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  • College of the Sequoias student research projects.

    Fall 2013 thru Fall 2017

  • SURGE Research Projects are to increase the exposure of community college

    Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) majors to

    laboratory research equipment, research methodologies, and current research.

    Student projects are advised by COS faculty and partnering STEM community

    leaders. In conclusion to their research/projects, students develop a STEM poster

    and present at the annual COS STEM Symposium. SURGE would like to thank all

    the advisors for their mentoring, guidance, and personal interest in providing

    experiential learning opportunities for COS students.

    Fall 2016 STEM Symposium Video


    1. - Association between Mastitis Clinical and Bacteriological Cure Alfonso

    Lago, Larry Owens, Jessica Pantoja, Cinthya Tovar, Ana Rodrigues

    2. - Association between Clinical Mastitis Etiology with Milk Appearance and

    Udder Swelling Alfonso Lago, Dieddra Atondo, Erin Helpio, Edra Lona, Ana


    3. Blood Bank, Clinic Laboratory Science Nina Cano, Hyojin Kim, Lizbeth

    Garcia, Carlos Zurita

    4. - Close-up Diet DCAD and Urine pH on a Commercial Jersey Herd Juanita

    Zaragoza, Ainhoa Valldecabres, Noelia Silva-del-Ro

    5. Detection of Sepsis Causing Organisms Serena Corrales and Cynthia


    6. Diagnosing Diabetes Using A1C Testing Nina Cano, Amy Quach, and Grace


    7. Effectiveness of Valley Fever Tests Nina Cano, Samantha Wallace

    8. - Evaluation of an Automated Instrumentation for Microorganism

    Identification and Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing Nina Cano, Bill

    Flemming, Jasleen Kaur, Cinthya Tovar

    9. Evaluation of Pain in Cows with Clinical Mastitis Alfonso Lago, Matthew

    Figueroa, Ana Rodrigues, Natalee Ruiz

    10. Ferns and Fern Allies at SCICON Robert Urtecho, Mathew Deuser, Anna

    Aparicio, Andrew Pacheco

    11. Glassy Winged Sharpshooter Calls to Disrupt Mating Rodrigo Krugner,

    Joanna Ochoa, and Shira Gordon

    12. Laboratory Diagnosis of a Urinary Tract Infection Nina Cano, Bill

    Flemming, Mollie Ortiz, David Safrazian

  • 13. - Microbial communities in the root stocks and leaves of Cabernet

    Sauvignon- Christopher M. Wallis, Andres Martinez Perez, Julie Padraza, Mala

    To, Justin King

    14. Swainsons Hawk (Buteo swainsoni).still Threatened? Robert

    Hansen, Naomi Alberstein, Laura Rodriguez

    15. Optimization of RAPD Strain Typing Methods for Mastitis Causing

    Bacteria in Dairy Cows Alfonso Lago, Darcy Pearce, Jackie Garcia, Lauren

    (Hyo Jin) Kim, Yelena Martinez

    16. Pollinators and Other Animals; Restoration Design and Student

    Mentoring for Eleanor Roosevelt Community Learning Center Bobby

    Kamansky, Saul Estrada, Jose Salazar, Christy Velez, and Steven Standlee

    17. Variation in Abiotic Factors Important for Invertebrates in California

    Wetlands- Bobby Kamansky, Steven Standlee

    18. Quercus (Fagaceae) of Tulare County Foothills Robert Urtecho, Kathryn

    Torres, Matthew Deuser, Andrew Pacheco, Skylr Lopez, Saul Estrada

    19. Science Behind Diagnosing Rheumatic Disease Nina Cano, Alec Cano

    20. The Chemistry Behind UTI Testing Tuscany Auerbach, Lauren Kim, Yelena



    1. In Situ Production of Methyl Chloride in Siple Dome and WAIS Divide Ice

    Core from Antarctica Murat Aydin, Eric S. Saltzman, Kristal Verhust, Isis


    2. - Oxidation of Allyic Alcohols and Allyic Alcohols in Conjugated Carbon

    Systems - Lawrence Callan, Alejandra Gamon, Stephanie Doria

    3. Oxidative Stability of Edible Oils Lawrence Callan, Matthew Glick, Zachary

    Van Scyoc, Derek Morrelli

    Computer Science:

