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Conversion Excursion. By: Matt Ferguson, Jackie Caballero, Tonya Moreno, and Amy Head. What does conversion mean?. A change in the units or form of a number or expression. Gallons. What is a gallon?. Gallons to Ounces. So if a milk jug can hold one gallon, how many ounces can it hold? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Conversion Excursion

GallonsWhat is a gallon?

1 Gallon= How many Ounces1 pound= How many Kilograms1 foot= How many centimeters5 Kilometers= How many milesMiles To Kilometers1 Mile (M)5280 feet (ft)1 ft12 Inches (in)1 in2.54 centimeter (cm)100 cm1 meter (m)1000 m1 Kilometer (km)How many centimeters are there in one foot?

a. 4030.4825.4

How many miles are in a 5 km run?

3.11 M10 M5.4 M

Pounds to Kilograms1 pound (lb)16 ounces (oz)1 oz28 grams (g)1000 g1 kilograms (kg)

How many Kilograms are in one pound?