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Comic Books and The Cold War Comics as Propaganda

Comic Books and The Cold War Comics as Propaganda

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Text of Comic Books and The Cold War Comics as Propaganda

  • Comic Books and The Cold WarComics as Propaganda

  • Captain AmericaWas first written in the 1940s as an Anti-Nazi WWII propaganda.The first cover shows Capt. America throwing down with Hitler. (March 1941)

  • Captain America and The Cold WarOnce WWII ended- artist create Communist Villains for Captain America to fight.

  • The Red Skull The Red Skull began as a Nazi Terrorist And then was altered to become a Soviet Terrorist to fight Captain America.

    -Red was frequently the color associated With the Soviet and Communist Powers.

    -Other than U.S.S.R what countries to we Know of that are Communist?-Which of those countries flags have Red in them?

  • USSRChinaCubaLaosVietnamNorthKorea

  • Supreme Soviets

  • Superman & the Cold WarSuperman has a dream of a nuclear Holocaust and ponders if he should destroy all the Nuclear Weapons, but decides that will only make matters worse."I wouldn't be hurt by nuclear war I'd be the only survivor If I let it happen!" -Superman

  • Iron ManIron Man was the superhero alter-ego of Tony Stark- who was wounded and captured in Vietnam and has to develop weapons for the Communist North Vietnamese. Secretly Stark constructs his Iron Man suit and escapes the Vietnamese.

  • Iron Man in 1965Iron Man takes on the Soviet version of himself. Known as Titanium Man whoIs the alter-ego of Boris Bullski.

    -Boris (thats not a stereotypical Russian name.

  • -How does the American Iron Man talk to the Soviet Titanium Man?

    -What are some loaded words that are used within the Comic?

  • How do you think that this Comic would impact the youth during the Cold War that read it?

  • Iron Man- 198015 years later the Story of these toComics takes a turn. Imagery and Stereotypes also are changed.

  • How have the two Characters changed since the 1965 Version?

  • How does Iron Mans behaviorChange from the1895 Version?

  • Cold War in Film & TV