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Crayons Communications is a full service online & offline advertising agency based in Dubai.

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  • 1. A story about on and offline advertising

2. Meet Brando.A quintessential marketer 3. This is Candy Brandos target audience. 4. Brando knows what Candy likes.To lure her he created a beautiful advert.Then he sat back and waited. 5. Sure enough,Candy was tempted bythe idea of a new pair of shoes 6. So she fired up her laptop and within minutesshe was online trying to find out more aboutBrando and his shoes.She found 1,000,472 different shoesincluding some made of snakeskin (yuh!) 7. But no mention of Brando and his shoes 8. If only Brando had understood thatnew technology has empoweredconsumers like never before.And that its no longer enough to just advertiseYouve got to optimize your onlineand offline activity 9. And Candy?Shes over the moon with her new golden shoeswith silver buckles and real silk lining. 10. Some of our Digital work 11. Websites 12. Websites 13. Websites 14. Websites 15. Websites http://www.jvc-me.coml 16. Websites 17. Social Media 18. Social Media 19. Social Media 20. Social Media 21. Social Media