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    1.Read the extracts given below and answer the questions that follow:-

    ( i) Dearest Connie,

    I Write to you in a much happier frame of mind because something wonderful has just happened that I

    must tell you about at once.We were all standing to in our trenches yesterday morning, Christmas

    morning. It was crisp and quiet all about, as beautiful a morning as I’ve ever seen, as cold and frosty as a

    Christmas morning should be.

    1. Name the writer of the chapter?

    2. Who had written the letter and to whom?

    3.When was the letter written?

    4. What was the wonderful thing that had happened?

    (ii) A silly young cricket, accustomed to sing

    Through the warm , sunny months of gay summer and spring,

    Began to complain when he found that , at home,

    His cupboard was empty ,and winter was come.

    Not a crumb to be found

    On the snow-covered ground;

    Not a flower could he see,

    Not a leaf on a tree,

    1. Name the poet of the poem. 2. What is a fable? 3. Why did cricket complain? 4. Why was his cupboard empty?

    2.Answer the following questions :- a) What is Connie’s Christmas present? Why is it ‘the best Christmas present in the world’? b) Who did Connie Macpherson think her visitor was? c) What did the author find in a junk shop? d) What is your opinion of the ant’s principles?

    e) The cricket says, ‘Oh! what will become of me?’ When does he say it, and why? f) Why did the camel live in the middle of the desert? g) Why was camel looking at his own reflection in the pool? h) The camel said, ‘Humph’ repeatedly . How did it affect him?

    3.Explain in brief :-

    a) Do you think Jim Macpherson came back from the war?How do you know this? b) What made the dog, the horse and the ox very angry?




    1.Read the extracts given below and answer the questions that follow:- (A) Almas Javed was ten years old. She was a student of Carmel Convent in Port Blair where her father had a

    petrol pump. Her mother Rahila’s home was in Nancowry island . The family had gone there to celebrate


    (a) Who was Almas Javed?

    (b) What was his father?

    (c ) Where had Javed’s family gone and why?

    (B) There seemed an inevitably

    about what on ground had looked haphazard,

    unplanned and without style

    when the jet sprang into the sky.

    (a) What did the poet see from the jet? (b) What seemed inevitable? (c) Why is logic not seen on the earth?

    2. Short Answer Type Questions:-

    a. What did Ignesious do after waking up? b. How did Almas’s father and grandfather die? c. How was Meghna saved? d. What did the poet see from the height of ten thousand feet? e. Why had the city developed the way it had? f. How did Velu meet jaya? g. Why did Velu decide to be a ragpicker? h. How did Velu get food?

    3. Long Answer Type Questions:-

    a. Who was Ignesious? How did tsunami affect his life?

    b. Describe Velu as he sat on a bench at the platform at Chennai Central?




    1 .Read the extracts below and answer the questions that follow:- A. Macavity , Macavity, there’s no one like


    He’s broken every human law, he breaks

    the law of gravity.

    His powers of levitation would make a fakir


    And when you reach the scene of crime

    -Macavity’s not there!

    a. Who is Macavity? b. What does Macavity do? c. Do people like Macavity? d. What does the word ‘levitation’ mean? B. His brow is deeply lined with thought, his

    head is highly domed;

    His coat is dusty from neglect ,his whiskers are uncombed.

    He sways his head from side to side, with movements

    like a snake;

    And when you think he’s half asleep, he’s always wide awake.

    a. What is the passage about? b. What is he doing with his deeply lined brow? c. What does the word ‘coat’ refers to ? d. Find the word in the passage which is opposite of ‘heed’.

    2. Short Answer Type Questions:-

    a. How did the British cripple the Indian industry? b. What important change did Lord Macaulay bring in the education of India? c. How were the British able to conquer all of India? d. Why does the poet say, ‘there’s no one like Macavity’? e. Did Macavity suffer for his crime? f. Why did the children love the Giant’s garden? g. How did the giant find the song of the linnet?Why? h. Where had the Giant gone for seven years?

    3.Long Answer Type Questions:-

    a. Which were the two different and opposite reactions to the British conquest of India in

    the 18th century?

    b. Describe the first and second meeting of the little boy and the Giant?




    1. Read the extracts below and answer the questions that follow:- A. Bepin Babu slammed the receiver down and gripped his head with his hands . He felt his head

    swimming. A chill seemed to spread over his body. There were sandwiches in his tiffin box, but he

    didn’t eat them. He had lost his appetite.

    a. What was the state of Bepin’s mind? b. What made him lose his appetite? c. Who was responsible for bringing Bepin Babu to this state? d. Find a synonym of the word ‘chill’.

    B. The sun glistened on the sand , and the sea waves broke Waywardly.

    A child sat playing with shells.

    He raised his head and seemed to know me and said,

    “ I hire you with nothing”.

    From henceforward that bargain struck in child’s play

    made me a free man.

    a. Where was the child playing? b. Describe the scene. c. Why did the poet let himself be hired for nothing? d. Find a word in the passage which means ‘deal’.

    2. Short Answer Type Questions:- a. Why did the man stare at Bepin Babu in disbelief? b. Who was Chunilal? What did he want from Bepin Babu? c. What strange feeling did Bepin Babu have while selecting his books that day? d. Why did the man not accept the king’s offer? e. Why was the fair maid’s offer rejected while the child’s offer was accepted? f. What was the terrible nightmare of Hafeez Contractor as a student? g. What did Hafeez Contractor do as a gang leader? h. Why did Hafeez Contractor opt for German in Jaihind College?

    3. Long Answer Type Questions:- a. Describe how Parimal Ghosh puzzled Bepin Choudhary? b. How did Hafeez Contractor get into the field of architecture?




    1. Read the following extracts and answer the questions that follow:- A. There is another summit . .It is within yourself. It is in your own mind . Each man carries within himself

    his own mountain peak.

    a. Where is this ‘another summit’? b. What is meant by the ‘peak’ within? c. What happens when one is able to climb this peak?

    B. But to go to school in a summer morn, O! it drives all joy away;

    Under a cruel eye outworn,

    The little ones spend the day ,

    In sighing and dismay.

    a. What is the joy of a summer morning? b. What is it that he hates to do in a summer morning? c. Whose eye is being referred to?

    2.Short Answer Type Questions:- a. What was the overpowering feeling when Major Ahluwalia set his foot on Mt Everest? b. Why is adventure ,which is risky, always pleasurable? c. What were the “ symbols of reverence” left by members of the team on Everest? d. How does the child react to the teaching at school? e. How does the poet compare a school going child to a bird? f. What pulled the Princess out of her gloom? g. The king had a peculiar habit. What was it ? Why is it called peculiar? h. What did the sisters advise the princess to do about her bird?

    3.Long Answer Type Questions:- a. How does companionship help a climber b. What did Princess September think about the little bird when it was away for a long time?




    1. Read the extracts below and answer the questions that follow:- A. Movement directly in front of him startled him so that he tumbled backward . The fawn lifted its face to

    his. It turned its head with a wide ,wondering motion and shook him through with the stare of its

    liquid eyes. It was quivering. It made no efforts to rise or run. Jody could not trust himself to move.

    a. Who is ‘he’ in the first sentence? b. Who caused the movement? c. Why was Jody so pleased?

    B. Which is, if you’ll let me speak so bold, Your feet are unpleasantly wet and cold,

    And would probably give me the roo-

    Matiz !’ said the Kangaroo.

    a.What does the word ‘which’ refer to?

    b.What is Kangaroo’s fear?

    c. What is roo-Matiz?

    2. Short Answer Type Questions:-

    a. What was Jody’s main argument for bringing the fawn home? b. What helpe


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