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Comic Book Convention

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Comic Book Convention. Instructions: Follow this text adventure and press the geometrical shapes to navigate you way through the story. Press to continue…. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Comic Book Convention

Comic Book Convention

You decide to go looking for your friend. You look to the left and notice a food court full of people. On your right there is many stalls of comic books. Do you think he would be eating something, or would he be looking at comic books?Go left, he will probably be eating somethingGo right, he will probably be looking at the comic booksYou enter your first class and realise it is English. English is not your favourite subject and you have to think quick, should you stay anyway or should you leave now? The bell rings and everyone starts unpacking books and pencil cases. If you are going to leave now you have to make up a good excuse. What do you do?Fake a cough and ask to go to the sick bay?Stay in class anyway? You could always go after school.Ask to go to the bathroom so you can leave then?You have a pleasant train ride to the comic book convention. Your friend went without you so you have the option to look for him and see what he is up to. Or you could always try and find your favourite comic book author. What do you want to do first?Go find your friend?Go look for your favourite comic book author?Its not too late to go backYou find your friend at the food court where you thought he would be. You are starting to feel nervous. Should you really stay here? If you stay here, your friend wants to go looking for your favourite comic book author. But its not too late to head back to school and go back to class. What should you do?Go find your favourite comic book author?Head back to school? You can come back after school is finished.You go to the left and cant find your favourite comic book author anywhere. You can either go back to where you were and try again or you can go back to school and hope no one noticed that you were gone.Try again?Go backto school?