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    plus...Volunteering abroad,Opening St. Helensand much, much more

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    White Cross Fund

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    Florida 15Orlando was magic!

  • In 2015 White Cross Vets will provide more than 30,000 in discounts to pet charities2

    12My White CrossJourney - Alvaston

    7Congress 2015

    13The Paul

    OGrady Show

    18A personalexperience ofeuthanasia


    In March we celebrated another listing in The Sunday Times Top 100 Small

    Companies to Work For list. An all-time high of 19th position was achieved

    with White Cross ranking 6th in this company is run on strong values. With

    family values at the heart of our business, this accomplishment is a real

    endorsement, by our team, of the culture of our practice. Principles, values

    and culture are the things that dierentiate us from everyone else and it is

    of paramount importance that we live these every single day in our practices.

    Training and development has taken centre stage this year with record

    numbers of vets undertaking post graduate certicates as well as new

    leaders starting the Institute of Leadership and Management Certicate,

    CCCs continuing their development programme (including the upcoming

    and much anticipated trip to Nice and Monaco), and an exciting programme

    being devised for our own Congress in September.

    Business wise, the year ending March 2015 was a very successful one with

    all sales and prot plans being met. The Group sales rose to 5.7 million,

    an increase of almost 24% on the previous year. This coming year we are

    planning for sales growth of 15% excluding any new practices. Regarding

    new practices, May saw the opening of our newest venture in St Helens,

    Merseyside under the stewardship of Kelly Whitelaw. At just a few weeks

    old, the practice is proving very popular with client feedback being

    extremely positive.

    Life continues apace across the White Cross Vetsgroup with our talented team now numbering overone hundred and thirty!

    By Tim Harrison, managing director

    Our stand at B


    I was nally being

    given the chance

    to do the job I had

    dreamt about

    since I was 14.

  • Donation Days will provide 12 months of work for charity how are you spending yours? 3

    22Volunteering inthe Caribbean

    28Keep rollin, rollin, rollin!

    I believe we are

    doing clients a

    disservice by

    providing clinical

    advice over

    the phone.

    34Laughter; the best medicine

    32 Removing barrirers to care

    UpdateLater this year we hope to open in Wolverhampton and by the end of the

    nancial year in Widnes. We will be recruiting in the coming months

    so let us know if you are aware of any potential White Cross people.

    The most exciting news is the recent relaunch of our Complete Wellness Plan.

    We have merged in to one single plan with many more enhanced benets

    including unlimited free consultations, top level Hills discounts and cover for

    the prevention of lungworm. Along with a new package, we are changing the

    system so that the majority of the administration will be done in-house at

    CTSO. Karen Lawrence has been appointed Wellness Plan Administrator

    working within the Service and Finance Department. Having contributed in a

    number of roles during the past few years, Karen will now devote her entire

    time to manage this very important part of our practice. There are new

    marketing materials to support you as well as in depth training for all teams.

    These Wellness Plans will extend pets lives and every pet deserves such a

    comprehensive health plan.

    Finally, I would like to highlight the great work many of you do for the White

    Cross Fund to keep owners and their pets together for longer. Many of you

    undertake fund raising on a regular basis, for example the sponsored runs

    done by the West Derby team (including climbing in Snowdonia), and Cammy

    Sneddon (Wendys son) completing the Tough Mudder. A special thanks

    must go to Rod, James, and Duncan (James brother in law) for completing

    the almost unheard of feat of cycling from Lands End to John O Groats in

    just seven days. Enduring thirteen hours in the saddle every single day and

    riding a total of 920 miles, the trio have raised three thousand pounds for

    the fund!

    Turn to page 28 to read about

    James and Rods incredible cycle

  • White Cross Vets treat all school pets for free4

    By Nishi Jani, clinic director, Northampton

    When my name was drawn at congress for an all-inclusive

    trip to a congress in Europe, I was shocked, partly because

    I had no idea I had been entered into the draw but mainly

    because I never normally win anything.

    However, when this was later upgraded to a week-long trip to NAVC (North

    American Veterinary Community) Conference in Orlando, Florida, I couldn't

    believe my luck. Plus, not only were there a huge amount of varied and

    interesting lectures but the trip also included loads of fun extras.

    First a quick ight across the Atlantic

    Day 1: After checking in to the hotel, we enjoyed dinner and drinks at

    Downtown Disney.

    Day 2: First day at NAVC, mainly spent getting my bearings between

    the Marriott and the Gaylord(!) exhibition centres. I must say, the

    dierence in size between NAVC and BSAVA is astounding. More

    than 16,000 people attended NAVC 2015 and there is already talk

    of moving the event to larger premises as the conference has

    outgrown the hundreds of square metres it already occupies.

