Clubs & Activities How can YOU be involved on campus and make the most out of your time in high school?

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Clubs & Activities How can YOU be involved on campus and make the most out of your time in high school? Slide 2 The following groups are all elective classes that you attend every day and receive a grade for as well as participate in and compete outside of school hours. Slide 3 Student Council Advisor: Mr. Mitchell, E-101 Meets: 3 rd period What we do: StuCo is the student-run government that manages on campus clubs, activities, fundraisers, and plans and puts on school activities such as pep rallies, dances and spirit weeks & activities. Slide 4 Yearbook Advisor: Mrs. Johnson, T-204 Meets: 3 rd period What we do: the yearbook class plans and creates the school yearbook. We cover everything from photography at all events around campus to writing stories and captions to layout and graphic design to selling and promoting the yearbook. Slide 5 Air Force Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (AFJROTC) Advisors: Lt. Col. Boyle & Sr. Mstr. Sgt. Galvez, E-108 Meets: 1 st, 2 nd, 3 rd, 5 th & 6 th periods What we do: AFJROTC is a unique training program that not only prepares cadets for careers in the military, but also to be successful in any field of work outside of school. We also have clubs such as the honor guard, drill team, Kitty Hawk, orienteering and rocket models available to our cadets. Core class credit: cadets do receive a PE credit for the first year they are in ROTC, and can also receive one science credit if they complete years 2 and 3. Slide 6 Mohave Thunder Band & Guard Director: Mrs. Ribelin, M-101 Meets: 1 st period What we do: This is the school marching band & colorguard. We perform at all home football half- times, pep rallies, parades and even travel to competitions. Slide 7 Mohave High Singers Director: Mrs. Wilhelm, M-102 Meets: Concert Choir 2 nd period Mixed audition choir Soul Faze 3 rd period Mens choir Treble Glee 4 th period Girls choir Rhapsody 5 th period Girls audition choir Mystic Rhythm 6 th period Mixed audition show choir Slide 8 The following clubs are for those who are taking the respective CTE class at Mohave. Students in these clubs travel to competitions around the state and compete with skills they learn in their respective CTE classes. Slide 9 SKILLS USA Advisors: Mr. Fischer, Mr. Stickel, Mr. Terrell, Mr. Olvera This is a general club that pulls the best students from the technology based classes (graphic arts, photography, info tech & software development, business operations, construction, etc) to compete in state-wide competitions. Slide 10 FBLA Future Business Leaders of America Advisor: Mr. Stickel, T-103 CTE classes: Business Operations Slide 11 FCCLA Culinary Arts Family, Career & Community Leaders of America Advisor: Mrs. L. Patterson, H-101 CTE class: Culinary Arts Slide 12 FCCLA Early Childhood Education Family, Career & Community Leaders of America Advisor: Mrs. Leyendecker, I-107 CTE class: Child Development Slide 13 HOSA Health Occupations Students of America Advisor: Mrs. S. Patterson, T-221 CTE class: Allied Health Slide 14 The following groups are clubs on campus. A few groups may be associated with elective classes, however, you may join the club without being enrolled in the class. Slide 15 Drama Advisor: Mrs. Garner, B-106 Meets: Tuesdays after school What we do: the drama clubs puts on the fall play and spring musical every year. While we draw from the drama class 5 th hour, all students are invited to participate in the club and audition for our productions! Slide 16 Interact Advisor: Mrs. Buus, T-124 Meets: TBD What we do: Slide 17 Key Club Advisor: Ms. Bostelman, T-123 Meets: Wednesdays before school (7:30 am) What we do: Slide 18 Speech & Debate Advisor: Mrs. Rhue, T-203 Meets: Thursdays after school What we do: Students compete in individual events (dramatic and humorous interpretation, impromptu speaking, poetry, and more) and in debate events (moral debate or current event debate). Students learn public speaking skills, the art of good research and creating an effective argument, and how to express themselves creatively. Slide 19 Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD) Advisor: Mrs. Rhue, T-203 Meets: Wednesdays during lunch What we do: Through sponsored events, SADD creates community awareness of issues and encourages students to make wise decisions in their lives. Slide 20 National Honor Society Advisors: Mr. Evins, E-103 & Mrs. Kelly, B-108 Meets: TBA What we do: This is a national organization that only the top students at Mohave qualify for. Students may apply for the first time the 2 nd semester of their Sophomore year. We seek to encourage and give a place for our members to exhibit leadership, community service, academic excellence and consistent character. Slide 21 Crown of Thorns Christian Club Advisor: Mr. Evins, E-103 Meets: Thursdays during lunch What we do: We are Mohaves Christian Club. Our goals is to have a positive impact at Mohave and to encourage each other to live a moral and respectful life. Our meetings are filled with great fellowship, fun music and a challenge from Gods Word. Its a club to be a part of. Slide 22 Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) Advisor: Mr. Bailey, T-117 Meets: Wednesdays after school What we do: we are a social activism group with the goal of providing support to our LGBT (gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transgenders, and their straight allies) students and putting an end to bullying and discrimination here at Mohave. Slide 23 Mathletes Advisor: Mrs. Sloan, T-201 Meets: Tuesdays during lunch What we do: explore the limits of how fun math can be! Slide 24 Fencing Advisors: Mr. Greene, B-105 & Mrs. Johnson, T-204 Meets: every other Saturday 9-12 in the old gym What we do: learn and explore the art of fencing using the traditional weapons of foil, epee and sabre. Slide 25 Photo Club Advisor: Mr. Terrell, C-111 Meets: Thursdays during lunch What we do: fun, refreshments, and field trips! Meet new friends! Slide 26 Art Club Advisors: Mr. Anderson & Mr. Cook, C-110 Meets: TBD What we do: Slide 27 Robotics Advisor: Mr. Fischer, T-102 Meets: Wednesdays after school What we do: Slide 28 Guitar Club Advisor: Mr. Cook, C-112 Meets: TBD What we do: Slide 29 Journalism Advisor: Mrs. Johnson, T-204 Meets: Mondays after school What we do: we study journalism practices and promote school awareness of events and students around campus through articles and pictures online. Slide 30 MondaysTuesdaysWednesdaysThursdaysFridays Before School Key Club T-123 During Lunch Mathletes T-201 SADD, T-203Crown of Thorns E-103 Photo C-111 After School Journalism T-204 Drama B-106 GSA, T-117 Robotics T-102 Speech & Debate T-203 *Fencing meets every other Saturday morning in the old gym Slide 31 Slide 32 Football Coach: Mr. Holmes Season: Fall Slide 33 Volleyball Coach: Mr. Radic Season: Fall Tryouts will start Monday (August 12 th ) from 3:15-5:15 in the new gym and will run Monday-Friday that week. You must have your physical and brain book (concussion) test done to be able to try out. Slide 34 Cross Country Coach: Mr. Andreas Season: Fall Cross Country is fun environment that truly allows you to test your toughness, and is great conditioning for other sports. Practice starts Aug 12 th, 6:30pm on the track. See Coach A in T-210 for more details. Come be a part of a Mohave Cross Country tradition. Slide 35 Golf Coach: Mr. Miller Season: Fall Slide 36 Cheer Coach: Mrs. King & Mrs. Pagel Season: Fall & Spring Try-outs: August 6, August 7, August 8 (old gym) Practice Times: M, T, W, F 3:30 5:30 Slide 37 Swim Coach: Mr. Catalfamo Season: Fall Sign-Ups are Monday, August 12 th from 3:30-5 PM at the community pool (on Trane). Bring a swim suit (girls- one piece only), goggles, a towel and water and come have fun! Slide 38 Wrestling Coach: Mr. Breen Season: Winter Slide 39 Basketball (Boys & Girls) Coach: Mr. Thomas (Boys) & _____ (Girls) Season: Winter Slide 40 Soccer (Boys & Girls) Coach: Mr. Guerrero (Boys) & Mr. Burgess (Girls) Season: Winter There is indoor soccer on Fridays 6-8PM in the old gym. Slide 41 Track & Field Coach: Mr. Andreas Season: Track is a spring sport with an event for everybody. We need Sprinters, Jumpers, Thowers, Distance Runners and Pole Vaulters. It is a great way to improve your reaction time, speed, vertical, and overall conditioning. Slide 42 Baseball Coach: Mr. Vick, Jr. Season: Spring Slide 43 Softball Coach: Mrs. S. Patterson Season: Spring