Cooperation, Cloud, and Consumer Technologies

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Marshall Breeding Independent Consult, Author, Founder and Publisher, Library Technology Guides Cooperation, Cloud, and Consumer Technologies. Future library services and Technologies. 20 February 2014. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Cooperation, Cloud, and Consumer TechnologiesMarshall BreedingIndependent Consult, Author, Founder and Publisher, Library Technology Guides

20 February 2014Dialog- Marshall Breeding vs. Hao-Ren (Claven) KeFuture library services and Technologies

Strategic CooperationCooperation for AutomationLarge-scale shared implementationsRegional, Province, NationalInter-institutional cooperationMain topic of speech tomorrow at the National Taiwan Normal UniversityNew genre of library automation Library Services PlatformsLibrary Services PlatformLibrary-specific software. Designed to help libraries automate their internal operations, manage collections, fulfillment requests, and deliver servicesServicesService oriented architectureExposes Web services and other APIsFacilitates the services libraries offer to their usersPlatformGeneral infrastructure for library automationConsistent with the concept of Platform as a Service Library programmers address the APIs of the platform to extend functionality, create connections with other systems, dynamically interact with dataLibrary Services Platform CharacteristicsHighly Shared data modelsKnowledgebase architectureSome may take hybrid approach to accommodate local data storesDelivered through software as a serviceMulti-tenantUnified workflows across formats and mediaFlexible metadata managementMARC Dublin Core VRA MODS ONIXBibframeNew structures not yet inventedOpen APIs for extensibility and interoperabilityConsolidated indexSearch EngineUnified Presentation Layer

Search: Digital CollProQuestEBSCOJSTOROther ResourcesNew Library Management Model`API LayerLibrary Services PlatformLearningManagementEnterprise ResourcePlanningStockManagementSelf-Check /Automated ReturnAuthenticationServiceSmart Cad / Payment systemsDiscovery ServiceImproving access to library collectionsDiscovery ServicesOnline CatalogBooks, Journals, and Media at the Title LevelNot in scope:ArticlesBook ChaptersDigital objectsScope of SearchSearch: Search ResultsILS DataNext-gen Catalogs or Discovery InterfaceSingle search boxQuery toolsDid you meanType-aheadRelevance ranked resultsFaceted navigationEnhanced visual displaysCover artSummaries, reviews,Recommendation servicesBooks, Journals, and Media at the Title LevelOther local and open access contentNot in scope:ArticlesBook ChaptersDigital objectsScope of SearchDiscovery Interface search modelSearch: Digital CollectionsProQuestEBSCOhostMLA BibliographyABC-CLIOSearch ResultsReal-time query and responsesILS DataLocal IndexMetaSearch EngineWeb-scale Index-based DiscoverySearch: Digital CollectionsWeb Site ContentInstitutional RepositoriesE-JournalsReference SourcesSearch ResultsPre-built harvesting and indexingConsolidated IndexILS DataAggregated Content packages

(2009- present)Usage-generatedDataCustomerProfileOpen AccessProfile of Library Subscriptions13Bento Box Discovery ModelSearch: Digital CollectionsWeb Site ContentInstitutional RepositoriesE-JournalsSearch ResultsPre-built harvesting and indexingConsolidated IndexILS DataAggregated Content packagesOpen AccessVuFind / Blacklight14Public Library Information PortalSearch: Digital CollectionsWeb Site ContentCommunityInformationCustomer-providedcontentReference SourcesSearch ResultsPre-built harvesting and indexingConsolidated IndexILS DataAggregated Content packagesArchivesUsage-generatedDataCustomerProfile15Discovery services as Website ReplacementPortal environment that includes customized content management service that can fulfill typical offerings on library Web sitesFull integration between Web site and resource discovery (ideally)Examples:Axiell ArenaInfor IguanaBiblioCommonsE-Book Integration

Critical concern for public librariesMost libraries offer e-book lending programsStrong demand: increasing use statisticsPrint lending remains vigorousAcademic libraries will benefit at a later phase by e-book lending models developed in the public library sectorCommercial library e-book lending servicesOverDrive3M Cloud LibraryBaker & Taylor: Axis 360Douglas County ModelLocally curated e-book collections and lending platformE-book Lending ModelsPhase I: Link out to e-book lending servicePhase II: Load MARC records in local catalog, then link out on individual titlesPhase III: Discovery and lending operations performed fully within the librarys catalog or discovery environmentFull e-book lendingDiscovery of print and e-book titles and copies simultaneouslyE-book transactions represented within patrons library accountList of charged items, due datesService options: renew, return, etc.Ability to check-out and download e-books into e-readerThe e-book integration ecosystemE-book lending services must expose APIsOnline catalog or discovery services must consume APIs and adjust interface design and business logic to accommodate discovery and lending operationsChallenge: each e-book service providers APIs are differentResponse: Work toward consistent or standard suite of APIsModels of Development and InnovationProprietary Licensed SoftwareMost commercial productsSignificantly larger development teamsOpen SourceCommunity-based software developmentNo licensing costsServices offered for: hosting, implementation, data conversion, ongoing supportSelf-service: all costs absorbed within institutionLibrary examples:KohaEvergreenKuali OLEConsumer TechnologiesConsumer Tech TrendsDevice adoption: Tablets, Smartphones, PCsNeed to balance how to deliver library services3D printingExperimental implementations in library maker spacesWearable techGoogle Glass? Interesting, but privacy concernsIndustry TrendsMergers and Acquisitions

Business TrendsConsolidation: Large international companies gaining increasing reach into libraries across many international regionsLocal companies vulnerable: May not have the development capacity to develop new generations of productsContent and Technology increasingly interwovenQuestions and discussion


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