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1. Coco Chanel by Madie ArmstrongThursday, October 7, 2010 2. Biography Gabrielle Coco Chanel, was born August 19,1883 in Saumur, France. She had ve siblings,Julie, Antoinette, Alphonse, Lucien, andAugustin. She learned to be a seamstress whileliving in an orphanage after her mother diedand her father left. In 1910, Chanel became alicensed hat maker. In 1913, she opened herrst boutique in Deauville, where she soldclothes suitable for leisure. She is also knownfor her perfumes. Coco Chanel passed away in1971 at the age of 87. Thursday, October 7, 2010 3. Chanel design No. 1 Elle porte une robeblanche avec eurs.Aussi, elle a porterdes sandales noir. Thursday, October 7, 2010 4. Chanel design No. 2 Elle porte une robeblanche et bleu clairet ballerinesblanche. Thursday, October 7, 2010 5. Chanel design No. 3 Elle porte une roberose, veste marron,bottes marron, etgants marron. Thursday, October 7, 2010 6. Bibliography Picture from title page : Biography information : Design no. 1 : b59372_mischas_prom_dress_die.html Design no. 2 : slideshow/F2007CTR-CHANEL/? event=show1603&designer=design_house22&trend=&iphoto=39 Design no. 3 : slideshow/F2007CTR-CHANEL/? loop=0&event=show1603&designer=design_house22&iphoto=24&pla y=false&cnt=15 Thursday, October 7, 2010

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