • best mobile websites...

  • learn more...Summary of how to create mobile enabled plans:

    Download a copy of the Plan for Opportunity iBook/eBook:

    or in the iBooks store: