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  • CITY OF MARATHON, FLORIDA 9805 Overseas Highway, Marathon, Florida 33050

    Phone: (305) 289-4111 Fax: (305) 743-3667

    27 December 2017 Janice Stephens 57622 Overseas Highway Marathon, FL 33050 RE Letter of Current Site Condition RE No 00373875-000200. Dear applicant: At your request, the City of Marathon Planning Department reviewed all available resources concerning the above referenced property. Based on the review of pertinent data, the following information has been compiled. PARCEL DATA This parcel is located on Overseas Highway. The legal description of parcel 0037387-000200 is South Side of Flagler Street to Ocean PT between Blocks 53-58, Section 24 Township 65, Range 33 in the Crains Subdivision of Grassy Key. According to the aerial map in GIS, the upland area is .52 acres or 22,850 SF, as Mixed Use. A survey performed by a Florida licensed professional surveyor will be required to confirm the actual dimensions and area of the lot. LAND USE The Citys Land Use Map indicates that subject parcel is located within the Mixed Use (MU) District. Section 103.12 of the Citys Land Development Regulations (LDRs) states: The MU zoning district is designed to accommodate a wide variety of commercial and retail activities that will result in the most efficient and attractive use of the Citys historic business district and the U.S. 1 corridor, as an effort to recognize the role of U.S. 1 as the City of Marathons Main Street. Specifically, this district provides for land uses that have a strong pedestrian-oriented character, with a mixture and concentration of specialty shopping, transient lodging, retail, person service, restaurant, cultural, fishing industry, affordable housing and entertainment uses in the Old Town area. The MU district also provides for large-scale retail and commercial business opportunities in other areas, including larger shopping centers, specialty shopping centers, individual multi-tenant commercial buildings, automobile services and sales, fast food restaurants, affordable housing residential uses, transient lodging and other retail establishments that serve the community at large. The MU district is designated within the Mixed-Use Commercial (MU-C) future land use category on the Future Land Use Map (FLUM). See Attachment 1. The City Regulations state development within the MU land use district shall be limited to 6 Market Rate units per upland buildable acre or up to 15 Affordable units per upland buildable acre. The setbacks, as measured from the property lines, or Mean High Water whichever is appropriate, within the MU land use district are as follows:

  • CITY OF MARATHON, FLORIDA 9805 Overseas Highway, Marathon, Florida 33050

    Phone: (305) 289-4111 Fax: (305) 743-3667 Front: 30 feet Rear: 20 feet (measured from mean high water MHW or landward edge of mangrove

    fringe, whichever is more landward Sides 0-10 feet. Our records indicate that subject parcel falls within threatened and endangered species shoreline, therefore the any shoreline accessory must comply with the amended shoreline setback for marine turtle nesting habitat. See Attachment 3. According to Table 106.28.1 in our Land Development Regulations, the amended setback for marine turtle nesting habitat is as follows: Marine Turtle Nesting Habitat: 50 feet (measured from the nesting area which is the first

    fifty (50) feet from MHWL for a total of one hundred (100) feet from MHWL or the landward toe of the most landward beach berm not to exceed one hundred (100) feet from MHWL.

    Maximum building height within the City is thirty-seven (37) feet above average grade on the parcel or the crown of the road whichever is higher. The City Regulations state that the maximum floor area ratio for the MU district is as follows: FAR* Retail: Low intensity .60 Medium intensity .45 High intensity .25 Office: Commercial Recreational: .15 Institutional: .30 Outdoor Recreational .15 Public Buildings/Uses .45 Restaurant bar .60 Industrial .85 Light industrial .30 *The FAR for mixed-use developments may be increase to .75 if mitigated by the development of affordable/workforce housing is provided. The city has recently completed the central sewer system. This parcel is located in Waste Water Service Area 7. This parcel has existing infrastructure with existing service from the Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority and the Florida Keys Electric Co-Operative.

