Colosoul Ezine 08// June 2011

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Colosoul Ezine 08// June 2011



    Timothy Nelson and the Infidels//

    Solo Travles// Banksy// 500

    Photographers// and much more...

    June 2011

  • 2The month that was...

    It all started after a blissful

    five day weekend and didnt


    set the tone?

    After a well deserved rest th

    e team have been busy this mon


    getting news, reviews and phot

    ography for you to indulge... en


    In this months edition:

    -- In part one of the Solo Tra

    vels series, Luke takes us to

    Portugals west coast where he

    finds hitch-hiking can be a rea



    -- Lynn speaks to Tim from Tim

    onthy and the Infidels to chat

    about their upcoming album and

    the work they put in to get



    -- On a visit to the Wastelan

    d Art Space Kate shares what

    she found at Let Them Eat Pop

    , an art exhibition featuring the

    works of the famous Banksy!

    -- Fionas had a look at a new

    music project helping to comba


    mental health issues thats hav

    ing some surprising results.

    -- Some classic movies are in re

    view with Matthew while

    Sarah reviews the albums of so

    me talented rock n rollers.

    -- Plus in blog reviews we tal

    k to the author of Sugen a

    blog centred around fashion th

    at is as much experimental as


    is avant garde. We also explor

    e a photography project spannin


    over two years aiming to have a

    n incredible archive by March


    Enjoy this months edition of Co

    losouls ezine and well see yo


    next month for more...

    Sean MooneyEZine Editor

    A note from the editor:

    103 Francis Street Northbridge, Perth

    0403 960 642

    Frisk Espresso Ad.indd 1 27/04/11 3:55 PM

  • 3103 Francis Street Northbridge, Perth

    0403 960 642

    Frisk Espresso Ad.indd 1 27/04/11 3:55 PM

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    43 14 Stories including CD reviews, Film features and much much more...

    06 Timothy and the Infidels08 A Gansters Paradise - Film Review12 A social Issue featuring Music Feedback.14 A new fashion store22 A Solo Travels words24 Songs from the Dalai Lama26 Wasteland Art Space Exhibition35 Jebediah Music Review39 CD Reviews44 500 Photographers54 Sugens Blog review

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  • 6Timothy Nelson and The Infidels

    Spoken like a truly devoted musician, Nelson is the artistic lyrical genius and driving force behind the local Perth band. A band with great drive and big ambitions, their upcoming debut album, not yet named, has just hit the local scene to an affirmative reception. Two of their songs, Nothings in Tune and You Dont Know What Youre Waiting For, have been played on local radio stations and their latest single is gaining popularity and receiving an abundance of positive community support.

    Giving an insight into the intricacies of the band and the complexities to creating a debut album in Perth, Timothy Nelson opens up to Colosoul. Starting in late 2007, the band presently consists of 5 members. Timothy Nelson on lead vocals, Peter Forgus on drums, Brad Forest on bass, Luke Dux on lead guitar and joining them one year in, Ellen Oosterbaan on backing vocals and acoustic guitar. Together, this 5 person band creates pop songs decorated with country and folk influences. Summed up perfectly by Nelson, the group is blazing a trail in Perth under the banner of folk and roll.

    Nelsons sense of humour is woven through his answers in a manner as skilful as his lyrical song writing, which subsequently won him a couple of WAAMI awards. When explaining the complexities behind creating a debut album, Nelson also conveys a determination and

    attention to detail that has proven fruitful to the bands growing popularity. The band spent two years in and out of studios, playing with different guitars and microphones along with various instrumentations and arrangements.

    As far as the sound of the band is concerned, Nelson takes inspiration from many musical influences such as The Beatles, Bob Dylan, The Shins, Wilco and the Beach Boys. Avid fans of Bob Dylan may even recognize the link between the band name and one of Bob Dylans albums. A charismatic title, it rings out with a Dylanesk type boldness that stays in your mind long after the captivating tunes stop.

    When it comes to writing lyrics, however, Nelson prefers to keep them as personal and honest as possible, composing lyrics in his head when he can while working during the week in a warehouse.

