Collaborative Learning Community: Student Reflective Assessment: Part 1

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Collaborative Learning Community: Student Reflective Assessment: Part 1. Team Orange Tarica Miller Christina Mullikin ,Michael Paekukui. Formative Assessments. Concept Maps Learner Response Systems Web Quests. Mind42. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Collaborative Learning Community: Student Reflective Assessment: Part 1

Collaborative Learning Community: Student Reflective Assessment: Part 1

Team Orange Tarica MillerChristina Mullikin,Michael Paekukui

Formative AssessmentsConcept MapsLearner Response SystemsWeb Quests

Mind42is a free concept- mapping tool that is web-based and contains the following features: Browser-based collaborative web application; Real-time collaborative editing (the application name, "Mind42," is intended to be read as "Mind for two"); Free to use without functional limitations; Limited support by developer; Is a formative assessment and data driven because it provides instant feedback and allows students to assess themselves.

Promethean Board ActivExpressionFormative:Is a learner response system that is a computer-based device that students can use to vote their opinions and answers to instructor paced questions in a variety of formats; multiple choice, true/false, likert scale, numeric or text. The cost of 32 devices is $2,699. The data from the devices can be uploaded to the teachers grade book and includes a who answered what listing, graphsand other important student response information that determines how well students responded to content questions. The data can drive instruction by aiding the instructor in assessing student knowledge

Promethean Board ActivExpression Contd

and their responses to varied questions designed by the teacher. Along with other pen/paper assessments, this can help determine how to move the lesson forward and who may need assistance with regard to content. Differentiation may be needed for some students who did not seem to master the skills as expected in the voting process. Data would determine which students did not answer correctly and if they took considerable time to answer. The teacher would then need to determine if the tool itself was difficult for the student to use and/or if content was not mastered and proceed accordingly.Web Quest A Web Quest uses the internet to instruct a student in a variety of activities to move through a lesson and complete a task centered on a particular goal. Throughout the process students navigate different pages which has links to other sites to gain the information needed to complete the tasks and project. One of the important Characteristics of a Webquest is that it is organized so students must use Higher Order Thinking Skills to complete the Task (Polly and Ausband 2009) Since they are teacher created the cost is free. Quizzes, puzzels and worksheets can be incorporated into a Web Quest. Also for insight into student thinking and self evaluation can be incorporated by adding a reflective blog (online journal to the Web Quest.

Sumative AssessmentsOnline QuizzesBlackboardElectronic Portfolios

Promethean Board ActivExpression Contd

Summative:On-line quizzes and tests can be used to assess student knowledge of content and skills learned in a lesson/unit. On-line quizzes and tests are web-based and are generally free with the purchase of the textbook series. Some series have specific on-line web codes found in the text to be used with the on-line assessment. The quizzes and tests are used for practice and the results can be e-mailed to the instructor to validate student mastery. The data can help guide the instruction by determining who knows the information tested and how to proceed further. Differentiation can be included for students who did not score at mastery level.

BlackboardBlackboard- is an integrated learning system tool that is web-based. Educators will be able to pull content, assignments and assessments from McGraw-Hills proven learning object repositoriesincluding eTexts, video, interactive exercisesmore directly into their courses with just two or three clicks. And, students will stay actively engaged with the media-rich, high quality content found in this seamlessly integrated, total course solution.The cost for blackboard ranges from $10,000-$100, 00 depending on users Blackboard can be used as both a formative (survey) and summative (short answer test) assessment.

Electronic Portfolios Electronic Portfolios otherwise known as e-portfolios are a collection of digitalized artifacts of student learning hosted in one place. E-portfolio artifacts can use many media types (audio, video, graphics, and text). The use of hypertext links can also be added to organize the material and connect evidence of a students appropriate outcomes, goals or projects. This form of summative assessment allows for a comprehensive documentation of student learning and growth. The cost varies depending on if the provider and if the account is individual or institutional. R Campus offers a free e-portfolio option to students whereas companies like E-portfolio charges higher level institutions a basic fee ranging from $2,000-$50,000 plus per user fees ranging from $4.50-$29.30 depending on the number of portfolios.

ReferencesDrew Polly and Leigh Ausband. (2009, Fall). Devloping Higher-Order Thinking Skills through WebQuests. Journal of Computing in Teacher Education, 26. Retrieved October 11, 2011Helen C. Barret, P. (2006, October). Using Electronic Portfolios for Classroom Assessment. The REFLECT Initiative Researching Electronic portFolios,Learning, Engagement and Collaboration through Technology, 13. Retrieved October 12, 2011


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