Create a Mobile App for Local Events, Eateries, and Attractions

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Create a Mobile App for Local Events, Eateries, and Attractions. Challenge #17 Ryan Kara. Providing to Clients. A Place to Advertise A Customized Experience. Providing to Customers. A Simple Way to Find Eateries, Events, and Attractions An Easy Way to Share Experiences - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Create a Mobile App for Local Events, Eateries, and Attractions

Create a Mobile App for Local Events, Eateries, and AttractionsChallenge #17Ryan KaraProviding to ClientsA Place to AdvertiseA Customized Experience

Providing to CustomersA Simple Way to Find Eateries, Events, and AttractionsAn Easy Way to Share ExperiencesA Simple Way to Get Coupons

MonetizationPaid AdvertisementsMore Participants at Company Sponsored EventsCompany Outreach

Monetization will be through paid advertisements, company sponsored events, and company outreach.- Paid Advertisements- Clients may pay to be advertised within the application.- Company Sponsored events in the application will bring more people to the events bring in more revenue as well.- Advertising the company throughout the application will allow the media company to gain more attention and more business4ReturnCurrently over 100 Million Smartphones in U.S*Paid Advertisements can be Cost Per Click or Pay Per ViewEven at $0.25 per view the profits can be large.

*As of 2012 According to ComScoreAs of 2012 there were over 100 Million smartphone users in the U.S. That is over 100 Million possible app users.

Population of Akron, Ohio is around 200 thousand, so if we take about a third of that for possible smart phone users we get around 66,667 possible users.

The chart on the right takes into account all of the costs, but only the estimated value of the cost per click. I left out the value of the sponsored events, because I do not have a value to base my claims on.

33% of smartphone users may sound a bit high, but currently Facebook holds 76% of the smartphone users in the US. 5Innovation through CombinationAn Attractive User InterfaceGeolocationNear Field Communication (NFC)NotificationsThe application will be an innovation through the combination of new technologies.- An Attractive Interface- Geolocation- NFC- Notifications- A well implemented back end server6An Attractive User InterfaceLoads Quickly and Gets to the Point.Displays the Media Companys Logo before showing the map.Only displays the information the user wants to see.

Its important that the application looks good, so that people will want to download and use the application.It will start by displaying the media companys logo (while downloading nearby events, attractions, and eateries)Then it will display the map with nearby sponsored locations as well as locations that have paid to be advertised.It will only display information that the user currently wants to see, so that the screen is not cluttered. -The user can then choose to see more information if need be.

Other applications such as Yelp and Groupon force users to go through several waves of the user interface before getting to where the user wants to go. Its very important to simply allow the user to open the app and be where they want to be. 7Geolocation through GPSUsed for an accurate outdoor location.Target the user by their locationShow nearby Events, Eateries, and Attractions.By distance not by city

Geolocation will be used for an accurate outdoor locationTargeting the user by their location will allow the app to give them the appropriate locations nearby and not just in the city they are in. It will allow clients to properly target potential customers around their area.

For example, if the Akron Beacon Journal were using this app to push an event somewhere in Ohio it wouldnt make sense for a user in California to see the ad for the event.8Near Field Communication (NFC)Fast, and SimpleAllows for SharingAllows for a more accurate method of indoor tracking.

Near field communication, or NFC for short, allows users to simply tap devices to other devices or NFC tags to share information quickly. In the past QR codes were relied upon to share simple information from user to client, but they took too long to do and never really caught on. If the user was shaking while taking the picture it quickly became a hassle.

NFC on the other hand is quick, simple, and reliable. It allows things more complicated than a url to be transmitted. This allows users to share the app, coupons, and much more. Currently NFC is being used for applications such as Google Wallet, but I believe that their simplicity will allow them to catch on well with users.

Having an NFC tag in a store could give clients the option to track when customers are coming into their venue, as well as give the client an alternative to GPS to check in to a location. This is important because GPS devices do not work well indoors. 9NotificationsNotify users about an upcoming event.Notify users about a nearby eatery.Notify users that they should review the attraction theyre at.

Notifications may be used to get a quick message to the customer. Notifications can be used to notify the user of several things- An upcoming event- A new coupon- A new attractionMy application will give clients the option to push coupons to users through the notification system, so if a customer has not visited awhile the client may offer a coupon to attempt to bring them back. 10Any Questions?


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