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  1. 1. FACETS
  2. 2. The correct file Type to upload!!
  3. 3. Extended Folder in Navigation Panel
  4. 4. Clicking Preview Icon will enable document properties preview. Clicking Categories will enable the document attributes
  5. 5. To be able to fill these out, data needs to be copied from various locations.
  6. 6. Either Outlook E-Mail, or the detail view of the Web Browser can be taken as data source. Title and the received date can be copied directly from the detailed view. Data in the e-mail, reference for instance, is also to be applied.
  7. 7. The file name, as how the item must look in the folder (should be re-named when the e- mails subject is not written accordingly) Every Correspondence formula of STAR Rafineri A. within any document is the reference of it and must be applied to metadata
  8. 8. Subject of the e-mail becomes the name of the item and is mostly incorrect. They need to be re-named for the item to be placed in the right row.
  9. 9. Item can be re-named not only from the function menu but also from the document properties / General in Enterprise Connect preview Note that switching through tabs needs updating for the modification not to be lost.
  10. 10. According to STAR Correspondence Procedures there has to be five digit number plus a correspondence code at the end (L, E or CN)
  11. 11. A) B) C) D) E) F) G) H) I)
  12. 12. I A) B C D E F G