    Rehearsals arent strict, but their system clearly works. In creating their debut album, Timothy Nelson and The Infidels found their biggest challenge lay in creating an album that didnt sound second rate. In their attempt make the album achieve the sound they wanted, the band have also found one of their biggest challenges is ensuring that their individual sounds mesh

    I find it much easier to be myself when Im playing music, but I cant say theres one particular thing about it that I love the most. I just need music. Timothy Nelson

  • 7Timothy Nelson and The Infidelstogether musically. As time went on, their abilities also evolved to the stage where they felt confident enough to test new songs at live gigs. Their album is a culmination of these musical trials, containing music collected over several years of experimentation and then produced at a more complex level. Perhaps, as Nelson points out, it is being in Perth that has allowed them to hone their art and to develop such a solid musical foundation. Nelson explains that being so isolated from the rest of the music industry takes away a lot of the pressure bands on the east coast may face as it allows them to focus on their music and not the image of the band.

    The feeling you get out of having people at a show sing your own song back at you is one of the best feelings in the world and you could

    argue that a songs not really finished until youve reached that point. Nelson clearly loves being in a band and shows a passion and dedication for music that will no doubt be reflected in the album. The band promises to deliver an album with a big production sound, one where you can listen to it and hear something new each time. However, in order to fulfil such an ambition, the debut albums release date which was scheduled for April has now been pushed to June of this year. Those who were eagerly anticipating the release may be slightly disappointed but for those who have been truly captivated by the sounds of Timothy Nelson and The Infidels, the wait will no doubt be worth it.

    By Lynn Loo

    Nelson and The Infidels found their biggest challenge lay in creating an album that didnt sound second rate.

  • 8Gangstas Paradise

    by Matthew Savino

  • 9Gangstas Paradise

    by Matthew Savino

  • 10

    a close knit family trying to chase the American dream. Although flawed they were sympathetic characters who drew you into their world.

    If you have not watched it you cant call yourself a serious film lover.

    GoodfellasNext in line is one of my favourite films of all time, Goodfellas. Martin Scorsese grew up around mobsters in New York so he knew the subject matter he was dealing with.

    The story of Henry Hill and his rise through the Italian an American crime family was stylistically shot with Scorseses fantastic ability to use his score to enhance the emotional impact of the narrative.

    The voice over is effective and gives rise to many classic lines in the film, one of my favourites has to be:

    Paulie might have moved slow, but it was only because Paulie didnt have to move for anybody.

    The Godfather may have set the benchmark but Goodfellas, with its stylistic aesthetic and strong storytelling, continued where it left off

    Gangster films have been counted amongst some of the most critically acclaimed and enduring films of modern cinema. In short, they rule.

    Here is my tribute to some of my all time favourites...

    The GodfatherOne must start with the seminal work of this violent canon - no other than The Godfather. This classic was not only masterfully directly and superbly cast but also left an indelible imprint upon popular culture.

    I am gonna make him an offer he cant refuse!

    That line has been uttered throughout films and TV programs since. Other iconic moments include the kiss of death, the horses head in the bed and the view of the kneeling figure kissing Don Corleones hand.

    Each have imbibed themselves into the mainstream consciousness while Marlon Brandos performance became the staple impersonation for The Godfather.

    The Godfather was lauded by real life gangsters for its realistic depiction of their lives but also struck a poignant chord with viewers as it depicted

  • 11

    ScarfacePerhaps the most impersonated figure after Brandos godfather would be Pacinos Tony Montana in Scarface.

    He gives a startling and sometimes downright scary performance as the Cuban refugee chasing his dreams in Miami, Florida.

    Say hello to my little friend

    Its got to be one of the most frequently quoted lines and this visceral experience has garnered a cult following over the years.

    This tale really shows the self-destructive nature of the power hungry despot as Tony ends up destroying anything and anyone who meant something to him.

    We could go back further and uncover many more gangster classics and it would be criminal to forget the brilliant Casino. If your planning to go on a Gangster watching binge then may I also give honourable mention to; One Upon A Time In America, The Untouchables, A Bronx Tale, Donnie Brasco, Hard Boiled (Hong Kong action) and Carlitos Way.