    1. Development of a Mathematical Application John Redden, Jason Pieros,

    Randell Pimentel, Elvin Rivers, Vylen Jake Valdez

    2. Van Pool Check Out App Ahsen Baig, Cory Lewis, Gerald Jumper, Paul

    Gonzalez-Becerra, Alexis Contreras

    3. John Redden, Paul Gonzalez-Becerra, Cory

    Lewis, Isabel Lambert, Dhruv Patel

    4. John Redden and Paul Gonzalez-


    5. Newtons Method Calculator Cory Lewis and Rachel Owens

  • 6. TCOE Expo Virtual Tour App John Redden


    1. - Abiotic Factors Affect Invertebrates in Vernal Pools Randi Pechacek, Tess

    Hernandez, Mauricio Moreno

    2. - A Comparison of NS Flowing and EW Flowing Streams in the Sierra

    Nevada Foothills Eric Hetherington, Jeff Medlin, Sal Hernandez

    3. A Comparison of N-S and E-S Flowing Rivers in the Sierra Nevada

    Foothills Eric Hetherington, Salvador R. Hernandez, Jeff Medalin

    4. - Analysis of the Dispersion of Nitrates in the Soil of Almond Trees Eric

    Hetherington, David Berlin, Yelena Martinez, Jessica Pantoja

    5. - Desiccation Crack Formation in Sediments Eric Hetherington, Mauricio

    Gomez, Jasmin Ramos, Adam White

    6. - Designing an Irrigation System for Water Conservation Bradley Pannett,

    Luz Cheng, Xavier Castaneda, Kelli Woods

    7. - Erosion Control through the Application of Gypsum Kelly Woods, Bradley

    Pannett, Larry Owens, Andrew Bardone, Erick Osorno

    8. Groundwater Recharge After Drought Years Eric Hetherington, Dustin

    White, Hunter Tidd and Matthew Deuser

    9. - Irrigation Flow Correlation to Oak Mortality in the Kaweah Delta Rob

    Hansen, Bobby Kamansky, Tyler Stuhaan, Maribel Angel, Sean McFarlan

    10. - Irrigation System Evaluations and Rangeland Surveying Bradley Pannett,

    Anthony Guzman, Robb Hipp, Kelli Cruff, Joe Williams

    11. - Is Tree Mortality Related to Proximity to the Stream, Tree Size, or Soil

    Type? Bobby Kamansky, Daniel Villafana, Krystal Flowers, Steven Standlee,

    Ayana Liles

    12. - Managing Invasive Plants in Floodplain Alkali Meadows Robert Urtecho,

    Edgar Munoz, Edgar Gutierrez

    13. - Quantitative Analysis of Tree Species by Point-Centered Quarter Method

    Robert Urtecho, Darnisha Wiley, Skylr Lopez, Ceasar Monarrez, Kathryn


    14. - Restoring Tulare County Oak Forests and Grasslands on School Campuses

    Bobby Kamansky, Ayana Liles, Steven Standlee, Krystal Flowers, Daniel


    15. - Short-Term Changes in Soil Nitrate Levels after Fertigation Eric

    Hetherington, Lawrence Callan, Bob Doyle, Ed Kuykendall, Jessica R. Pantoja-

    Alvarado, David Berlin, Yelena Martinez,%20Tree%20Size,%20or%20Soil%20Type.pdf,%20Tree%20Size,%20or%20Soil%20Type.pdf

  • 16. - Statistical analyses to investigate the influence of biological and

    abioticproducts applied to walnut rootstocks at planting Elizabeth

    Fichtner and Hector Facundo

    17. - Synthesis of Organic Semi-Conducting Molecules Michael Springer, Dhruv

    Patel, Caleb Rodriguez, Winnie Yan

    18. - The Floral Biology and Potential Breeding Systems of Croton Setiger

    (Euphorbiaceae) Robert Urtecho, Brandon Lenz, Ashley Salgado, Matthew

    Figueroa, Neil Barba

    19. - The Floristic Composition of a Sierra Nevada Foothill Plant Community

    Robert Urtecho, Matthew Deuser, Darnisha Wiley, Skylr Lopez, Andres Pacheco

    20. Tulare County Oak Woodlands: Ecology, Drought Mortality and Age-

    Diameter Relationships Bobby Kamansky, Steven Standlee, Jose Salazar,

    Christy Velez and Saul Estrada

    21. - Use of Plant Growth Regulators (PGR) to increase vegetative growth on

    ONCROP Trees for Bud Production Elizabeth Fichtner, Carol Lovatt, Yelena


    22. - Variation of Abiotic Factors at the Woodville Conservation Area Bobby



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