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Condor In Flight at The Hartford 2006 Transformations Condor Week 2007 Bob Nordlund

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Text of Condor In Flight at The Hartford 2006 Transformations Condor Week 2007 Bob Nordlund

  • Condor In Flight at The Hartford2006 TransformationsCondor Week 2007Bob Nordlund

  • About The HartfordHeadquartered in Hartford, CTFounded in 1810Fortune 10031,000 employees worldwide$26.5 billion revenues$2.9 billion core earnings$377.6 billion assets under management

  • The Hartfords BusinessesProperty & CasualtyAuto, home, marine, workers compensation, etc.Retail Investment ProductsVariable and fixed annuities, mutual funds, 529 college savings plansRetirement Plans401(k), 403(b), 457Institutional Financial SolutionsIndividual Life InsuranceGroup BenefitsInternational

  • A Brief HistoryExponential growth in risk modeling activity exceeded existing computing capabilities.Grid technology was identified as a possible solution.A pilot program with a commercial grid provider was started. In parallel, a skunkworks Condor implementation was evaluated as an alternate approach. Condor was selected over the commercial provider.Windows SupportSimple, Scalable, and FlexibleActive CommunityFree

  • 2006 TransformationsGRAPECondor 6.8 UpgradeAccounting and Usage ReportingGridMCUser Community

  • GRAPE Challenge(Global Risk Analysis Projection Enhancement)Prepare comprehensive risk analysis report for all products for investment analysts.Run three orders of magnitude more projections through the system.Perform stochastic on stochastic on stochastic analysis.2.4 billion individual simulations.

  • GRAPE IT ResponseInfrastructure500 dual-core, dual-CPU AMD servers20 RacksDedicated GigE switchesCondor pool with HAD4 filers with 8TB of storagePurchased, installed and configured in 6 weeksApplicationJava-based liability model75x performance gainMeta-scheduling applicationIn-memory market scenario generation

  • Condor 6.8 UpgradeDual version Condor MSI installationCentralized configuration managementMultiple schedulers6.8 shadow process overheadLoad balancing scriptsScheduler coordinationAccounting GroupsSOAP based submissionMixed Linux Scheduler/Windows ExecuteHigh Availability Central Managers1000+ desktops, notebooks, and workstations

  • Accounting and Usage Reporting

  • GridMC (Grid Management Console)Web-based view of the grid Administrative toolsConfiguration managementPolicy managementCondor Daemon ManagementUser-priority / Group Quota ManagementUser toolsJob submissionJob controlPrioritizationJob MonitoringGrid utilization Usage Reporting

  • User CommunityWeekly user group meetings to discuss issues, planned usage, allocation trading.Users own the grid, IT provides care and feedingPromote good behavior by highlighting bad behavior.Users who dont want to share cant take advantage of others who do and are prominently displayed on usage graphs as exclusive. Shame and ridicule can be effective tools to manage a grid. Avoid draconian policies by providing transparency to users and letting a cooperative community evolve.

  • Our Condor EnvironmentIn production since 2004Three pools (GRAPE, GA, Test)Dedicated and non-dedicated execute nodes~1000 Two-socket, dual-core HP x86 servers~1000 desktops, notebooksLinux central managers with HADLinux and Windows schedulersWindows execute nodes

  • ConclusionThe GRAPE project won The Hartfords 2006 Chairmans AwardCondor has been a transformational technology providing users access to capabilities they wouldnt have otherwise had or can now live without.Grid computing is an integral part of our business and places The Hartford in a leadership position with respect to risk analysis in our industry.Condor has proven to be an invaluable asset and has time and again handled whatever challenge weve thrown at it.

  • Thank you Condor Team!


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