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COMPOSITION COURSE - International Divertimento ...idea. ... from Divertimento Ensemble will select within June 30th 20 possible candidates who are suitable to participate in the course

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Text of COMPOSITION COURSE - International Divertimento ...idea. ... from Divertimento Ensemble will select...



    October 2018 - March 2019


    with the support of mibACt e di SIAE, “Sillumina – Copia privata per i giovani, per la cultura”


    Teachers: Stefano Gervasoni, mauro Lanza and Olga Neuwirth (workshops); Daniele Ghisi, hanspeter Kyburz, helmut Lachenmann, Fabien Lévy, Giorgio Netti and Francesco Filidei (masterclass)

    When: October 2018 – march 2019

    Application Deadline: June 18th, 2018

    Location: milan, Fabbrica del vapore

    Total number of hours in the course: 357; 170 hours of face to face lessons, and 187 hours of workshopping Number of active participants: ten Number of observing students: no limit


    1. SIX MASTERCLASS Six masterclasses of two days each the masterclasses will be structured in face to face lessons and individual lessons, which are open to all students October 6th-7th, 2018 Daniele Ghisi October 20th-21st, 2018 Fabien Lévy November 24th-25th, 2018 Giorgio Netti

    December 15th-16th, 2018 Francesco Filidei march 27th-28th, 2019 Helmut Lachenmann

    2. THREE WORKSHOP Composition workshops of three days each Each workshop will be hold by a teaching composer in conjunction with the musicians of Divertimento Ensemble and its conductor Sandro Gorli, who will act as tutor. At the end of each worshop two concerts will be performed in the Rondo’ 2019 Season, one for ensemble and one for solo instrument with the compositions of the teachers and of the students. January 17th-23rd - Stefano Gervasoni February 21st-27th – Mauro Lanza march 16th-22th – Olga Neuwirth

    3. NINE MEETINGS Meetings in collaboration with the singing and piano courses of IDEA the aim of these workshops is the composition and performance of new scores for voice or piano with the students (performers of the new pieces) and with the teachers (tutors) of the two courses. the final concert will take place on march 31st, 2019. tutors: Maria Grazia Bellocchio, piano Alda Caiello, singer November 10th - bellocchio November 24th - Caiello December 1st - bellocchio December 15th - Caiello January 27th - bellocchio February 3rd - Caiello February 24th - bellocchio march 3rd - Caiello march 31st - Caiello and bellocchio

    StRuCtuRE OF thE COuRSE

  • Each concert will take place within the concert season of Rondò 2019.

    January 22nd three solo compositions of three students and one solo piece by Stefano Gervasoni

    January 23rd three compositions for ensemble of three students and a composition for ensemble by Stefano Gervasoni

    February 26th three solo compositions of three students and one solo piece by mauro Lanza February 27th three compositions for ensemble of three students and a composition for ensemble by mauro Lanza

    March 20th four solo compositions of four students and one solo piece by Olga Neuwirth

    March 21th four compositions for ensemble of four students and a composition for ensemble by Olga Neuwirth

    March 31st closing concert with the compositions for piano solo and voice written in cooperation with the courses for piano and voice

    thE CONCERtS



    the course is open to all composers under the age of 35, of any nationality, who reside in Italy. the residence must be proved by identity card or passport (or, alternatively, by a certificate of residence or by other corresponding documentation released by the municipality of Residence or by different public authority, to be sent by mail at the address:

    Registration is due by June 18th, 2018 and must be done online by filling out the application and attaching the outlined materials:

    1. A copy of ID document; 2. Curriculum vitae; 3. A scrore written for ensemble (between 5 to 18 musicians) in pDF format and link to the recording of the piece, if available; 4. Link to the brief video made even by non professional means (cell phone, computer, videocamera) in which the candidate introduces oneself.

    A committee made up of the teachers of the three workshops, Stefano Gervasoni, Mauro Lanza and Olga Neuwirth, the musical director of Divertimento Ensemble, Sandro Gorli, and one musician from Divertimento Ensemble will select within June 30th 20 possible candidates who are suitable to participate in the course.


    through an interview with each suitable candidate, on the motivations that drive them to attend the course and on their composition projects, the selection committee will choose ten admitted students and three on a waitlist. the interview will take place in milan on July 2nd at the IDEA headquarters. In case a candidate is unable to attend the meeting in milan, the interview can take place via Skype. On July 3rd, the final candidates will be announced on the IDEA website; personal communication will be given to each admitted candidate.

    Each admitted composer must send two original scores by December 15th, 2018; one for ensemble and one for solo instrument, which will be performed during the course. the scores may be either previous works, or written specifically for the course. the score for ensemble must include some or all of the following instruments: flute (also piccolo, alto flute, or bass flute), oboe (also English horn), clarinet, (also clarinet in b-flat, or bass clarinet), bassoon, horn, trumpet, trombone, piano, percussion (1 percussionist), violin, viola, cello, double bass.the ensemble must be a minimum of 5 musicians. the instrument of the solo instrument piece must be agreed with IDEA secretary.

    Only scores of the students who have taken place at at least 2/3 of masterclasses and workshops will be performed.

    For the 10 admitted active students, attendance of the course is completely free; cost of travel, board and lodging expenses will be at their behalf.

    Information IDEA Donatella Campoleoni phone: +39 338 2225014

    http://idea.divertimentoensemble. it/application-form-composition- course-2018-2019/


    Observing students can choose to partecipate in the entire course or just in a part of the course, and can do so by filling out the corresponding form; also candidates who were not admitted as active students may enroll to be observing students.

    the deadline for observing students is 7 days before the activity in which they wish to partecipate in. the payment will be due at the time of enrollment.


    One masterclass as an observing student: 30 euro Link for application: http://idea.divertimentoen- serving-students-composition- course-2018-2019/

    One workshop as an observing student: 150 euro which includes admission to the two concerts related to the workshops Link for application: http://idea. application-form-workshop- composition-course-2018-2019- observing-students/

    Entire course as an observing student: 500 euro Link for application: http://idea. application-form-entire- composition-course-2018-2019- observing-students/ which includes admission to all concerts related to the course


    Connections of the course with other educational IDEA activities

    the course works in synergy with two other educational activities by I

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