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Nail Sculpture by International Artist and Sculptor Marcus Levine. This is an up to date view of most of Marcus's past and current work with nails.

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    M A R C U S L E V I N E


    Figurative and non-representational hand driven nails on board,

    stainless steel panels, green oak, sycamore, beach. and drift


    CATALOGUECollecto s Edition

  • Marcus Levine, sculptor in the human physique, introduces an entirely unique approach to sculpture.

    Unveiled for the first time in London at Gallery 27, Cork Street. At times using over 200,000 nails.

    This highly skilled and multifaceted artist meticulously translates his ideas onto large white wooden

    panels. by hammering nails at varying heights and distances, creating the tone and texture. All pieces

    are done free hand without any tracing on to the board.

    Abstract in theory, yet figurative in reality, the majority of Levines nail sculptures are extraordinary

    representations of the human form. Aware of his unusual choice in material to express the human

    body, Levine explains that after some time using nails to create other, more abstract sculptures, it

    struck him the interplay between the rigid, angular nails and the soft curves of the human torso,

    would be more striking. Levines ability to capture the curvilinear nature of the human body with

    such sharp and inflexible objects is intensely represented. He creates figures which are beautifully

    muscular yet wonderfully delicate, and it is clear that the artist has an innate grasp of the human


    In a very clear move to encompass his love of non representational ideas, Levine's latest work is in

    stark contrast to his figurative sculptures. His large monumental work embraces the sense of touch

    and the abstract and a sensitive use of the materials which he utilises, such as Oak, COR-TEN,

    stainless steel, and stone. Marcus now has a following of visually impaired lovers of art and


    Light also plays an integral role in Levines work, as from morning sun to evening sun the shadows

    across the sculptures can appear as light as a pencil sketch or as dark as a charcoal.

    Marcus has appeared on BBC Look North, ITVs Calendar News, W Radio Columbia, Hello Magazine,

    to name but some of the media coverage of his work. You can watch video coverage on his youtube

    channel levineArt. With several monumental sculptures commissioned and on display, two can be

    found in Bradfords Cartwright Hall and the other at the University of Braford.

    Marcus Levine studied at Jacob Kramer Art College alongside Damien Hirst. Previous alumi include

    David Hockney and both Hirst and Hockney have been an inspiration to Levine. Since completing his

    first nail sculpture in autumn 2004, Levine believes he has perfected his technique, pushing the

    boundaries with each new work and creating increasingly dynamic interpretations of subjects

    utilising an incredibly difficult medium.

  • Hamsa


    This multicultural symbol dates back to the Persians, in

    Arabic Kamsa means hand or five and was used as a good

    luck charm to ward off the evil eye. It was later used by the

    Muslims who call it the Hand of Fatima, the Christens who

    called it the Hand of Mary and the Jews call it the Hand of

    Miram. It has been traditionally given as a wedding present

    to bring good luck to the happy couple.

    The Hamsa is embellished with

    Size 46X46cm

    More than one available


    9 more available


    The Neighbours Cat

  • Apple Logo

    Size 1.2X1.2m

    Petra Study IV

    Stainless steel nails, Stainless steel Panel

    Powder coated white

    Can also be offered on a brushed stainless steel panel

    Stainless steel clout nails, or Copper clout nails

    Stainless steel panel

    Powder coated white, brushed stainless, brown or Ivory other

    colours available

    Size 1.2X1.2m

    Shown here with a white panel & Stainless nails

  • Petra Study IIICopper clout nails


    Stainless steel nails, Stainless steel panel

    Powder coated brown, ivory or white

    also offered in brushed stainless steel

    and Brushed Copper

    Size 1.5X0.75m

    Shown here with an ivory panel and copper nails

    Shown here with brown panel and copper nails

    Other colours avaiulable on request

    Shown here with Stainless steel nails

    and brushed stainless panel only five left to buy in this series

  • Yvette Study ISize 61X61cm

    Dominic North Study I

    Size 60X80cm

    Principle dancer to Matthew Bourne

    ballet company.

  • Dominic North Study IISize 1.5X1.5m

    Principle dancer to Matthew Bourne

    ballet company.