    That evening we had a lovely meal at a Mexican restaurant at

    Universal Studios followed by my joint highlight of the trip -

    Pat O'Brien's duelling piano bar. Two adjacent pianos on

    a stage play any audience requests and everybody

    has a sing-a-long. It was a really electric

    atmosphere and a great warm up for the

    VIP section of the Tier nightclub, where

    some of us ended up into the small hours.


    Friends for life: Elisia, Hayley,

    Jade and Cheryl

    A visit to a Baneld HospitalFine dining with Virbac

  • Use your Ales to say thanks to team members that have gone the extra mile 5

    Day 3: Despite a slightly later start to congress for

    some of us, a tour of the local Baneld Hospital

    awaited. It was great seeing the inspiration for White

    Cross and comparing the similarities and

    dierences across the two companies. I particularly

    liked how their name badges had a place for a

    picture of their pet on them. After a quick stop o

    at Hooters, we headed to an Orlando Magic vs.

    Oklahoma City basketball game.

    Day 4: After a breakfast lecture on Cushings

    (where I realised that a bus full of people at

    6am on their way to a lecture can mean only

    one thing: jetlag) there were some great

    lectures on cytology and a wander around

    both exhibition halls. Here, rather

    conveniently, being from the UK meant you

    could easily avoid signing up to things you

    had no interest in, yet still collect as many

    free pens as you wanted. After a long

    day, we were treated to dinner at

    award-winning restaurant Hawk's

    Landing Steakhouse and joined by

    our friends from Shor-Line. I can

    honestly say that was the best steak

    I have ever had.

    Day 5: This was dental day at NAVC, and these

    lectures were by far the most popular ones at the

    entire conference. There were some really

    interesting tips on dental radiography, nerve

    blocks/pain relief and extraction techniques. In the

    evening, we were taken to Deep Blu Seafood Grille

    by Virbac.

    Day 6: The day of my second joint highlight of the

    trip - DISNEYLAND! While Tim, James and Wendy

    wrestled alligators and learnt how to shag (it's a

    dance move - Google it), the rest of us headed down

    to the Magic Kingdom. It was a great day, made

    extra special by spending it as a group, and was

    topped o by magical Disney reworks.

    Day 7: Starting o with an All-American style

    breakfast at the Cracker Barrel, we had a surprise

    helicopter ride over the area we had been staying in

    over the past week. On our way to the airport we

    stopped o at two outlet malls for a nal shopping

    spree, and then headed home.

    I feel really lucky to have won a place to NAVC. It'll

    denitely be something I will never forget and if I

    had to describe it in one word, it would be:


    When White Cross Vetswent to Orlando


    Pet Fit Club, at NAVC



    Elisia, Hayley and Kelly

  • Introduce a friend to White Cross Vets and you could receive up to 2,0006

    A nurses tale: Orlando was magic!

    FloridaBy Cheryl Sands, RVN, Coulby Newham.

    I won my trip to Florida at last years congress. Each year, a vet,

    nurse and CCC are randomly drawn, and 2014s event was my year!

    The NAVC is somewhere you only ever dream of attending. However, the closer it came to the trip, the

    more anxious I started to feel as I only knew a few of the ten people going. Luckily, White Cross employs

    people who have a very similar outlook and attitude, so the whole group got on brilliantly.

    The conference was huge and based across two hotels. Each had an exhibition and numerous lectures

    to accommodate vets, nurses, receptionists and practice managers and the lectures I attended were

    brilliant and very informative. I have taken a lot from them as well as the stands at the exhibitions.

    The biggest surprise for me, however, was the dierence between nurses in the

    UK and nurses in America, known as veterinary technicians or vet techs. Talking

    to them, as well as US vets, it seems UK nurses have come a long way over the last

    few years in comparison, not only showing the UK profession our role is

    important, but having the qualication recognised and respected. For most vet

    techs, however, although respect for the role is there, it seems there is no real

    incentive for any formal training. For example, salaries dont increase a great

    deal to reect the qualication, yet they still have to pay training fees.

    For me, this highlighted not only how fortunate I am to be a qualied VN in

    the UK, but also to work for a company that respects and rewards its

    qualied nurses.

    Away from the conference, White Cross made the trip even more

    special by organising some extracurricular activities. Highlights

    included going to an NBA basketball game, going on a helicopter

    ride over Orlando, having a look around a Baneld veterinary

    hospital and enjoying two amazing meals with fantastic people

    from Shor-Line and Virbac. We also had an evening out at a

    nightclub and experienced the epitome of Orlando - a trip to

    Disneys Magic Kingdom.

