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Commencement 2013. Welcome to. Student Worker Training. Agenda. Welcome Important Dates Your Role in Commencement Expectations Shifts and Positions Dress code Getting Paid Announcements Questions. Important Dates. Friday, May 3 Leadership and Awards Convocation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Commencement 2013Student WorkerTrainingWelcome toWelcome. This orientation/training will discuss the various positions, shifts and expectations of working for Commencement. There are a lot of small details that help pull commencement together, and that is where you all come in. OSD and the Commencement Committee is counting on you1AgendaWelcomeImportant DatesYour Role in CommencementExpectationsShifts and PositionsDress codeGetting PaidAnnouncementsQuestions

Here are some of the topics we will cover2Important DatesFriday, May 3Leadership and Awards ConvocationDeans Graduate ReceptionMCD Showcases

Saturday, May 4Commencement

Please make a note of these dates and the event start dates. (hand out Commencement Guide)3What you Can Expect from OSDAn opportunity to gain experience with high capacity eventDevelop customer service skillsSupport from OSD Staff, Security and Commencement CommitteeFree ticket to commencement$$$From working Commencement you will get the chance to develop or sharpen your customer service skills at a major event. Also, know that the Staff and Security have your back, so if you need them just call or radio them on the walkie talkie. Finally, this experience is your access to commencement without having to find a seat and get paid at the same time!4

What it means to be on #TEAMOSDBe on time!Friday shifts begin at 1:30pm, 3:30pm and 5pmSaturday shifts begin at 6am and 9am

Arrive early and give yourself time to park, get food, and get settledbefore your shift starts. If you and a friend are working the same shifts I HIGHLY recommend you carpool or take public transportation.5What it means to be on #TEAMOSDCheck in at Whitten Student Center with MganReceiveShift assignmentName badgeWalkie Talkie

6What it means to be on #TEAMOSDBe courteous.


I will explain in a few slides why it is important to keep a happy face! This information is more for Saturday than for Friday.7

Graduation is a time when people feel like this8

Since tickets are not required and everyone wants the best seat availavble, they may get like this9

Or this10

Its your job to KINDLY remind them to11

Fletcher Jones AuditoriumNew Woodys PatioNew Woodys Dining RoomLibraryThat is when you inform them that they have options. Saturdays commencement will have seating in the following areas in addition to the main quad. We will try to fill the quad first, then direct people to any of these 4 areas. You may be stationed at one of these areas. All will have wristbands dedicated to a specific seating area.In conclusion, if a guest becomes angry or irate at you, do not tolerate it. Contact a staff person via cell or radio or security in case of an emergency. If someone is experiencing a medical emergency, First Aid is available in the School of Business Room 102.

12ShiftsFridayAwards Convocation(1:30pm 3:30pm)Quad Cleanup (3:30pm 5:30pm)Event Usher(5:30pm-7:30pm)

SaturdayPre-commencement prep (6:30am 9:30am)Commencement(9am12pm)

There are various shifts available over the next two days. Based on the sign up sheet, I expect all of you to be here Saturday. Those who have been selected to work Saturday, have been notified. All of which will provide great service to the staff and guests at Woodbury. You put the TEAM in #teamOSD13PositionsFriday:Front GateAwards Convocation check-inEvent usherQuad cleaner

Saturday:ParkingFront GateShuttleSeating UsherCrowd Control UsherWhitten Center ReceptionThese are the actual positions that we will need filled 14Dress CodeFridayFirst shift:Dressy CasualSecond shiftCasual Comfortable shoesClothes you dont mind getting dirty

SaturdayWhite collared shirtBlack pantsComfortable shoes

Its Graduation! You are expected as if you are going to dinner or an awards ceremony. Those working the Front gate should have a Woodbury Polo Shirt or dress shirt. Dressy casual is fine. Friday 330 shift will help with transitioning quad from Friday activities to Commencement Saturday morning. Please dress comfortable as this may mean you will be lifting, bending, transporting, etc.We will give you the ties on Saturday to complete your look, so you too can look like this model. 15

Getting PaidYou can earn up to $110Each shift paysYou must complete a Status Advice FormChecks should be available the pay period following commencement

Now the most important part, getting paid

Friday Shifts pay $20 per shiftSaturday shifts pay $25 per shiftBy completing a status advice form, you dont have to fill out a time sheet


LISTEN UP!Before we conclude, I have a couple announcements17Living on Campus ?You have until 5pm Saturday to check out of your room. Contact Marco Valenzuela for details

18Youre Invited!

You are all invited to the reception. 19