Contract between the City of Denton and Denton County

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Text of Contract between the City of Denton and Denton County

  • 8/14/2019 Contract between the City of Denton and Denton County


  • 8/14/2019 Contract between the City of Denton and Denton County



  • 8/14/2019 Contract between the City of Denton and Denton County


  • 8/14/2019 Contract between the City of Denton and Denton County


    I I .For the purposesand consideration erein statedand contemplated, OUNTy shall

    provide he following necessaryndappropriate ervicesor MUNICIPALITY to themaximumextentauthorized y this Agreement,without regard o race,sex, eligion,color,age,disability,or national rigin:

    I ' COUNTY, by and through ts duly elected ax assessor-collector,hall serveastax assessor-collectoror MUNICIPALITY for ad valorem ax collection or tax year 200i, andeach ax year fo r the durationof thisAgreement.COUNTY agreeso performal l necessary dvaloremassessing nd collectingduties or MUNICIPALITY and MUNICIPALITy doesherebyexpressly uthorizeCOUNTY to do andperformall actsnccessary nd proper o assessand collect taxes or MUNICIPALITY. COUNTY agrees o collectbase axes,penalt ies,interest, nd attorney'sees.

    2' COUNTY agrees o prepareand mail al l tax statements; rovide monthlycollection eports o MUNICIPALITY; prepare ax cert if icates; evelopand maintainbothcurrent nddelinquentax rolls;meet he requirementsf Section 6.04of the'fexasTax Code;and to developand maintainsuchother ecordsand'formsas are necessary r requiredby StateIaw, ules, r regulations.

    3. COUNTY furtheragreeshat t will calculatehe effective ax ratesand rollbacktax rates or MUNICIPALITY and hatsuchcalculations il l be providedat no additionalcostto MUNICIPALITY' The informationconcerning he effectiveand rollback ax rateswill bepublished n the form prescribed y the Comptrollerof Public Accountsof the Stateof Texas,andasrequired y Section26.04of V.T.C.A.Tax Code. DISTRICT shallnotif l i axassessor-collectorat least7 daysbeforeDISTRICT wishespublicationof formsspecifiedn this section.


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  • 8/14/2019 Contract between the City of Denton and Denton County


    It is understoodand agreedby the parties hat the expense f publicationshall be bome byMUNICIPALITY and hat COUNTY shall provideMUNICIPALITY's billing addresso thenewspaper ublishing he effectiveand ollback ax rates.

    4. COUNTY agrees, pon request, o offer guidance nd the necessaryorms forpostingnoticesof requiredhearingand quarter-page oticesas requiredby Sections 6.05 and26'06 of V.T.C.A. Tax Code, if DISTRICT requests uch 7 days in advance. ShouldMUNICIPALITY vote to increasets tax rateabove he rollback ax rate,or more than threepcrcent 3Yo)above he effective ax rate,whichever s lower, or other imits requiredby currentlegislation) he required publication of quarter-page otices shall be the responsibilitv ofMUNICIPALITY-

    5' COUNTY agreeso develop nd maintainwrit tcnpoliciesand procedures f i tsoperation'COUNTY furtheragrceso makeavailable ull informationabout he operationof theCounty Tax Office to MUNICIPALITY, and to promptly furnish written reports to keepMUNICIPALITY informedof all financial nformationaffectins t.

    6- MUNICIPALITY agreeso promptlydeliver o COUNTY all records hat taccumulatedand developed n the ass'essmentnd collectionof taxes,and to cooperatefurnishingor locatingany other informationand recordsneeded y COUNTy to performdutiesunder he termsandconditions f thisAsreement.

    7. COUNTY agrees o allow an audit of the tax recordsof MUNICIpALITy inCOUNTY'S possession uring normal working hourswith at least48 hours advance.writtennotice o COUNTY. Theexpense f any andall suchauditsshallbepaidby MUNICIPALITy.A copyof any and all suchauditsshallbe furnishedo COUNTy.


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  • 8/14/2019 Contract between the City of Denton and Denton County


    8. If requiredby MUNICIPALITY, COUNTY agrees o obtain a surerybond forthe County Tax Assessor/Collector. uch bond will be conditioned upon the faithfulperformanceof the Tax Assessor/Collector'sawful duties, will be made payable toMUNICIPALITY and n an amountdetermined y the governing ody of MUNICIPALITy.Thepremium or anysuchbondshallbe bomesolelyby MUNICIPALITY.

    9' COUNTY agrees hat it will placequarter-page dvertisementsn newspapersservingDentonCounty n January, 008,as a reminder ha tdelinquentax penaltieswill apply oall assessedaxeswhich arenot paid by January 1,2008. T'headverl isementsil l be printedtwo times n eachpaperbetween anuary 'l 'andJanuary 5th.

    10. COUNTY agrees hat it wil l fax, mail or post to a securewebsitecollectionreports o MUNICIPALITY listing current axes,delinquent axes,penaltiesand intereston adaily basis etween ctober ,2007andMarch3 , 2008andon a weeklybasisbetween pri l I ,2008andSeptember 0, 2008;providemonthlyMaintenance nd Operation hereinaftereferredto as "MO"), and nterest nd Sinking hereinaftereferred o as "lS") collection eports; rovidemonthlyrecap eports; ndprovidemonthlyattorney eecollection epofis.

