Corel Painter - 13 - Magazine, Art, Digital Painting, Drawing, Draw, 2d

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Corel Painter - 13 - Magazine, Art, Digital Painting, Drawing, Draw, 2d

Text of Corel Painter - 13 - Magazine, Art, Digital Painting, Drawing, Draw, 2d

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    The best options for getting the most from Crayons

    Draw horsesHelpful techniques for drawing and shading believable horses

    Realistic waterThe advice you need for painting and colouring waterscapes

    Issue thirteen Visit us online w


    Of cial Corel Painter TM M



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    Createdigital art today!


    Official Magazine

    40pages oftutorials


    Artistic project

    Pencil portraitsTurn photos into a

    tonal drawing

    Prime photosPrime photosEdit your images and create the

    ultimate base for cloning

    Inspirational walkthroughsCreative guides to art skills

    Tools and options explainedQuick start PDF on the CD

    brushesDiscover which brush options will give you the perfect painting tool

    Creative8-page practical guide

    Paint like KlimtMake your own gilded masterpiece

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    Jo Cole, Editor in

    WelcomeIf you are using photos in your artwork, a bit of time spent manipulating the start image will help you achieve far better results. With just a few adjustments, you can create the perfect base for

    whatever style of art you like. Is watercolour your thing? Reduce the brightness, apply some Blur and then get painting. Prefer oils? Boost the shadows, enrich the colours and slap on your digital paint. For more ideas on how to prime your photos, turn to our great feature on page 20.

    Klimt is a favourite artist for many, and this issue we show you how to re-create his style, including some ideas for embellishing the inal image in order to achieve the sumptuous gold inish of the original. See whats involved on page 42. Other skills on the menu this issue include monochrome pencil art (page 30), painting water (page 52), drawing horses (page 66) and using the Brush Creator (page 38).

    Enjoy your painting!

    This is THE magazine for anyone wanting to further their Corel Painter skills or learn how to become a better artist


    Visit our website!If you find that the magazine isnt enough to satisfy your Corel Painter appetite, you can always visit our website. Pop on over to and register as a user. Once this is out of the way, explore the pages and enjoy great content such as: Downloadable resources Online galleries to share your work Special forum for meeting other Corel Painter users

    Brush Controls: General

    Pg 56

    Get perfect brush tips with the powerful options in here

    Paint like: Gustav Klimt

    Pg 42

    Drawing 101: Horses

    Pg 66

    The tips and tricks you need to get perfect equestrian results

    Luxuriate in the golden glory that is Klimt

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    newly published graphic novel, from renowned illustrator Kyle T Webster ( and

    writer-creator Andy Horner, is already attracting many admirers. Light Children, the irst part of a planned trilogy, is a haunting story that combines solid storytelling with stunning artwork created solely in Corel Painter. No other application comes close, in my opinion, to replicating the feel of natural media, says Webster. The degree of control available for each tool is incredible.

    The major undertaking is likely to consume several creative years, so Corel Painter is the ideal tool for Webster to lay down this widescreen epic. I am comfortable with drawing and inking on paper, but with the added convenience of Undos, layers, multiple versions of


    Dazzling new graphic novel showcases Corel Painter talent

    There is a lightthe same image and the lack of an actual physical mess, working digitally has become the only way for me to go.

    More used to single-image editorial illustration, the creation of Light Children( has also set new challenges for Webster. Not only must the art be a pleasure to view, but it must also transport the reader successfully into another world, help move the plot forward, remain consistent in terms of character likenesses and behaviours, and the list goes on.

    As for the future, Webster is extremely optimistic and hopes that eventually a much wider audience than comic-book fans will see Light Children. We have big plans, a ilm adaptation for instance, and I know that Andy has some other stories in the works. For now, it is a thrill to get to work on something so fantastic.

    Despite its sophistication, Light

    Children is Websters first graphic novel,

    in collaboration with Horner. A planned trilogy is expected

    to take several years to create


    The graphic novel has an ever-growing cast of characters and an ever-

    evolving universe of plot twists, explains Webster

    Webster is an illustrator living in North Carolina. His work has appeared internationally on book covers, in magazines, posters and packaging

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    Ecstatic about Etsy f you have ever wanted to sell your Corel Painter creations without the fuss of setting up your own online shop, then Etsy (

    is for you. Founded in 2005, this online marketplace for buying and selling all things handmade is a hive for creative talent. As well as art, Etsy offers sellers a place to showcase just about anything from clothes and accessories, books, toys and home furnishings. Setting up your shop is free, although youll need a credit card for Etsy security reasons and ideally a PayPal account for receiving customers payments. Listing an item costs 20 cents per item and theres a 3.5 per cent sales fee on any goods sold. For buyers and those looking for inspiration, Etsy is an Aladdins cave of wonderful creativity.

    Website for handmade creations offers opportunity to sell your Painter artwork

    AiLmeART was created by Darren Di Lieto, the founder of the wonderful illustration portal LCSV4. This collaborative project

    involves drawn or painted submissions being sent on envelopes or packages through the post. Designed to test your skills, make you some money and give you the chance to have a bit of fun and win prizes, MAiLmeART has so far received hundreds of submissions. I needed

    to have something tangible from the artists and illustrators

    involved in order to be able to sell the product and make money for the artist, explains Di Lieto, and in the early months of 2008, MAiLmeART will be holding an exhibition. Artists will receive 70 per cent of any sales as well as some great exposure. View submission details at

    Its in the post

    ne of the best ways to learn anything new is to watch others showing you how they

    work. Sclipo ( is a excellent free social utility that allows people to share skills and knowledge through video and webcam. If you wanted to learn a language or Corel Painter, you had to ind a teacher or school in your neighbourhood. Sclipo changed the rules of the learning game, by integrating an easy-to-use webcam teaching system, enthuses Sclipo CEO Gregor Gimmy. The team also offer SclipoLive, a webcam-based system for live teaching and learning.

    Broadcast your skills Show your skills and win at MAiLmeART CONTEST


    With hundreds of wonderful

    submissions so far, MAiLmeART

    is planning a major group

    exhibition for early 2008

    Etsy is an online marketplace for buying and selling items, including work created with Corel Painter


    Sclipo is a video site that lets users post short instructional videos relating to a number of topics

    Watch and learn with Sclipo


    In shortCreative happenings from around the world

    Print and publish your own work with Lulu Lulu ( is a cost-effective way of professionally self-publishing your own artwork, calendars and books. With more than 4,000 new titles added each week, its also a great marketplace to sell your work. Lulu prints and dispatches each item as its ordered, and you collect 80 per cent of the creator revenue.

    Worldwide free stock photo searchWoophy ( is a funky photo-sharing website where members can put their photos on a world map. With around 30,000 cities so far covered, its a great way to explore the world without leaving cyberspace. With an excellent forum for sharing photos and tips, this is an online community well worth joining.

    28 Issue 14 of OPM on sale!Pay a trip to your local magazine shop and pick up the latest issue to hit the shelves. In addition to the usual inspirational tutorials, youll find a great feature on garden art and will be able to discover how to turn your own garden into a masterpiece.

    Grunge is good Grunge Textures offers users over 600 atmospheric textures for personal and non-profit projects, free of charge. High-resolution, well-worn textures include aircraft aluminium, asphalt, brick, concrete, graffiti, metal, paper, cardboard, wood and tombstones. This is a great site if you want to add some textures to your creations. Visit