College of Humanities College of the Arts and Social ... Map.pdf  College of the Arts ... Dean of

College of Humanities College of the Arts and Social ... Map.pdf  College of the Arts ... Dean of

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College of the Arts

College of Communications

College of Education

College of Engineering and

Computer Science

College of Humanities

and Social Sciences Art: VA-102

Music: PAC-220

Theatre and Dance: CPAC-139

Department Office: CP-500

Biological Science: MH-282

Chemistry & Biochemistry: MH-580

Geological Sciences: MH-254B

Mathematics: MH-154

Physics: MH-611

College of Natural Sciences

and Mathematics

Communications: CP-650-26

Communicative Disorders: CP-420-1

Human Communication Studies: CP-420-1

Cinema and Television Arts: CP-650-7

Civil & Environmental Engineering: E-100

Computer Engineering: E-100G

Computer Science: CS-522

Electrical Engineering: E-100A

Mechanical Engineering: E-100

College of Health and

Human Development

Athletic Training: KHS-121

Child and Adolescent Studies: EC-503

Counseling: EC-405

Health Science: KHS193

Human Services: EC-405

Kinesiology: KHS193

Military Science: MS-103

Nursing: EC-190

Social Work: EC-207

American Studies: UH-313

Anthropology: MH-426

Comparative Literature: UH-322

Comparative Religion: UH-313

Criminal Justice: UH-547

English: UH-322

Environmental Studies: H-420A

Ethnic Studies:

Asian American Studies: H-314

African American Studies: UH-314

Chicano and Chicana Studies: H-314

European Studies: 815F

French: H-835A

Geography: H-420A

Gerontology: RGC-8

History: H-815F

Japanese: H-835A

Latin American Studies: H-420A

Liberal Studies: H-230

Linguistics: UH-426

Philosophy: H-311

Political Science: UH-547

Psychology: H-830J

Public Administration: UH-547

Sociology: CP-900

Spanish: H-835A

Women and Gender Studies: H-214

Accounting: SGMH-4313

Business Administration: SGMH-3100

Business Advising: SGMH-1201

Economics: SGMH-3313

Finance: SGMH-5113

Information Systems and Decision Sciences: SGMH-4113

International Business: SGMH-5214

Management: SGMH-5313

Marketing: SGMH-5214

Mihaylo College of Business

and Economics

Student Services and Resources

Academic Advisement Center: UH-123B

Admissions and Records: LH-114

Adult Re-entry: UH-205

African American Resource Center: H-222

Asian American Resource Center: UH-210B

ASI LGBT/Queer Resource Center: TSU-253

Athletic Advising: LH-209

Career Center: LH-208

Center for Academic Support in Engineering and Computer Science (CASECS): CS-201C/D

Center for Careers in Teaching: EC-379

Center for Internships and Community Engagement: LH-206

Chicano/a Resource Center: TB-109

Dean of Students Office: TSU-235

Disability Support Services: UH-101

Elementary and Bilingual Education: EC-324

Educational Opportunity Program (EOP): UH-231

Extended Education: CP-100

Financial Aid: UH-146

Freshman Programs: LH-216

Graduate Studies: MH-112

Health Professions Advising: UH-223

Intensive Learning Experience: UH-143

International Students & Scholars Office: UH-244

Leadership & Multicultural Development Programs: TSU-235

LINKS mentoring program: UH-143

Male Success Initiative: UH-183

Parking and Transportation: T-1400

Reading Education: CP-570

Secondary Education: CP-600

Science Education: MH-166

Special Education: CP-570

Study Abroad: UH-244

Supplemental Instruction: 657-278-7290

Testing Center: UH-143

Titan Dreamers Resource Center: PLN-203

Titan Pride Center: TSU-main lobby

Transfer Center: LH-501B

University Honors Program: PLS 194

University Learning Center: PLN, 2nd floor

University Outreach: LH-540

Veteran Student Services: UH-230

WoMens Center: UH-205

Writing Center: PLN, 1st floor

ART: VA-280A

COMM: CP 650-26

ECS: CS-206

EDUC: EC 379

HHD: EC-105

KHS: KHS-193

NSM: MH-488

HSS: HSS 112-113


Student Success Centers