College Application Essay Composition. What is it? 0 A college application essay is an autobiographical essay, an essay that tells a true, personal story.

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  • College Application EssayComposition

  • What is it?A college application essay is an autobiographical essay, an essay that tells a true, personal story about something from an authors life.This essay should reveal:Your thoughts and feelingsYour insights about life or yourselfHow a conflict, event, or person shaped you

  • Why do I have to do this?Colleges often require a brief autobiographical essay to accompany an application for admission. You can use this for your college applications!!!Each college differs in its essay requirement.Some give a specific writing prompt.Others leave the essay open-ended.

  • Length of the Essay250-500 words, roughly 1 to 1 double-spaced pages.A specific college, however, may have a different length requirement.

  • What Colleges WantThe person/board who reviews your essay will want to discover:Your writing ability/ ability to communicate effectively.Your personality.Your personal background.Any interests that mesh with their college.Any experiences that will be assets to the college.Your goals.

  • What Colleges DONT WantA list of all the reasons their college is great (youre selling yourself, not the college).An essay that is generic (could be written by anyone).An essay that shows no individuality or creativity.A simple statement of your intended field of study.

  • A List of DO NOTSDo not try to give the impression that you are insincere write naturally.Do not underestimate yourself sell yourself! Do not be unnaturally solemn. Let your personality or sense of humor SHINE through.Do not use passive voice or refer to the college as you or you guys.Do not overuse the thesaurus. Write naturally and use mature vocabulary that is not beyond your ability range.

  • A List of DOSDo type your essay (if the college will allow you to attach it separately).Do have an introduction and a clear conclusion.Do give your draft to others to proofread and critique (parents, friends, teachers).Do REVISE, REVISE, REVISE! This is your one opportunity to impress them with your writing and communication abilities!

  • Getting StartedBrainstorm possible topics.Create a personal experience timeline of important events in your life.Look through photographs for inspiration.Think about influential friends, family members, or role models in your life.Consider important achievements youve made.*Be sure to choose something or someone significant and meaningful to you.

  • TipsDevelop a plot line of the events related to your incident.Add vivid, descriptive sensory details to explode the moment.Make a bridge to the present, if you wrote about a past experience. Provide an insight by considering how the event was significant and how it affected you.Add dialogue to make the writing come to life.Vary sentence beginnings so that they dont begin with I.

  • Qs for Sample EssaysRating Scale: ABCDF

    Does the author relate a specific event/person?Are moments exploded with vivid detail?Is the persons voice/personality shining through?Does the conclusion make a bridge to the present while revealing insight into the author and his or her goals/career choice?Is the writing clear, sophisticated, polished?


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