Continuous Simple Continuous and Simple (comparison)

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Slide 2 Continuous Simple Continuous and Simple (comparison) Slide 3 Use the continuous for something that is happening at or around the time of speaking Example: Ann is driving to work Iam(= Im)driving he/she/it is (= hes etc.) work ing we/you/they are (= were etc.) do ing etc. Slide 4 Use the simple for things in general or things that happen repeatedly Example: Alex is a bus driver, but now he is in bed asleep. So He is not driving a bus. but He drives a bus. I/we/you/theydrive/work/do etc. he/she/it drive s /work s /do es etc. Slide 5 the continuous the simple The water is boiling. Can you turn it off. Lets go out. It isnt raining now. Im going to bed. Goodnight. Water boils at 100 degrees celsius. It doesnt rain very much in summer. I always go to bed before midnight. pastnow future I do Comparison Im doing Slide 6 PastPresentContinuousSimplePerfect Perfect Continuous Future Slide 7 The 200 English and American teachers said: The 200 English students said: