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  • Controls, equipment and services for integrated air-conditioning and refrigeration solutions incommercial and industrial markets

    Products and ServicesOverview

  • Trane 2007

    - Reliability

    - Energy an cost efficiency

    - Environmental responsibility

    - Technological expertise

    - State-of-the-art equipment

    - Meeting or exceeding environmental standards

    - Meeting the individual business needs of a client, no matter howsimple or complex

    We can serve you in a variety of ways, like evaluating the equipment you have and upgrading it if necessary, or integrating your systemwith advanced controls.

    We can train your facilities department in the intricacies of heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment systems, controls,and industry standards and issues.

    We can also service and maintain your systems, and provide emergency assistance, parts and supplies to keep your system operating atpeak efficiency.

    The bottom lineWe have the best people, the best equipment and the best service in the industry. It all comes down to this: Trane has the knowledge andresources to turn building systems into business advantages for you.

    Trane manufactures, manages and services HVAC equipment systems or controls for buildings and industrial processes all over theworld. Were the industry leader in R&D as well as manufacturing.

    Our projects are large and small but all have these in common:

    Integrated Systems

    In a building, high performance is achieved through effective operation and careful monitoring of HVAC Systems

    TRANE Controls embed unique application and communication capabilitiesgained over years of experience in designing, manufacturing and servicing HVAC Systems.

    Customer's needsHuman-Machine

    InterfacesApplications Controllers Equipment Services

    Optimized Systems

    Reliability Environment Energy saving



    Commercial Offices

    Health Care

    Life Sciences


    District Cooling

    BMS Workstation

    Intelligent RoomControl

    ZN 523

    CH 530

    MP 501/503



    Chiller PlantControl

    Boiler PlantControl

    Free Cooling andHeat recovery

    Variable AirSystem

    Web Server

    Touch ScreenDisplay

    Wall Sensor

    MP 581

    Chilled WaterTerminals

    Split Systems

    A/C W/C Chillers


    Centrifugal Chillers

    Air Handling Units

    Variable frequencyDrive





  • OperatorInterface


    Site installedUnit Controls

    Field devices Control, measure,monitoring

    HVACEquipmentwith Factory-MountedControlsRTHD HFO/HFR VariTracTM CGAN/CXAN CLCE Voyager TM


    Power panel control

    Energy metering

    Building information monitoring

    Alarm control and


    3rd party equipment


    Tracer Summit TM LCD Touch ScreenWeb Server

    BCU Field Server









    Field level

    Automation level

    Management level



    Building Management Systems

    Trane Compliance

    Trane participates in the Eurovent certification programmes where product performance and constructiondata are validated by independent laboratories. The added value to you is a guarantee to performancecompliance and the peace of mind knowing that Trane puts forth continuous efforts to ensure we are meetingthe needs of our customers.

    Above is a summary of Trane's extensive offering. For more detailed information and individual product catalogues,contact your local Trane Sales Office or go to

