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Cross section worksheet

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CONTOURS WORKSHEETCROSS SECTIONS A cross section shows you the side view or profile view of a landform. This is unlike a map which shows you the view from above. Cross sections are useful as they allow you to know the shapes of hills, mountains, valleys and other features of the landscape.

How to draw a cross section A. To draw a cross section you need a vertical scale. In the diagram the vertical scale is centimeter to 100 metres. This is represented by a series of parallel horizontal lines drawn at centimeter apart. Then number the lines corresponding to the contour lines given on the map. B. Place a neatly folded paper along the line given, in this case AB. The height of each contour line should be written below each mark. C. Place the strip of paper with all the markings along the base of the horizontal line representing the vertical scale. D. Draw a vertical line from each of the marks until it touches the correct height on the vertical scale. E. Finally, join all the top points of the vertical lines with a smooth curve. F. Remember to erase all the unnecessary lines, shade the cross section and brighten the curve. (use a black ink pen or sharp point felt tip marker to brighten the curve) Got that ??? Goooood!!!. Now do one of your own.

Use a scale of cm to 50 meters.

Note: Each Member of the group is to draw his/her own cross-section from the above diagram in your notebook. What is the name of the type of landform that is shown?