Computer-Based Resources for Adult EAL Learners

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Computer-Based Resources for Adult EAL Learners. Volunteer Workshop November 30 and December 3, 2011. Agenda. English Online Inc. Self-Directed Model Current Statistics English Online, Learning Options Before the Login (open access, free) Activities to do with learner Online Resources - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>INTRODUCTION</p> <p>www.myenglishonline.ca1</p> <p>Computer-Based Resources for Adult EAL LearnersVolunteer WorkshopNovember 30 and December 3, 2011Good evening Everyone. My name is Iwona Gniadek and I will guide today through a variety of online tools and websites that you can use with your learners. 1AgendaEnglish Online Inc.Self-Directed ModelCurrent StatisticsEnglish Online, Learning OptionsBefore the Login (open access, free)Activities to do with learnerOnline ResourcesActivities to do with learnerTeacher Exchange NetworkVolunteer Group?www.myenglishonline.ca22So whats the plan for tonightWell talk aboutWhat questions do you have? What else would you like to learn?</p> <p>www.myenglishonline.ca3Activity - WordleLook at the picture. What can you say about me? Feel free to make some wild guesses.</p> <p>Debrief: Wasnt it a great exercise to practise speaking? To make this picture I used a tool called WORDLE. Have you heard about it?I will show you a bit later how to make one. 3English Online Inc.Self-directed LearningWaitlists, shift workers, full time workers, caregivers at home, regional, additional supplement Support development of PLLESDLearning StrategiesCurrent Statistics1090 registrations (April 2011-October 2011)350 average monthly activity70% of learners are CLB Stage IIeFacilitator SupportMonday to Saturday</p> <p>www.myenglishonline.ca4English Online is an online resource for self-directed learners, newcomers to Manitoba. Our model is self-directed which means that learners work on self-identified learning goals. There are a variety of ways that learners engage with English Online. English Online has modules that learners can work through at their own pace and all of the materials have examples and answers. On top of the online course modules there are 'lessons' or what we call extension activities for each of the courses, these could be tests, or handouts that go along with the module, again they are worked on at their own pace and answers are included. We also run synchronous online sessions or virtual classes, these are usually tied into the online modules but they vary month to month depending on needs of learners. If learners have difficulty with any of the material they call us (telephone or Skype) or send us an email. We have eFacilitators from 8:30 am to 8:00 pm (T-F) and on Saturdays from 10am-6pm.</p> <p>English Online was founded to help with the waitlists in the province, to support shift workers and stay-at-home caregivers who cannot attend any face-to-face classes. Learners can start using our resources as soon a they arrive in MB or even before they arrive PNP. For the registration process, go to </p> <p>4English Online, Learning OptionsBefore the Login (FREE open access)</p> <p>Language Explorers (self-assessment)</p> <p> SDL Wiki (links other free sites)Strategies of SDL</p> <p> Twitter (links, tips)</p> <p>www.myenglishonline.ca5These three resources can be accessed by anyone anywhere.</p> <p>You can find all of them on the homepage of For the wiki and twitter, scroll down and look for tiny icons in the bottom-left hand corner.</p> <p>Language Explorers self-assessment tasks that are designed as a story of someone who lands in Manitoba. Some of the situations are set here at the Immigrant Centre. The Act numbers correspond to CLBs; you can start at any level. You can use them as a starting point for your meeting with your learners. You can use the material to practise certain language points such as speaking on the phone or signing up for language classes. You will also find some ideas to practise writing e.g. filling out forms. We use the language explorers to create extra lessons for our learners. You can find one of the extension activities in our wiki here </p> <p>Our Self-directed Wiki is a work-in-progress as all wikis are. You can join and contribute to it if you want. Its a collaborative document created by its members. On this site we keep strategies of how to learn English on your own, how to practise language skills, how to learn in general and last but not least how to deal with different learning obstacles.The wiki is loaded with ideas and tasks and links that we vetted are recommend for language practice. For those of you who are looking for a location where you find good links appropriate for adult learners, this is the place to go.</p> <p>Another site that serves a similar purpose of collecting and sharing resources in a social environment is Twitter. You can follow us or go to our site!/englishonlinemb from time to time to check what news we have posted. We share interesting articles, good websites to practise English, news about English online, etc.</p> <p>5Online Resources, Part IWordle </p> <p>Learn English with the CBC</p> <p>West Coast Reader</p> <p>www.myenglishonline.ca6Online dictionary </p> <p>Wordle word cloudGreat for vocabulary, reading and speaking practice; great as a visual to reinforce your lessonsActivity: Find an article and read itMake a word cloud from itLook at the words to recall the article (speak)Summarize the article from the wordle (write)</p> <p>Use ~ to keep words in one line, e.g. English~Online~Inc. otherwise they will be separated.Play with colours, fonts and layouts.</p> <p>Right-click on a word to remove it from your wordle.</p> <p>Learn English with the CBCWritten by Manitoba teachers. Guidelines for teachers provided. You can use as a whole or adapt to the needs of your learners. The Answer key provided.</p> <p>West Coast Reader Canadian resources with 3 levels of activities for each e-book. Teacher guides provided.</p> <p>6Online Resources, Part IIOnline Library ResourcesUse the Library/For Newcomers and EAL</p> <p>Language Portal of Canada </p> <p>Breaking News English www.myenglishonline.ca7Library resourcesGo to the link and scroll down. Look for My Canada, Study Skills, Active Reading and Tense Buster. All are language-focused resources for self-study with immediate feedback.</p> <p>Language Portal of CanadaAnother great site with Canadian English resources, full of quizzes, tests , language tips and articles. For example, what the correct way to write a date in Canadian English? I have tweeted about it!/englishonlinemb </p> <p>Breaking News EnglishCurrent news with lots of activities that follow the same format. </p> <p>7Online Resources, More to Reading: Eyercise Writing:Writing lab </p> <p>www.myenglishonline.ca88Teacher Exchange NetworkEAL Teacher Community</p> <p>T.E.N. </p> <p>Volunteer Group - Exchange Ideas</p> <p>Nik Peacheys Web 2.0 tools for EAL Russell Stannards teacher training videos www.myenglishonline.ca9The Teacher Exchange Network is a place to connect with other professionals in your field. I have created a special group for EAL volunteers so feel free to join. Its like a social network. This place will help us all to connect and support each other.9Questions?Iwona GniadekLead, Learner ServicesEnglish Online</p> <p> </p> <p>www.myenglishonline.ca10DeliciousSocial bookmarking site instead of bookmarking your favourite websites on your computer and losing them when your computer crashes, you can save your favourites online on Delicious and have them ready to use wherever you go. You can also see what other people have bookmarked.10</p>


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