  • Air Systems

    Chilled Water Terminals

    Fan coil unitsCabinet or concealed,

    Horizontal or vertical modelsHFCE-HFXE/VFCE-VFXE

    3-18 kW

    Fan coil cassette VCD

    2-4 kW

    Fan coil units Concealed horizontal

    U shape modelU-Line1-5 kW

    Fan coil unitsCabinet or concealed

    Horizontal or vertical modelsUniTrane FCK-FCC/FVC

    1-12 kW

    DiffusersLinear / cassettes models

    Fan coil units Concealed horizontal slim

    line modelHFH/HFO/HFR

    1-7 kW


    1-12 kW

    Fan coil unitsConcealed horizontal

    FWD4-30 kW

    Air handling unitsCLCE

    700-108 000 m3/h

    Air handling unitsCCVA

    1 200-86 000 m3/h

    Air handling unitsCCSA

    1 800-120 000 m3/h

    Variable air volume systemsUnlimited number of zones

    Single/dual duct unitsParallel/Series fan powered

    Air handling unitsCLCP

    1 800-97 200 m3/h

    Air handling unitsCCEA

    1 000-132 000 m3/h

    Air handling unitsCCTA

    1 000-140 000 m3/h

    Air handling unitsCCH

    1 000-18 000 m3/h

  • Indoor Chillers

    Outdoor Chillers

    Scroll compressorKoolman500

    CGAK18-53 kW

    Remote condenserAxial fans

    RTCA - designed for optimum operation with an

    CCUN or RTUB chiller200-700 kW

    Helical rotary compressorRTHD

    500-1 500 kW

    Centrifugal compressorCVGF

    1 400-3 800 kW

    Centrifugal compressorCVHE

    600-8 750 kW

    Single-stage or two-stageabsorptionABSD/ABTF

    1 300-6 000 kW

    Direct-fired absorptionABDL

    350-3 900 kW

    Scroll compressorCentrifugal fans

    CGCL49-150 kW

    Helical rotary compressor,centrifugal fans

    RTRA132-168 kW

    Scroll compressorPackaged and condenserless


    51-153 kW

    Scroll compressorPackaged and condenserless

    modelsCGWN-CCUN180-500 kW

    Helical rotary compressorPackaged and condenserless

    modelsRTWB-RTUB200-700 kW

    Scroll compressor, axialfans

    Cooling-only/heat pumpmodels

    Integrated hydraulicmodule

    CGA-CXA/VGA-VXA19-61 kW

    Scroll compressor, axialfans

    Cooling-only/heat pumpmodels

    Integrated hydraulicmodule

    CGAN/CXAN50-465 kW

    Helical rotarycompressor,

    axial fansRTAC

    400-1 500 kW

    Helical rotarycompressor, axial fansFree-cooling and heat

    recovery modelsRTAD

    250-650 kW

  • Close Control Units Variable Frequency Drives

    Split Systems and Condensing Units


    Scroll compressor, axial fansTTK/TWK + MCD/MWD

    diffuser3-17.5 kW

    Scroll compressor, axial fansTTA/TWA + MCD/MWD

    diffuser19-35 kW

    Condensing unit scroll compressor, axial fans

    RAUL 55-218 kW

    Multi-split systemcondensing unit

    TTD/TTT5-10.5 kW

    High wallMCW/MWW2.5-10.5 kW


    5-12 kW

    Convertible TypeMCX

    3.5-17.5 kW

    Tall FloorMCV

    10.5-35 kW

    TR1Operation on fans and pumps

    0.37-400 kW

    Technology and comfortapplications

    Chilled water, air-cooled and water-cooled

    direct expansion models5-20 kW

    High tech applicationsChilled water,

    air-cooled and water-cooleddirect expansion, energy saving,

    and twin cool models22-63 kW

    Cooling only / ReversibleGas fired

    Horizontal or downflowdischargeTSD/TSH

    WSD/WSHYSD/YSH17-33 kW

    Cooling only / ReversibleGas fired

    Horizontal or downflowdischargeTKD/TKH

    WKD/WKHYKD/YKH36-62 kW

    Cooling only / ReversibleGas fired

    Horizontal or downflowdischargeTKD/TKH

    WKD/WKHYKD/YKH81-165 kW

    Cooling onlyHorizontal discharge

    SXHF70-455 kW

    Vertical dischargecondensing unit

    2.5-17.5 kW

  • Start-up

    All Trane engineers and technicians are experts in refrigeration and air-conditioning control. Trane will take the extra step beyondinstallation to perfectly adapt the equipment to its environment, by taking control of and seeing to an efficient and high-performancestart-up.

    Trane Select Contracts

    Trane Care Services

    EvoluTrane Spare parts

    24/7 duty

    From Hot line to On site response

    Life cycle management

    From upgrade to replacement


    From comfort to process cooling

    Full coverage

    From parts only to all parts & labor

    Trane Care offers an extensive array of upgrade products to answer our customers top business priorities. Our experts will make thebest recommendations to meet your building needs.

    The EvoluTrane program: a process of three phases for theimprovement and the optimization of your system:

    LISTENING phase Individual interview Collection of information Site visit

    PROPOSAL phase Recommended product solution Financing offer

    EVALUATION phase Analysis of gathered information

    Full range of HVAC Spare Parts Meeting the specifications of the original ones Available in real time Quick and efficient ordering and delivery service Reduced equipment downtime

    RELIABILITY Vibration Analysis Tube Testing Oil Analysis


    Control Retrofit

    Indoor Air Quality




    Heat Recovery

    Noise Reduction

    VariableFrequency Drives



    Leak Testing




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    Trane BVBA1789 Chausse de Wavre - 1160 Brussels, BelgiumON: 0888.048.262 - RPR: Brussels

    Literature Order Number PROD-SLB015-E4

    Date 0507

    Supersedes PROD-SLC001-E4_1202

    Stocking Location Europe

    Trane has a policy of continuous product and product data improvement and reserves the right to changedesign and specifications without notice.







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    Driven by our commitment to provide high quality products and services, Trane pays close attention to qualityevery step of the way from development to sales.

    Trane was the first company in its industrial sector to obtain ISO 9001 certification in December 1987. Themanufacturing sites of Charmes, Golbey and Colchester have been certified ISO 9001: 2000 process-basedQuality Management System.

    Product quality is also achieved through processes led by DFT (Demand Flow Technology) and Six Sigma efforts,making Trane a responsive, flexible and demand-driven organization.

    Tranes environmental commitment is to provide state-of-the-art HVAC systems that are good for our customers,for our businesses, and that are environmentally responsible.

    Tranes responsibility is to keep a comprehensive view of what affects our planets health, remain accountablefor our actions, and preserve engineering excellence so as to further improve the environmental benefits of ourproducts and services.

    The global environmental policy goes even deeper, as Trane pro-actively participates by anticipating regulatorychanges and by integrating environmental impact reduction in all projects.

    While Tranes environmental commitments and policies are global, the environmental priorities of customersmay vary locally. Trane invites you to contact your local sales office for the most updated information for yourregion.

    Trane manufacturing sites in Charmes and Golbey were certified ISO 14001 in July 2004.

    Trane and the environment

    Trane quality

    Trane has a company-wide mission to create a safe and healthy work environment. This is accomplished bycreating individual ownership and responsibility and by building processes that help prevent injury and illness.

    This mission also encompasses the safety of our customers, anticipating and helping to solve our customers'safety problems to ensure a safer future for all.

    Trane and safety

    A true global company with local presence

    Trane has offices and service operations around the world. About 130 locations in Trane EMAIR (Europe, MiddleEast, Africa and India Region) are staffed by a team of the industry's most experienced sales engineeringprofessionals and are organized to provide uniform local support capabilities such as engineering expertise,application assistance, service, parts and financial solutions.

    In addition, Trane offices provide the benefits that come with a working knowledge of local business practices,building codes, languages and currencies.

    For more information, contact us at: