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<ul><li> 1. Cloud *Rackspace Cloud *Amazon AWS *Microsoft Azure * Salesforce.comserviceproviderLaunched*2005*2006 *2009*2000Cloud *IaaS*PaaS and IaaS*PaaS and IaaS *SaaS and PaaSserviceControl *Application *Application*Application *Applicationinterface ProgrammingProgramming ProgrammingProgrammingInterface (API)Interface (API) Interface (API)Interface (API)*Web based service *Command*Command Line*Web based service LineOperating *Arch 2011.07*Debian *Windows 7 *Not AvailableSystem*Cent OS *Fedora *Windows Vista*Debian*Gentoo Linux *Windows 8*Fedora*Red Hat*Windows Server*GentooEnterprise2008*Red Hat LinuxEnterprise *Open Solaris*Ubuntu Linux*Oracle*Windows ServerEnterprise2008 Linux *SUSE Linux *Ubuntu Linux *Windows Server 2003 *Windows Server 2008 *Amazon Linux AMI *openSUSE</li></ul> <p> 2. LinuxProgrammi*Java*Java*ASP.NET *Apexng *PHP *PHP *VB.NET*JavaLanguage *Python*Python*PHP *VB.Net *Ruby*Ruby*Java*Perl *.NET*WinDev*C#*PHP *C#*.NET *Python*Windows*Ruby*C# *Windows*Perl*MobileRoot *Available *Available *Not Available *Not AvailableAccessProcessor*32 Bit*32 Bit*Information not *Not Available *64 Bit*64 BitavailableVirtualizati *Xen virtualization*Xen *Hyper-v *Not Availableon *Vmwarevirtualization hypervisor virtualizationSecurity * Free Bootable*Free Advance*Backup storage* Free AdvancedFeatures mode firewall * Free Criticalemail security * Free Critical data *Freedata privacy * Free Advanced privacyCustom/Secure* Free Datapassword security *Backup storagepermissionsprotection * Free Backup * Free Data*Backup* Free Persistency storage protection storage*Free Advance* Free Critical data *Snapshot backup *Persistency firewall privacy * Free Persistency *Snapshot * Free Data *Free Advancebackupprotection firewall * Free Failoverfeatures* Free Persistency* Free Snapshotbackup 3. Databases *Microsoft SQL*IBM DB2*SQL Azure*Not Availableserver 2008 R2*IBM InformixStandard Editiondynamic server*Microsoft SQL*Microsoft SQLserver 2008 R2server standardWeb Edition *MySQL*MySQL enterprise enterprise*OracledatabaseData center *US (Chicago) *US East*US (Chicago) US (San Francisco)location*US (Dallas)(Northern *US (SanAsia (Singapore)*US (Virginia)Virginia) Antonio)*EU (Netherlands) *US West*Asia (Hong*Australia(Northern Kong)(Sydney)California) *Asia (Singapore)*UK (London)*EU (Ireland) *EU*Asia (Hong Kong) *Asia Pacific (Netherlands)(Singapore) *EU (Ireland)*Asia Pacific *In total there are(Tokyo) 24 nodes*AWSGovCloud (US)*South America(Sao Paulo)Products*Cloud Hosting*Compute*Compute*Sales Cloud*Managed Hosting*Content*SQL Azure**Hybrid Hosting Delivery*Storage*Service Cloud*Email and Apps *Database *Business *Chatter*Deployment Analytics *Radian6and *Service Bus*Force.comManagement*CDN (Content *Heroku*MessagingDelivery* 4. Service (SES) Network) *Siteforce *Networking *Virtual Network *AppExchange *Payments and *Identity*Remedyforce Billing *HPC *Storage*Marketplace *Support *WorkforceService*Network and data *Amazon *Compute and *All services 99.9%Levelcenterroute53 100%connectivity guaranteed perAgreementinfrastructure is guaranteed per99.95% month 100% guaranteed month guaranteed per per month *Amazon EC2 month *Cloud files and99.95%*Storage, SQL Cloud loadguaranteed perAzure, Service balancers 99.9% yearBus, Access guaranteed per*Amazon Control, Business billing periodroute53 and Analytic, Caching, Amazonand CDN 99.9% CloudFrontguaranteed per 99.9% month. guaranteed per monthSLA*Cloud load *Amazon EC2 *Compute *Not Availablecompensati balancers,10% for below connectivity,on Migration nad 99.95%compute role Cloud server hosts*Amazon S3instance 5% for each and Amazonmonitoring, additional hour and CloudFrontstorage, CDN up to 100%10% for equal 10% credit for *Network and Data to or greater below 99.95% and centerthan 99% but25% for below Infrastructure 5% less than 99.9% 99.9% 5. for 30 minutes and and 25% forup to 100% less than 99%Basic*Cloud servers *Amazon EC2 *Compute extra*Sales cloud Pricing 256MB RAM, Small small sharedcontact10GB storage - 1.7GB memory, CPU$0.015/hr1 virtual core, 1 768MB - $0.04/hr$2/user/month*Cloud sites EC2 compute *SQL Azure *Service cloud 50GB storage,unit, 160GB standard pay as professional edition500GB bandwidth, storage, 32 bit - you go$65/user/month10,000 compute $0.085/hr * Storage - * cleancycles - (Linux) $0.14/GB/month. call for price$149/month $0.12/hr$0.01/10,000*Chatter chatter*Cloud files - (windows) transaction free$0.15/GB *Amazon *CDN -* Onestorage/month, $0.015/hr $0.12/GB, app $15/user/month$0.18/GB *Amazon S3 $0.01/10,000bandwidth/monthstandard transactions*Managed cloud 1TB/month *Caching $45servers -$0.14/GB, for 128MB cache$199/month $0.01/1000size, 400,000*Rackspace email - requeststransactions/hr$2/mailbox/month *Amazon EBS - 1,400 data*Rackspace server$0.1/ allocated transfers/hr, 10backup - GB/month, concurrent$4/user/month, $0.1/million I/O connections requests *Amazon RDS standard - 1.7GB memory, 64 bit - $0.11/hr *Amazon VPC 6. free *Amazon route53 first 25 hosted zones - $0.5/month, first billion queries $0.5/monthIndustrial *US Safe Harbor *SAS 70 Type*US Safe Harbor *TRUSTe certifiedRegulatory *SAS 70 Type II IIprivacyComplianc*ISO 27001*HIPAA*VeriSign Securede*PCI Data Security*SOX*SysTrust Standard*ISO 27001*SAS 70 Type II *PCI Data *US Safe Harbor Security*ISO 27001 Standard *FIPS 140-2 *FISMA Moderate *International Traffic In Arms ComplianceFree Trial *14 days free trial *Not available*3 months free*30 day free trial rackspace email trial with 750for all services small compute hours per month, 1GB of database using web edition SQL, and 20GB storage covering 50,000 transactions 7. Support*Fanatical Support *24/7*24/7*Forums *24X7X365*Diagnostic*Forums*Knowledge Base *Forum Tools*Online*Online Resources *Live Chat *ForumsResources*Phone *Online Resources*Online Guides *Phone *Phone *Phone *Urgent Response *Urgent Response *UrgentResponseRoot *Available *Available *Not available *Not availableAccessWebsite* ** *salesforce.comom mBlog *http://www.racksp *http://forums.a *http://www.wind *http://blogs.salesfoCommunit ace. ws.owsrce.ycom/blogs/ us/community/blo g/ </p>


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