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  • Corey Miceli

    Illinois State Chairman


    Corey grew up in Aurora, Illinois and attended West Aurora High School where he excelled in football and earned a full athletic scholarship as a Division 1 offensive guard. During his time as a collegiate athlete, Corey met Powerlifting legend, Ernie Frantz. By his senior year of college, he was the strongest collegiate football player in the nation. A knee injury playing ball resulted in losing his opportunity to play with the pros. Numerous individuals, including the great Louie Simmons, consulted Corey on his knee rehabilitation. Through the process Corey gained an even greater appreciation for strength development. He immersed himself into powerlifting and started his own strength and conditioning business. Vowing not to compete until he turned 40, on his 40th birthday he ordered a pair of briefs and soon after started competing. Corey is blessed with good health and a positive trend in his lifting. To date, his best lifts include a 1,015 lb. squat, a 600 lb. bench, and an 820 lb. dead lift. Corey has two decades of experience helping with and directing powerlifting meets. Corey currently owns & operates Barbell Central, an 11,000 square foot training. Some very accomplished lifters train at Barbell Central including: Matt Minuth, Jose Garcia, Barzeen Vaziri, and the plethora of awesome strength athletes of Team Lilliebridge.