Corporate Services Restructuring 31 March 2008

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Corporate Services Restructuring 31 March 2008. Introduction. The AG completed the restructuring of Corporate Services in November 2005 The restructuring of corporate services was aimed at developing a service delivery model that would - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<ul><li><p>Corporate Services Restructuring 31 March 2008</p></li><li><p>IntroductionThe AG completed the restructuring of Corporate Services in November 2005The restructuring of corporate services was aimed at developing a service delivery model that wouldFacilitate better and more focussed service delivery to the rest of the organisationEstablish a reliable administrative and technological platform to ensure that processes are efficient, cost-effective and facilitates effective decision makingFacilitate knowledge sharing as a culture Facilitate ongoing scanning of the environment within which the organisation is operatingEstablish the ability to apply relevant benchmarking of acceptable norms and standards</p></li><li><p>An overview of the Corporate Services delivery model Special &amp; Strategic Projects</p><p>Implementation of policy and strategyService delivery effectiveness Business partner enhancementProject Management excellenceOperational &amp; Transaction Management</p><p>Implementation of policy and strategyService delivery effectiveness Business partner enablementSeamlessnessStakeholder Management</p><p>Relationship management External stakeholder management &amp; development Promotion and enhanced external awareness of AG Strategic communication and information Enhance AG reputation, branding and imageGovernancePolicy consistency and coverage Risk management framework for AGEnablement of the service delivery framework in terms of strategic administrative processes (secretariat functionality: minutes, delegations, accountabilities, etc.) Quality controlStrategyCoherence of strategy across AG and CS Facilitation of strategic development in accordance with determined standards CS strategic alignment with the business </p></li><li><p>Structure as of November 2005Auditor GeneralStrategic &amp; Special ProjectsDeputy Auditor General Operations &amp; Transaction MgtReputation &amp; StakeholderStrategyAuditCEsx4AuditOperationsGovernanceSM:BBBEECE 7Strategy &amp; GovernanceScan the environment in which the AG operates and identify areas for strategic considerationProvide transversal advisory servicesFacilitate effective and integrative planningFacilitate consistent application of norms and standardsManage strategic risks Reputation and StakeholderFacilitates and integrates the management of the AGs relations with internal and external stakeholdersConsolidates brand, image and reporting initiatives Strategic &amp; Special ProjectsDelivers value-adding and project-based solutions according to the auditing and support requirements of the AGOperations &amp; Transaction MgtDelivers all transactional activities according to established processes, procedures and well-defined norms</p></li><li><p>Transition PlanCost of the restructuring process until March 2006 was R16 177 300.00The AG allowed for a two-year transitional period to successfully implement and refine the relevant process, so that the new structure can yield benefits for the organisation This period was set to end in November 2007Within the two year period, the structure was refined so that the AG can have a close focus on ICT, Human Capital and Finance, which form the core of the AG transactional engine.The refinement led to the creation of the Chief Operations Officer who heads ICT, Finance and Human Capital transactional activities, and Reputation &amp; Stakeholder management looking at all stakeholders except auditeesCE: Audit Innovation and Development is responsible for ensuring that innovative and best practices within auditing are developed and implemented Head of Auditing who coordinates all auditing activitiesCorporate office from the existing Strategy, Governance and Transformation units which is responsible for the development, monitoring and tracking of the implementation of the agreed strategic priorities </p></li><li><p>Updated management structure</p></li><li><p>Corporate Services Ratios* As compared to industry information, where Corporate Services include the disciplines of HR, IT, Finance, Marketing, Strategy and Legal. ** The standard corporate services plus the AGs teams for research and development for audit and corporate disciplines; as well as a parliamentary support capacity.</p></li><li><p>BenchmarksA total of 15 companies in all segments were contacted and requested to participate in our benchmark of which 4 agreed to participate. </p><p>Regularity Audit: Financial, Compliance, Predetermined Performance Objectives Audits </p></li></ul>


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