Communication Dna Solutions Overview Portrait November 2011

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If you are an individual, couple, family, leader or have a business then discover your unique Communication DNA style and start building sound relationships by firstly understanding the unique communication preferences and life perspectives.

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  • 1. Communication DNASolutions 2011 DNA Behavior International

2. DNA Behavior InternationalKnow for BuildingEngage Sustainable PerformanceGrow What Steps Are You Taking To Build Relationship Performance? 3. DNA Behavior International Live with Meaning TM What Steps Are You Taking To Bring More Meaning to Your Relationships? 4. Have more engaging family, business and advisory relationships.Complete the Communication DNA Discovery Process.Start Engaging Others."Once a human being has arrived on this earth, communication is thelargest single factor determining what kinds of relationships he makes withothers and what happens to him in the world about him -Virginia Satir 5. Products and markets are the same. However, people relate andcommunicate differently.Behavior Drives Relationship Performance. The unique innate behaviors and preferences of individuals trigger different reactions and decisions. 6. Are you Ready to Discover Your Communication DNA Style? Communication DNA Discovery uncovers your natural preferences for how you wish to be communicated with by others. This is powerful information for you to know and also for others to know in building personal and business relationships based on greater trust and knowing what is important. For different people interacting such as couples, families, business partners, teams, client service or any other person in a relationship, the Communication DNA Discovery Process helps to highlight the differences and provide a pathway for communicating on each others terms. Communication DNA Insights Include: Natural communication style Preferences when communicating with others Life needs Information requirementCommunication DNA Report 7. DNA Relationship Performances increases the emotional engagement ofyour clients and employees. Improve the Emotional Connection.Our Enterprise Solutions help business and organizations increase engagement of their clients and employees. 8. Know, Engage and Grow Your Clients for an Annual Cost of $10 or LessPer PersonThrough DNA Relationship Performance, learn how others relatedifferently and improve your level of emotional connection to build yourcorporate memory through:-Tailoring Communication-Improving Emotional Connection-Customized ExperiencesThe DNA Relationship Systemenables businesses andorganizations to build higherlevels of emotional engagementby connecting the behaviors andpreferences of clients andprospects to the right advisors,clients and choices via yourwebsite and businesstechnology systems.We help businesses and organizations achieve a greateremotional connection with their clients with Enterprise Solutionsincluding: The Premium Communication DNA Report for keys to tailorcommunication to each of your clients and employees The DNA Customized Experience ReportTM for insights to providecustomized experiences to your clients and employees The DNA Client ServiceTM Report providing insights to create uniqueclient workflows 9. The DNA Relationship System Solutions for Building EmotionalEngagement 10. Emotional engagement goes beyond client satisfaction.Increasing Client Engagement Our belief is that client satisfaction means that the service is being delivered well at a rational level. Independent research by the Gallup Organization shows that the clients (and theemployees) must be emotionally engaged if they are to beretained for the long term. 11. Emotional engagement goes beyond client satisfaction.The 2009 Gallup Research shows thatwhen clients are fully engaged and havea strong emotional connection to thebusiness, they deliver an average 23%premium in terms of share of wallet,profitability, revenue, and relationshipgrowth over the average client.Businesses that simultaneously engageBOTH their employees, and clientsemotionally are likely to experience up to2.4 times increase in financialperformance.This is why we emphasize customization of the service experiencethrough tailored communication, implementing a unique client serviceapproach for each client and tailoring the solutions provided based on theclients unique Communication DNA Style.We believe that the measurement of the DNA Relationship Systemsperformance should be on increased client engagement as this will lead tosignificant gross revenue and productivity improvement. We will work withyou to more specifically define the indicators of increased clientengagement. 12. In this new behavioral economy, increased client engagement shouldbe the focus. Are Your Clients Engaged In Your Business and Services? The ability to fundamentally transform the performance of your business will come from your ability to tailor communication to different client styles and customize the client experience. 