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  1. 1. COMIC
  2. 2. SCHEMAS A cognitive framework that helps organize and interpretinformation. Allows us to take shortcuts in interpreting the vast amount ofinformation. Focus only on things that confirm our preexisting beliefs andideas.(i) May contribute to stereotypes(ii) Makes it difficult to certain new information
  3. 3. SOCIAL INFLUENCE Occurs when ones emotions, opinions, orbehaviors are affected and influenced bysocial groups. Seen in conformity, socialization, peerpressure, obedience, leadership, persuasion,sales and marketing.
  4. 4. PERSUASION The action or fact of persuading someone ofbeing persuaded to do or believe something.
  5. 5. COMFIRMATION BIAS Confirmation bias is the tendency to searchfor, interpret, or prioritize information in a waythat confirms ones beliefs or hypothesis.
  6. 6. INTRINSIC MOTIVATION Self-desire to seek out new things and newchallenges, to analyze ones capacity, toobserve and to gain knowledge. Driven by an interest or enjoyment in the taskitself, and exists within the individual.
  7. 7. OBSERVATIONAL LEARNING Occurs through observing the behaviorof others and repeating those actions.
  8. 8. DOWNWARDCOUNTERFACTUAL THINKING Focuses on how things might have been muchworse. Recognize the consequences could have beenmore undesirable, improves moodmomentarily.