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572.24720215" Motorized Scroll Saw/Sander

Text of Craftsman Scroll Saw Manual

owners manual

WARNING: For your own SAFETY, readyour OWNERS MANUALbeforeoperatingScroll Saw/Sander


MODEL NO. 572.247202


assembly. operatifig. repair partsSears,Roebuckand Co.,Chicago,Ill. 60684 U.S.A.Made lnU,S.A.

Part No. 380123 4 4/84 50M


toolswith care.Keeptools sharpand 13. Maintain 1. KeepguardsIn placeand in workingorder' clean for best and safest performance'Follow 2. Remove adlustlng keys and wrenches' Form instructions for lubricating and changing habit of checkingto see that keys and adjusting accessories. turningit on' f romtool before areremoved wrenches whenchangservicing; toolsbefore 14. Disconnect 3. Keep work area clean. Cluttered areas and bits,cutters'etc' such as blades, ing accessories inviteaccidents. benches starting'Make the risk ol unintentional 15. Reduce 4. Don't uge In dangerous envlronment.Don't in' plugging position before "OFF" sureswitchis in toolsto rain.Don'tuse powertoolsin damp expose Consult the accessories' in f lammable 16. Use recommended Don'tusepowertools or wet locations. The accessories' for recommended manual owner's or explosive atmospheres.Avoid chemical or riskof injury maycause accessories useof improper Keepwork areawell lit' environments. corrosive to persons. shouldbe kepta 5. Keepchlldrenaway.All visitors injurycouldoccur 17. Neverstandon tool.Serious from work area' safedistance is tipped or if the cutting tool is master if the tool kld'proofwith padlocks, 6. Makeworkshop contacted' unintentionallY starterkeys' or by removing switches, furtheruseof the parts. Before 18. Checkdamaged andsafer 7. Don'tforcetool. lt will do theiob better be should part is damaged that tool,a guardor other at the ratefor which it was designed. operate will it that carefullycheckedto assure to function- check its intended 8. Use rlght tool. Don'tforcetool or attachment properly and perform for. of movingparts,bindingof moving do a job it was not designed for alignment and any other of parts,mounting, No looseclothing,gloves, parts,breakage 9. Wearpropel apparel. 'Aguardor V-' its operation' conditionsthat may atfect necktieq rings,bracelets,or other jewelryto get properly be other part that is damagedshould caught in moving parts' Nonslip footwear is or rePlaced. repaired Wear protectivehair coveringto recommended. containlong hair. 19. Dlrectionof feed. Feed work into a blade or or of theblade of rotation thedirection cutteragainst glaeses. Alsousefaceor dust 10. Alwaysusesafety mask if cutting operating is dusty. Everyday cutteronlY. they lenses, only haveimpactresistant eyeglasses 20. Never leave tool runnlng unattended'Turn are not safetyglasses. power off. Don't leave tool until it comes to a stoP. complete work. Useclampsor a viseto holdwork 11. Secure it your and hand using than practical. lt's safer when 21. Be alert. Don't use powertools when tired or tool' to operate freesboth hands Don'tusepowertoolsaftertakingdrugs' fatigued. or medications. alcohol 12. Don't overreach.Keep proper footing and at all times. balance


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The operation of any power tool can result in foreign objects eye being thrown into the eyes, which can result in severe damage. Always wear safety glasses or eye shields before power tool operation' We recommendWide Vision comm-encing glasses Safety Mask for use over spectacles,or standard satety stores' catalog or retail Sears . . . availableat

