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Colorful Kids-Booklet (AIESEC UNSRI)

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spending your time in professional GCDP program which enrinch your social skill, teaching, public speaking, presenting and cultural understanding. 6-8 weeks will change your life !

Text of Colorful Kids-Booklet (AIESEC UNSRI)

  • Singapore International SchoolPalembangColorful Kids

    1st of August 15th of September 2015 ( 6 weeks Required)1st of February 15th of March 2016 ( 6 Weeks Required)

  • Brief Information About Palembang-Indonesia

    Indonesia is a archipelago country which has more than 13.000 islands and historical country.

    Beautiful country as emerald on equator, lots of green fields and long shoreline, uniques temple and nature.

    Hundreds of Tribes, Languange, dialects, and etc Beautiful Palembang Landscape and Bridge

  • Opportunity DescriptionSingapore International School inPalembang is a New Internationalschool which established in 2013.It has more than hundreds ofstudent now.

    Students are toddler, kindergartenand primary. They are so lovelychildren which gonna be kids forfuture of Indonesia.

    School needs Your Help to createInternational Atmosphere in thisschool. 6 opportunities areopened for any Eps.

    Take your chance to embrace kidswith colorful brush!!

    Issue : Education, Literacy, Cross-Cultural, Social-Skill


  • Job Description Teach English and/or Mandarin to Primary students in fun

    way Help the teacher to develop the teaching/learning process Interact with the students on CCA (Co curicular activities) in

    the school Join with the school event during the period (if any) Organize an event such as mini global village and art

    festival Eager to participate in AIESEC UNSRI activities.

  • Working Information Target : Toddler, kindergarten, primary student

    Working time : Monday Friday ( 08.00 am- 14.30 pm)

    Lunch Provided ( 1 Meal), Wi-Fi, acommodationSaturday during event only

  • Provide

    Local Hostfamily

    Airport Pick Up

    Local Languange Class

    Using Public Transport


  • Benefit for Interns

    Learn Indonesian Languange Experience GCDP with proffesionalenvironment. Improvement in teaching, public speaking, presenting, event-management. Culture understanding and life changing

  • How to apply ? Apply on Opp Link :

    Feel free to contact [email protected]

    AIESEC UNSRI in Palembang, Indonesia

    WE do Volunteer, WE make Changes

    Check out this video link :