    Signed by Dominic North

  • Charlotte Study IV

    Size 61X61cm

    The Ballet LacesThe laces are embellished with



  • Cheryl Fernandez-VersiniThe Swarovski Mask is embellished with



  • 60X80cm

    Signed by Vinnie Jones

    Portrait of Vinnie Jones

  • 80X60cm

    Signed by JCVD Hard Target

    Portrait of Jean Claude Van Damme

  • 120X90cm

    Signed by JCVD

    Portrait of Jean Claude Van Damme

  • 61X61cm


    Signed by Al Pacino

    Scarface Study I

  • Scarface Study II


    Signed by Al Pacino

  • Bagga

    Size 61X61cm

    The Eye of the Artist28,000 nails

    Size 61X61cm

  • Hygeia Goddess of Health & Beauty

    Size 2.4X1.2m

    Framed in glass

    concealed RGB LED remote lighting

  • Charlotte Study ISize 45X45cm

    Charlotte Study II

    Size 110X76cm

  • Petra Study 2

    Size 2X1m

    Charlotte Study III

    Size 80X60cm

  • Olga Study 1

    Size 1X1.5m

  • Olga Study 2

    Size 1.5X1.5m

  • Tamas Study 2

    Size 1.1X1.5m

  • Tamas Study 3

    Size 1.1X1.5m

  • Tamas Study 4

    Size 1.5X1.5m

  • Shadan Study I

    Size 1.5X1.2m

  • Shadan Study II

    Size 1.5X1.5m

  • The Lips

    A study of Cheryls Eye

    Size 25 X 35cm


    Duo Colour

    Size 25 X 25cm

    A Study of Cheryl Fernandez-Versinis lips


    Carnation Study ISize 45X45cm

    First Duo colour nail sculpture

  • Portrait of a Horse

    Size 35X25cm

    Almanzors Eyes

    Size 35 X 25cm


    Portrait of AlmanzorSize 80 X 60cm

  • Almanzor the 9th

    Size 1.8X1.1m

    Almanzor IX

  • Portrait of a Female Warthog

    Size 120X80cm

  • Three Bear Cubs

    Commissioned work

    representing the three sons.

    size 1.5X1.2m

  • COR-TEN Study I

    Size of 1210X500mm

    Wall mounted COR-TEN sculpture

    Offered in a white frame

    Non representational Study XI

    Size of 1200X600mm

    Copper clout nails


    Stainless steel nails, Stainless steel panel

    Powder coated brown, ivory or white

    also offered in brushed stainless steel

    Shown here with Stainless steel nails

    and brushed stainless panel

  • Non Representational Studies IV, V, VI

    Size 610X610mm



  • Non Representational Study XIII A&B

    Size 61X61mm

  • Non Representational Study 1 & II

    Size 920X920mm

    Size 1.2X1.2m

  • Clout nail sculpture study 1

    Size 2.4X1.2m

  • Beauty & The BeastBeast: Created with distressed nails

    Size 1.2X1.2m

  • Beauty & The BeastBeauty: Created with stainless steel nails and embellished with


    Size 1.2X1.2m

  • COR-TEN Study II

    foot print 60 high, 1700X1100

    COR-TEN nails

    COR-TEN is a material designed to resist oxidation.

    It forms a coating over the steel which prevents any

    further oxidation. Used in construction

    and famously used to form the Angel of the North.

    Offered with a wooden plinth for indoors or Yorkshire stone plinth

    for outdoors

    A series of 10 will be available to purchase.

  • Hung Out To Dry

    A 5m high Stainless steel sculpture, 28,000 Stainless steel nails

    Currently on loan to Bradford council.

    Location: Lister Park, Bradford, the home to Cartwright Hall,

    Bradfords civic art gallery.

  • Oak sense study I

    Single carved Oak trunk

    3.3m high

    Stainless steel nails

    Stained green oak, impregnated with oil, can be displayed inside or out

    Green oak will go silvery grey with age and some splitting will occur this

    is part of the natural aging process of working in green oak.

    Currently on loan to the University of Bradford

  • Brad Nail Study VI

    Sycamore wood, Self colour Brad nails

    The aroma of polished wood fills the air as you enter the gallery,

    appealing to four of the five senses. When you run your fingernails

    along the banks of undulating brad nails it makes a pleasant sound. The

    wood is highly polished and is smooth to touch, you can see the brad

    nails twist, turn and undulate sympathetically along the lines of the

    carved sycamore trunk.

  • Published by Levine-art

    All rights reserved



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