13. Some Increased Client Engagement IndicatorsWe measure the success of our approachthrough the strength and recent occurrenceof the following types of client engagementindicators:1. Providing referrals and recommendations2. First inquiry calls3. First or additional client meetings4. Purchase of additional services5. Purchase of new service offerings6. Attendance at events7. Responds to company communications8. Treats company team well9. Demonstrates trust in team10. Completed a service evaluation 14. The Process for Building Emotional Engagement with Your ClientsThe DNA Relationship System uses the Communication DNA DiscoveryProcess which can be seamlessly integrated into your organizations otherdata gathering processes.The responses to the questions are processed by the DNA Discoverysystems with reports produced segmenting the clients into 4 primarycategories.There is a Consumer Report for the client (optional) and then moreextensive Enterprise Reports with comprehensive data are available tothe organization.Reports include: DNA Client Experience Report, DNA Client WorkflowReport, DNA Sales Adaptation Report, DNA Customer Service RoleReport, DNA Client Segmentation Report 15. A Turn-Key Online DNA Relationship SystemHow it StartsOur turn-key online relationship system seamlessly connects the preferences of yourclients and prospects to the right employees and solutions via your website or intranet and CRM. 16. Direct your communication and marketing to specific clients based on whothey are.Segment Your Clients Imagine if each time a telephone call came in, the teamautomatically knew who should pick it up, then how to communicate with the client on the line. Imagine knowing which clients will prefer to be given very detailed information from thestart and which clients will want you to get to the point quickly. 17. Match the unique behaviors and preferences of your clients to employeesand the solutions offered.When clients complete the Communication DNA Discovery Process, theirresponses to the questions are processed by the DNA Discovery systems with reports produced segmenting the clients into 4 primary categories.Our validated Communication DNA DiscoveryProcess and Reports provide specific insightsinto how you can customize the clientexperience, create the client workflow andadapt your selling style based on knowing theCommunication DNA Style of the client.Also, have each of your employees completethe Communication DNA Discovery ProcessDNA Client Segmentation Reportso that you can match your clients to a teamTo help determine the ideal client matchmember that has a communication style ismost similar to theirs. 18. Addressing a persons strengths opens communication.Powerful Strengths Based DiscoveryPeople like talking about who they are, particularly if it starts with their strengths. Let your clients know that you want to recognizetheir communication strengths and provide them with the highest service. 19. Customized Workflows Made EasyTailor Your Work FlowsStaying in touch with clients is often time consuming and expensive. The DNA Relationship System provides the naturalpreferences of each communication style so you can keep in contact with your clients in the most cost and time efficientmanner. 20. Tailor Your Work Flows.Easily navigate your clientworkflows with our specificworkflow guidelines for each ofthe four Communication DNAStyles.Which of your clients shouldreceive monthly calls asopposed to quarterly? Whichclients would prefer a call withmanagement to a call with theservice team?Using our specific workflowguidelines, allocate yourmarketing dollars to the mosteffective marketing strategies ofyour business.DNA Client Service ReportSystemized workflows for your clients. 21. Provide customized experiences to your clients for life-long engagement.Provide Customized Experiences Know Your Client to provide custom fit service. Using the DNARelationship System your representatives will deliver a consistentmessage that is customized to each clients unique preferences. 22. Provide customized experiences to your clients for life-long engagement. Communication Preference:Enthusiasm, Broad FactsInformation Requirement:GraphicsService Provider Service Delivery: Interactive Communication DNA InsightsRisk Approach: Set Boundaries Financial Approach:SpendingLife Need: Lifestyle ClientLifestyleCommunication DNA Style Service Provider can access theclients Communication DNA datathrough his email, the firms CRM system and the DNA DiscoveryAdministration system. The DNA Relationship Systemenables businesses to useCommunication DNA findings to catercommunication to a clientspreferences and easily structure their approach and messaging to conveytheir offering in a way that appeals tothe client. 23. Match Clients to the Right SolutionsSolution MatchingAll of your clients have their own unique preferences and desires.The DNA Relationship System allows you to make a better immediate judgment on which product meets the needs of yourclients and how your business can better serve each client. 24. Match Clients to the Right SolutionsSegment your marketing and product/service offerings to connect yourclient w