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College Smells 2

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  • COLLEGE SMELLSA new way to improve the college attitude




  • I know we never met but if you go to college the sound zzzzzzz does not exist in your vocabulary. The second your parent drops you

    off and run away from you it seems that sleeping comes last . After school, clubs, sports, partying, and so on the l ist never ends. The

    atmosphere that we l ive in does not al low for early bedtimes and late wake up calls . With the real world only moments away these four years are very valuable for most college students . Instead of

    having a rott ing smell l inger through the halls at night imagine having something, which would encourage you to take a deep

    breath and just relax . Lavender is the smell , which wil l al low you to just , take that l i t t le nap instead of screaming at the top of your

    lungs pretending youre a rock singer after quiet hours .

    Instructions: Take sample bottle provided and spray on supplied card. Let the oil dry and then sniff . Warning do not consume oils

    Scientific Classification

    P L A N TA E - A N G I O S P E R M S - E U D I C O T SA S T E R I D S - L A M I A L E S - L A M I A C E A EN E P E T O I D E A E - L AVA N D U L E A EL AVA N D U L A - L AVA N D U L A + S P I C A

    Dorm l ife is al l about being on your own and when you do not have rules your body becomes a toy, which does not get taken care of . Most dorms have quiet hours during the weekdays and

    usually they are not fol lowed since there seems to be something going on at al l t imes during college. Well lavender wil l hopeful ly

    do the tr ick of giving some peacefulness inside the dorms. With the overbearing smell of burnt Mac and cheese and rotten socks the

    dorms do not smell l ike roses . Let the hallways change from a place of old into a place freshness . Lavender wil l not knock people out

    the second they smell i t . Rather it wil l give them a sense of calmness which many people need in their l ives . So the next t ime

    those girls in room 307 give you a problem sl ip some lavender on their pi l lows and see who is laughing now MUH HA HA.


    Provided by IFF-2010