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  • Confidential and Proprietary

    June 15, 2016

    CONFIDENTIALITY/NON-DISCLOSURE/DISCLAIMER STATEMENT This Confidentiality/Non-Disclosure/Disclaimer Statement (Confidentiality Statement) governs all Trans American documents bearing the following declaration:

    The information contained in this document is confidential and proprietary to Trans American and its related entities. The use and dissemination of this document is governed by the confidentiality/non-disclosure/disclaimer statement contained on our website at

    (Confidentiality Legend) Information in a document bearing the Confidentiality Legend (Confidential Document) is confidential, privileged and proprietary to Trans American and its related entities (Trans American) and only for use by the intended recipient. The Confidential Document may not be used, disclosed, published, disseminated, copied or distributed to any third party other than the intended recipient without the prior written consent of Trans American which may be withheld in Trans Americans sole discretion. Under no circumstances may the Confidential Document be disclosed to a competitor of Trans American. Additionally, if any technical information is contained in a Confidential Document, it is understood and agreed that said technical Confidential Document is provided for informational purposes only. Trans American makes no guarantee that the technical Confidential Document is complete, reliable, accurate or error-free. While the technical Confidential Document is provided in good faith, there are no representations or warranties of any nature whatsoever in respect of the information contained in the technical Confidential Document. For the avoidance of doubt, any representations and warranties relative to the technical Confidential Document are specifically disclaimed. Furthermore, under no circumstances shall the technical Confidential Document be construed to constitute legal or other professional advice, including but not limited to specific advice on transportation or customs laws, rules and/or regulations. The technical Confidential Document is provided as a general statement on the subject matter as understood by Trans American, which understanding may not necessarily be factually, legally or technically accurate. However, its specific application will depend on the unique facts and circumstances of the situation. Trans American, its officers, directors, employees and/or agents shall not be liable for the use or reliance on the opinions, information and/or findings contained in any Confidential Document. Additionally, under no circumstances shall Trans American be liable for any special, direct, indirect, incidental and/or consequential damages relating to any use and/or consideration of and/or reliance upon any Confidential Document.


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