Corporate Avengers Final Presentation - November 8th 2016

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Text of Corporate Avengers Final Presentation - November 8th 2016

  • Sustainability at Greenlight

    Project Proposal

  • Team Members:

    Ryan Downer

    Christopher Han

    Kristin Hogue

    Lucy Szeto

    Lawrence Kotovets

  • (Santa Cruz, California; , 2015)

  • (Union Beach, NJ;, 2015)

  • (Prince Edward Island, Canada;, 2015)

  • Four Strategic Solutions

    Short Run Solutions Recycle tires immediately through outsourcing Create brand loyalty program

    Long Run Solutions Develop an internal tire recycling capability Establish Greenlight Foundation

  • Short Term Solutions

  • Use our distribution network to collect used tires Partner with existing recycling companiesImpact Create immediate new revenue stream (50%

    recycling rate: 555K ~ 1.1M) Immediate recycling market entry and cash flow Strengthen public image in response to issues Offset internal R&D costs for long term internal

    recycling solution

    Recycle Immediately Through Outsourcing

  • Create Brand Loyalty Program

    Reward and incentivize customers Point-to-Credit System Track tire serial numbers

    Impact Boost volume of purchases Develop better customer relationships Raise brand loyalty and customer lifetime value Prevention of future environmental crises

  • Long Term Solutions

  • Develop Internal Recycling Capability Advising against acquiring Rubber Up, Inc. Develop internal recycling solution in 1-2 years Create new revenue streams from a variety of

    productsImpact Attract new customers via new products Creates new marketing channels and distribution

    relationships Aligns with company values, e.g. Built by

    Greenlight, for Greenlight

  • Internal Recycling Solution

    Greenlights est. of internal recycling development is approx. 1.85M-2.25M

    Internal recycling costs offset by short run recycling solution

    In line with Greenlights values

    Greenlight Internal Recycling vs. Acquisition

    Rubber Up, Inc

    Based on the financials provided, we have valued Rubber Up, Inc. at >$3.13M

    Valuation Methods: WACC & Capitalization of OCF

  • Greenlight Foundation

    Establish non-profit organization Funded by percentage of revenue of recycled


    Impact Purpose is restoration of the Louisiana

    Wetlands Enforce company values and practices

  • Greenlight Foundation Benefits of Corporate Foundation

    Philanthropy increases name recognition and company image

    Tax incentives Creates new strategic relationships Involves local community

    Importance of Louisiana Wetlands Flood protection through erosion control Supports wildlife and commercial fisheries Carbon sequestration Watershed for 49% of U.S. tributaries

  • Louisiana Wetlands Tributary Map

  • Minimizes risks

    Short and long run solutions

    Restores Greenlights reputation

    Strengthens core

    company values

    Why is This the Best Solution?

  • Summary

    Recap of Presentation Solutions Impact

    How it adheres to Values & Goals Greenlights Why Re-alignment with Business practices

    Why you should pursue our recommendations

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