Forthe mostpleasure from yourScrollSaw/Sander followtheseinstructions carefully:The Cratbman Scroll Saw is a multi-purpose workshop. By connecting different attachmentsto the power take-off, the unit is converted from the basic scroll saw to a grinder, sander, buffing wheel, brush wheel,and a flexible shaft machine.Then you are able not only to saw, but drill, grind, polish, rout, sharpen,sand, buff, carve, engrave and perform many other hobby,home or shop operations. Use with 247'l accessorypack. DO NOT OPERATEMACHINEWITHOUT ATTACHING TABLE. CAUTION:DISCONNECTPLUG FROM OUTLET. ATTACHING SAW TABLE 1 . R e m o v eb l a d eg u a r d - p u s h o n e s i d e i n - w h i l e p u l l i n go n oppositeside. - to removeblade. 2. Push lever(A) down as illustrated 3. Loosen bottom wing nut and slide table bracket (C) upward inchesfrom bottom,and tighten. aboul 11/z 4. Removetop wing nut (B) and washer - leavingbolt in position - and attach table by inserting bolt through curved slot (D) with hole at top positionedover pin. 5. Placewasheron outsideof bracketand tighten wing nut. 6. Loosen bottom wing nut - let slide bracket (C) drop into original positionand tighten wing nut. 7. Replacesaw blade (be sure teeth are pointing downward) by inserting blade into lower blade holder - then push leverdown and insertinto upper blade holder. 8. Replace blade guard with side pins on each side of blade - pushingone side in and then the other - as in step 1. Motor-Runs on 110-120 Volt, 60 cycle,AC, and produces3450 R . P . M .l t i s e q u i p p e dw i t h t w o s e a l e d b a l l b e a r i n g s . No oiling is needed. h,i s s h a d e dp o l e - t y p e C h a r a c t e r i s t i c a l lty m o t o rr u n s a bit warm. However,overheatingwill not affect overall operation. Oiling-A few drops ot ordinary motor oil should occasionally be placed on the connectinglink bean-ng through the FoTe on t h e l e f t s i d e o f t h e f r a m e . F o r o i l i n g ,l a y u n i t o n i t s s i d e , U s e SA30 motoroil. Culting Capacity-Soft wood up to 13/q" and hardwood up to % " in thickness c a n b e c u t . F E E DW O O D S L O W L Y .D O N O T FORCE. When cuttingwood over 11A", the blade guard must be g u a r d ,s i m p l yp u l l o u t e n d so f g u a r dw h e r e r e m o v e dT . o remove they enter the fram?. When through sawing . . . BE SURE TO REPLACE T H EF I N G E R GUARD, S a w i n g M e t a l s * S a w a l u m i n u mt o 7 a " t h i c k , c o p p e r t o 1 8 g a u g e ,a n d s t e e l t o 1 / 1 6 " t h i c k . W h e n s a w i n g m e t a l ,i t i s i m portantto hold the work firmly on the table, use oil as a lubricant,and feed the work with a slow, steady pressure.Do not force it. Blade Guard-The blade guard is consideredone of the safest. It functionsalso as a hold-down. lncreasing Blade Life-When blade teeth become dull in one spot simply loosenthe lower wing nut locatediust beneaththe saw table,and raisethe table to a sectionof new, unusedteeth. Tilting Table-For angle sawing, the table can be tilted in either direction.Loosenthe top wing nut located iust beneath t h e s a w t a b l e ,a n d t i l t t o t h e d e s i r e da n g l e f o l l o w i n gt h e c a l i bratedscale. Making In3ide Culs-First, use the tlexible shaft to drill a 3/16" hole in the area to be sawed out. Then, remove the blade, thread it through the hole, and return it to the cutting position. Hofding Scroll Saw In Place-On a tairly smooth table or b e n c h ,t h e r u b b e rs u c t i o nc u p s w i l l k e e p i t t r o m s l i d i n g .O t h e r wise, set the machine on a 1/2 " thick rubber pad, such as a p a d o r t y p e w r i t ec household kneeling r ushion.BLAOE lA)' HOLDEB ' HOL IN




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Do not modify the plug provided- if it will not f it the outlet,havethe proper outlet installedby a qualifiedelectrician. lmproper connection of the equipment-groundingconductor can resultin a risk of electricshock.The conductorwithlnsulationhavino an outer surface that is green with or without yellow stripes is th6 equipment-groundingconductor. lf repair or replacementof the electric cord or plug is necessary, do not connect the equipmentg r o u n d i n gc o n d u c t o rt o a l i v e t e r m i n a l . C h e c k w i t h a q u a l i f i e de l e c t r i c i a n or serviceman if the qroundinq instructions ard not corhpletelyunderstood,or if in Oo"uUt as t5 whether the tool is properly grounded. Use only 3-wire extensioncords that have 3-prong grounding plugs anil3-pole receplaclesthat accept the toot's plug. R e p a i ro r r e p l a c e d a m a g e do r w o r n c o r d i m m e d i a t e l y . This tool is intendedfor use on a circuit that has an outlet that looks l i k et h e o n e i l l u s t r a t e d p l u gt h a t in Figure A . T h e t o o l h a sa g r o u n d i n g l o o k sl i k e t h e p l u g i l l u s t r a t e i d n Figure A. A temporary a d a p t e rw , hich looks like the adapterillustratedin FiguresB and C, may be used to connect this plug to a 2-pole receptacleas shown in Figure B if a properly grounded outlet is not available.The temporary adapter should be used only until a properlygrounded outletcan be installed by a qualified electrician.The green-colored rigid ear, lug, etc. extendingtrom the adaptermust be connected ground to a permanent sucnas a outlet box




Inn.]l--o' Il\.//l


"-F [?-J:aa?i'r'""r=l @IFTGURE B


\_(sa>r-X l!) FIGURE C


GROUNDING INSTRUCTIONSln the eventol a malfunctionor breakdown, groundingprovides a path of least resistance for electric current to reduce the risk of electric shock. This tool is equipped with an electric cord having an e q u i p m e n t - g r o u n d i nc go n d u c t o r a n d a g r o u n d i n g p l u g . T h e p l u g must be plugged into a matchingoutlet that is properly installedand grounded in accordancewith all local codes and ordinances.

The operation of any power tool can result in foreign obiects being thrown into the eyes,which can result in severeeye damage.Always wear safety glassesor eye shields before commencing power tool operatron. is not allowed in Canada by the NOTE: The adapter_illustrated CanadianEle