    I l. MUNICIPALITY retains ts right to select ts own delinquent ax collectionattorney and COUNTY agrees to reasonably cooperatewith the attorney selected bvMUNICIPALITY in thecollection f delinquentaxes nd elated ctivit ies.

    I I I .COUNTY herebydesignateshe DentonCountyTax Assessor/ ollector o ac ton behalf

    of the CountyTax Office and to serveas Liaison for COUNTY with MUNICIPALITY. TheCounty Tax Assessor/Collector,nd/or his/her designee, hall ensure he performanceof allCuties ndobligations f COUNTY; shalldevotesufficient ime andattention o theexecution f

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  • 8/14/2019 Contract between the City of Denton and Denton County


    said dutieson behalf of COUNTY in full compliancewith the terms and conditionsof thisAgreement;and shall provide immediateand direct supervisionof the County Tax Officeemployees, gents, ontractors, ubcontractors,nd/or aborers, f any, n the furtherance f thepurposes,erms and conditionsof this Agreement for the mutual benefit of COUNTy andMUNICIPALITY.

    IV.COUNTY accepts esponsibil i tyor the acts,negligence, nd/oromissions elated o

    property ax serviceof all COUNTY employeesand agents,sub-contractorsnd /or contractlaborers, nd for thoseactionsof other persons oing work undera contractor agreement ithCOUNTY to theextentallowedby law.

    V .MUNICIPALITY acceptsesponsibil i tyor theacts,negligence,nd/or missions f al l

    MUNICIPALITY employees nd agents, ub-contractorsnd/orcontract aborers, nd or thoseof all other personsdoing work undera contractor agreementwith MUNICIpALITy to theextentallowedby law.

    VI .MUNICIPALITY understandsand agrees that MUNICIPALITY, it s employees,

    servants, gents,and representativeshall at no time represent hemselveso be employees,servants, gents,and/orrepresentativesf COUNTY. COUNTY understands nd agreeshatCOUNTY, it s employees,servants,agents,and representatives hall at no time representthemselveso be employees, ervants, gents, nd/or epresentativesf MUNICIpALITy.

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  • 8/14/2019 Contract between the City of Denton and Denton County


    VII.For the services enderedduring rhe 20Al tax year, MUNICIPALITY agrees o pay

    COUNTY for thereceipting, ookkeeping,ssuing,and mailingof tax statementss ollows:l. The current ax statements il l be mailed on or aboutOctober20th or as soon

    thereafter s practical. The fee for this servicewill be a rateno t exceedSeventy-Three ents($'Z:) pe r statement. f MUNICIPALITY doesnot adopta tax ratebeforeSeptember 9,2007,the tax rate or MUNICIPALITY will be setat the ower of theeffective ax ratecalculatedorthat year or the tax rateadoptedby MUNICIPALITY for the preceding ax year. Before thelifth day afterestablishment f a tax rateunder his provision,MUNICIPALITy mustratifli theapplicableax rate n themanner equired y Article26.05(b) f theTexasTaxCode

    2. An additionalnoticewill be sentduring he monthof March following the initialmailingprovided hatMUNICIPALITY has equested ucha noticeon or beforeFebruary gth.'fhe fee for this servicewill be chargedat the existing irst class etter rate set by the UnitedStates ostalService currently .39)plusa $.05processingeeperstatement.

    3. At least30 days,but no more han60 days,prior to Apri l lst, and ollowing heinit ial mail ing, a delinquent ax statementmeeting he requirementsf Section33.1I of theTexasPropertyTax Code will be mailed. The fee for this servicewill be a rate no t exceedSeventy-Threeents $.Zf; perstatement

    4. At least30 days,but no more than 60 days,prior to July lst, and following theinitial mailing, a delinquent ax statementmeeting the requirements f Section 33.07of theTexasPropertyTax Code will be mailed. The fee for this servicewill be a ratenot exceedSeventy-Three ents $.2:1per statement.

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  • 8/14/2019 Contract between the City of Denton and Denton County


  • 8/14/2019 Contract between the City of Denton and Denton County


    2. If MUNICIPALITY uses hesamedepository sCOUNTY, the deposits f tax,penaltyand nterest hallbe by deposit ransfer.

    3. In anticipation f renewalof this Agreement,COUNTY further agreeshat fromOctober ,2007 hroughMarch31,2008,deposi ts i l l be madedai lyand rom Apr i l 1,2008,throughSeptember 0, 2008, depositswill be madeweekly.For end of month reporting, herewill be a depositmade at the end of eachmonth. It is expressly nderstood, owever, ha t thisobligationof COUNTY shallnot survive ermination f this Agreement,whetherby terminationby eitherpartyor by failureof theparties o renew his Agreement.

    IX .In the event of termination, he withdrawingparty shall be obligated o make such

    payments s are requiredby this Agreement hrough he balance f the tax year n which noticeis given.COUNTY shallbe obligated