  • CITY OF MARATHON, FLORIDA 9805 Overseas Highway, Marathon, Florida 33050

    Phone: (305) 289-4111 Fax: (305) 743-3667 FEMA DATA Based on the FEMA layer in GIS, the parcel falls within the VE 11 and VE 13 Flood Zones. Any construction will have to meet the requirements of the highest flood zone the proposed structure is in. In this case, the lowest structural member of the home must be at least 13 NGVD and it would require at least two flood vents equaling one square inch for every one square foot of enclosed space. See Attachment 2. ENVIRONMENTAL DATA According to the Environmental layer in GIS the parcel has no evidence of protected vegetation on the parcel. BUILDING RIGHTS / ENTITLEMENTS No variances or easements were found for subject property. This property was developed prior to the incorporation of the City of Marathon, Florida thus no approval of site plan was found. The Monroe County Property Appraiser indicates that there are two (2) buildings in existence on site. Building one (1) built in 1969 with 3,082 SF of living space and building two (2) built in 1989 with 240 SF of living space. The parcel is determined to be a hotel/motel. According to the Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR) Division of Hotels and Restaurants there are seven (7) units affiliated with license number MOT5402128. The City of Marathon records also show seven (7) sewer assessments. Preliminary findings reveal that property is currently operating as an eleven (11) unit hotel/motel. These findings are inconsistent with the number of licensed units permitted. Failure to resolve these inconsistencies could result in code compliance issues. Submittal of a Determination of Building Rights application can determine the entitlements of Market Rate, and Market Rate Transferable Building Rights (TBRs) under the Citys Land Development Regulations. ALLOWED USES Types of Uses: Permitted Use by Right (P) indicates use that is permitted by right. Conditional Use Approval (C) indicates use permitted only where approved with a conditional use approval by the City Council in accordance with the procedures in Article 13 of Chapter 102 Conditional Use

  • CITY OF MARATHON, FLORIDA 9805 Overseas Highway, Marathon, Florida 33050

    Phone: (305) 289-4111 Fax: (305) 743-3667 Limited Use Approval (L) indicates use permitted only where approved through an administrative process such as issuance of a license Accessory Use Approval (A) to a principle structure - indicates use is only permitted as an accessory use. Permitted Use by Right (P)

    Accessory buildings and accessory uses Affordable Housing Unit Artisan and photography studios and galleries Clubs: Social, fraternal and lodges Convenience store Dry cleaning Equipment, rental establishments without outdoor storage Financial services (without drive through) Food catering Health and membership clubs Hospitals Media Sales and Rental Mobile Home: Replacement Multi-tenant retail < 10,000 sf FA Museum Parking lots and parking garages (as a principle use) Parks and recreational open space Personal and service business shops Place of worship or assembly Plant nurseries and greenhouses Plumbing, electrical and carpenter shops Print shops Professional offices Restaurants with drive-through Restaurants/stand and fast food without drive through Retail establishments up to 2,500 square feet FA Retail establishments 2,500 -10,000 square feet FA Safe house for battered or abused adults or children of up to eight (8) families Single-family dwellings Small Grocery Stores Utilities - Minor Vehicle, Vessel sales Veterinary facilities, small animal clinics; no boarding Wireless Tower- Replacement existing

  • CITY OF MARATHON, FLORIDA 9805 Overseas Highway, Marathon, Florida 33050

    Phone: (305) 289-4111 Fax: (305) 743-3667

    Wireless Attached facility Accessory Use Approval to Principle Structure (A)

    Boardwalk/Observation Platform Boat/ship (commercial) dockage or charter Community Workforce Housing Unit Dormitory Model Home Outdoor display Waterfront Walkways and docks

    Limited Use Approval (L)

    Alcohol Beverage Home occupations Massage Therapist Temporary Placement Temporary Use Vacation Rental units Vendor Carts/Mobile Food Unit

    Conditional Use Approval (C)

    Adult day care Amusement or Sea life parks Auto, RV, and truck storage Bars and taverns Boat Ramp Boat storage < 10 units, dry Boat storage < 10 units, wet Bowling alley Broadcasting or Communications Tower Campground Car wash Cemeteries Child care center Child care homes (up to 10 car trips per day) Duplex dwellings Equipment, rental establishments with outdoor storage Financial services (w/drive thr