    I had the most amazing time and I made

    some fantastic friends. It really was the

    trip of a lifetime.


  • Over 15,000 has been raised for the White Cross Fund mainly through the practice teams 7

    For this years congress, held at the tastefully-

    restored 19th century Cranage Hall in Cheshire

    on September 18-20, our theme is Removing the

    Barriers to Care, and, as always, weve got a

    packed schedule.

    The full programme is to follow, but I just want to bring your attention to

    some highlights.

    On Friday night, following leadership and level one training during the

    day, we will be having a Fijian-themed buet while we watch the England

    v Fiji rugby world cup match. A relaxed aair is the plan.

    Then, on Saturday morning, the leadership team are back in session, and

    theres some Principles One training as well as a Voice meeting. Tim will

    then do his address to the nation, and after Kristie Faulkner from

    Onswitch takes us through the customer journey, its gladrags on for our

    awards dinner, ceilidh and disco.

    On Sunday morning (after your 9:30am lie-in; you can thank me later)

    there is a choice of sessions from tips on avoiding claims and complaints,

    advice on how to manage Facebook, Instagram and online reviews, and

    updates on wound management. Then theres an update on wellness

    plans or a fresh look at the way we deal with pet loss in practice.

    After that, its outdoors for some Skool Sportz fun with Team Spirit,

    with an expected nish time of 4pm.

    You will shortly receive a congress booking form. Please complete

    this in full and when the whole team have completed one each, return

    them together.

    We are really looking forward to spending time with you all!

    Congress timecomes around again!By Wendy Sneddon, operations manager


  • White Cross Vets sponsors over 20 sports and community groups and teams8

    I joined the practice in August 2009, andwhen Im not here, I enjoy spending time withmy young family. I have two dogs too, calledStan and Charlie.

    Angie Hardy, vet

    Meet the team...Introducing

    Im Sammii and I started at White Cross in 2011as a receptionist. I am now, however, a secondyear veterinary nursing student and I am due toqualify after my practicals next year. I have aDalmatian called Lexi, who not only keeps the vetsbusy, but who I enjoy showing all over the countryand have qualified for Crufts four years in a row. I also have two spotted rabbits called Lottie and Lillie.

    Sammii Jenkins, SVN

    Hi, Im Emily, and I joined White Cr

    oss in February 2009.

    Outside of work, four pets keep me

    incredibly busy. I have

    two dogs - Pebbles is a five-year-old

    Collie-cross and Louie

    is a four-year-old Doberman - and t

    wo rabbits called Acorn

    and Peanut. I also enjoy spending ti

    me with family and

    friends and spa days. I love to go ri


    Emily Duffell, head nurse and clini

    cal coach

    I have been working at Alvasto

    n for three years,

    15 months of which as clinic di

    rector. Most people know

    Stig my dog who often visits ou

    r practice, and I also have

    two degus. Outside of work I s

    pend my time walking with

    Stig and my wife Emily, as wel

    l as travelling and cooking.

    If I'm not doing any of those, I a

    m likely to be found on a

    river in a rowing boat.

    Will Newbury,clinic director



  • #19 in the Sunday Times Best Small Companies to Work For 2015 9

    Hello, my name is Helen, and I started here just over a

    year ago. I live in Derby with my husband Andrew and

    our gorgeous cat, Mike. We very recently got married

    (Andrew and I, not Mike and I) so now that we are not

    organising a wedding, we mainly spend our time out of

    work socialising with friends and family.Helen Henstridge, vet

    My name is Sarah and I have been at Alvaston

    since the beginning of time. I have a 14-year-old

    Princess who is my life and comes on all our

    caravan/cottage holidays with us, enjoying every

    minute of it. I started out my career as the young

    trainee in the practice, and now find myself, 24

    years on, the oldest, ha! I am a keen walker, often

    seen up in the hills of Derbyshire, or cycling the

    canal paths, or better still reading a good Phillipa

    Gregory book, wishing I had been born in a

    different time, wearing posh frocks, going to

    fabulous balls and jousts and

    hopefully just managing to keep hold

    of my head. Yes a weirdo I know,

    but hey, I study health and safety.

    You dont get weirder than that.

    Sarah Srih, RVN

    Hi, my name is Kirsty. Im a CCC and I love guinea pigs. I

    own three little piggies: Woody, Mickey and Oswald. (As

    you can see by the names, Im also a little obsessed with

    Disney.) All of my pigs have been rescued. Woody was

    adopted nearly a year ago and hes still a little a shy but will

    do anything for a spinach leaf. Mickey and Oswald,meanwhile, were rescued from the RSPCA in Derby. They

    had been homeless for s...