CityCampKC 2013: Stellabelle’s Call For Collaborators

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Text of CityCampKC 2013: Stellabelle’s Call For Collaborators

1. StellabelleA Call For CollaboratorsTwitter: @stellabelle 2. Centralized Control Is Crumbling The future is the collective 3. Waking Up To The Realities of Extreme Poverty: Enough is Enough. Now What?Lets Use Our Imagination Before Someone Eats It. 4. What is Stellabelle?We are an educational media company that isdedicated to empowering the powerlessthrough fascinating and humorous YouTubevideos, e-books and mobile apps.Our main hub is on YouTube. Just typeStellabelle to find the channel.We believe, just like Khan Academy, thateducation should be free for all world citizens.What is Khan Academy?The people we want to reach out to are themost vulnerable sectors of society.We know that the future will be filled with freeagents and we want to help people get out oftheir cubicles, out of mind-numbing povertyand back into their lives. 5. The Problems The vast majority of people are cut out ofrevenue streams because the path is hiddenand time-consuming. The working poordont have the time to learn these routes. Most people have been conditioned tothink that they have to work for someoneelse. Most people dont think of themselves asresources and they are exploited bycorporations and others over and overagain. Poverty affects everything including yourself-esteem and outlook on possibilities. Itsa vicious trap that needs to be REALLYaddressed now. 6. Who Will Stellabelle Help? Office Slaves who want out ofcubicle life for good. Artists who live in abject povertybecause they dont know how tomonetize themselves. Women around the globe whodont know how to access power. People who suffer from mentaland emotional problems thatinterfere with career and lifegrowth. Anyone who is a misfit. 7. What Are StellabellesMain Areas of Teaching? Income Automation with lessonsIve learned from JamesAltucher and Tim Ferriss. Female Empowerment withlessons from Lean In movement. Technology tools that helppeople reach freedom. Creativity Overcoming Addictions andProcrastination 8. Who Does StellabelleWant To Collaborate With? Women Who Are In Tech Field:mobile app developers, IT, science Minorities who are blazing the wayin fearless mode. Anyone who has successfullymonetized their creative content. Good editors, writers, thinkers,educators, inventors,entrepreneurs, and of coursemisfits. You! 9. If You Learn One ThingToday! Write this down: BitTorrent Tim Ferriss managed to get huge exposure notthrough mainstream media channels but by giving theBitTorrent community free content which was thenspread organically across the Internet. The result? He ended up getting onto mainstreammedia AFTERWARDS. He was rejected by Barnes and Noble! He took adifferent route that led to massive success. The takeaway: 1. Cultivate relationship with the peoplewho run BitTorrent. 2. Give your content (some not all)to BitTorrent for free. 3. Reward the people whoadvocate for you and distribute your content. 4. FollowBitTorrents blog and Tim Ferriss for specific steps. Implication: you dont need the big guys anymore. Youneed the people. Tapping into the collective is themost important thing to do! 10. What Now?If you are as excited about collective empowerment as I am and believe thateducation should be free for everyone, contact me so we can get some s$&&tdone. 11. My contact infoLeah StephensEmail: leahstella@gmail.comPhone: 816.559.1618YouTube: stellabelleTwitter: stellabelleFacebook: Leah Stella Stephens 12. Thank you for listening!