    In reflecting on the appeal of this genre one can obviously see some great filmmakers have taken on the task but I think it is also the exploration of the darker elements of society that intrigues us. Ultimately though as glamorous as it seems each story inevitably ends up in suffering and destruction.

    They are damn entertaining so I raise my glass to the men of organised crime and the cinematic entertainment they have brought us.

  • 12

    It is a rather disturbing statistic that over 50 per cent of Australians believe that having a mental illness is a sign of personal weakness. Particularly concerning is the belief that a person suffering a mental illness can just snap out of it.This perception of mental illness seems to me to be rather outdated, certainly a little ignorant, and ultimately highlights a lack of common knowledge about the issue.

    Encouragingly there are organisations like Music Feedback who are working to reduce stigma attached to mental illness by blowing away these uninformed preconceptions.

    Initiated by the Mental Health Division in collaboration with the WA Music Industry Association, the campaign is devoted to the mission of using music to talk about mental health.

    Launched in 2009 the project aims to increase awareness of issues of mental health and educate people through utilising music as a medium that is accessible and comprehensive to a diverse range of young people.

    The project has several objectives and is targeted at youths aged 14 - 25 to encourage them to improve their wellbeing on several fronts. Through participation in music young people are expressing themselves and connecting with other people, helping them to feel secure in seeking advice about mental health. The work is enriched further by a commitment to promote an understanding of the importance of supporting their peers who are fighting similar battles.

    Music and Mental Heatlth Issues

  • 13

    Music and Mental Heatlth Issues

    On a broader social level, by helping people to achieve these aims Music Feedback is working to increase mental health literacy across the state to reduce social discrimination concerning mental health issues.

    Musics reach covers many diverse groups of people it is an ideal medium to draw attention to and address important issues.

    Music Feedback reinforces an understanding of music as a universal language, meaning messages about mental health issues can be promoted everyone regardless of cultural difference.

    The aim is to encourage people to talk about mental health in the same way we talk about music leading to an increased awareness and transforming

    discussion about mental health into typical public discourse. In other words, as people talk and think about mental health in an informed and open way it generates a greater opportunity to effect positive social change.

    Ultimately projects such as Music Feedback are assisting in building a generation of people who, through increased social understanding, can appreciate the importance of acceptance. Ideally increased awareness about mental health issues will reach a point where knee-jerk reaction is one of understanding and acceptance rather than exclusion.

    For more information on Music Feedback head to their website Youll find an awesome variety of music and videos featuring musicians talking about mental health as well as more general information on mental health and resources for finding any help you might need.

    By Fiona May

    images from Karnivool

  • 14

    a range to suit almost any demographicGlobalizeby Patricia Higgins

    There is a new kid on the block in fashion and its name is Globalize. As the name suggests, this fashion destination stocks a melting pot of brands.

    Newly opened in Perth Level 1, 140 William Street, Globalize speaks the language of urban cool and offers a range of limited edition, exclusive and one offs. It stocks such iconic and dynamic brands as Lee, G Star Raw, Ben Sherman, One Teaspoon, Mink Pink, Lonsdale, Converse and Havianas.

    Globalize is a refreshing addition to the Perth fashion scene, a Mecca to subcultures and their associated styles. The spacious and uber-trendy interior is sure to appeal to the youth market. The staff are friendly, the vibe chilled so you can feel free to relax while you check out some stylish threads.

    National Training Manager Jonathan Hyde was in store when I popped in. He said that the store is the first in WA and the second largest in Australia behind the Adelaide flagship store. Starting as a small boutique seven years ago, Globalize quickly expanded to VIC, NSW and ACT.

    A lot of people cant believe its from Adelaide, said Jonathan - it certainly does have the feel of the Australian fashion capitals of Sydney and Melbourne.

    Jonathan said the reason for the broadness of brands and styles to be found at Globalize was based on the idea of a one stop shop that would appeal to teenagers through to 30+. There is a range to suit almost any demographic emo, punk, hip-hop and many items that would appeal to those who dont ascribe to a particular trend but just appreciate quality and a fine aesthetic.

    Globalize staff members Rachel Morrow and Zepf Rolls were only too excited to model some of their favourite fashio...